1991 Ford Explorer XL 4.0 V6 from North America


Pretty nice, smooth car


Bought it with really bad ticking, and the transmission was slipping pretty bad. I ended up using Lucas transmission fix in the tranny, and it fixed that problem. The ticking, I haven't figured out though yet.

I ran a bottle of Seafoam through the oil, gas and vacuum on the car; restored quite a bit of power!

4x4 works good, no problems.

Leaky valve cover gasket, leaking onto driver's side exhaust manifold, gave off a bad odor and a little smoke.

Exhaust leak out of the exhaust manifold flange, going into the cats.

General Comments:

All around good car! We like it a lot, it's pretty reliable!

We plan on lifting it soon!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 28th January, 2013

1991 Ford Explorer EB 4.0 from North America


Would buy another old one


All right, here it goes. In 2002 I was out playing around, and ended up sitting chest deep in water... Had to replace the heads.

In 2005 I blew the top end at 200,000, and I had a proformance motor put in. It had a hprw of 345 and it was hot.

No issues till 2009 when the wiring caught on fire and got to the fuel line - what a mess.

General Comments:

Good SUV stock for fun, but way better when you "beef it up". After the small bugs get smashed, it is one of the best cars/trucks I have owned, and if it didn't catch on fire, I'd still be driving it today. And yes I do miss it, and I am going to buy another when I find the right one.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2009

1991 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0 from North America


What a blessing


Not much has gone wrong that you would not expect for a daily driven truck with 210,000 miles. Original engine and transmission, neither have been rebuilt.

Alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump, replaced at 205,000 (all were still original).

Driver's side door has started to sag a little (worn bushing) so it requires quite a slam to close it. I'll fix it some day for $50.

General Comments:

This car was given to us by a Pastor and his wife at our church after our previous car was totaled. It has been such a blessing and I'm so grateful to them and God for allowing us to have it. May God bless them!

I plan to drive this truck as long as it will run. It runs so well I am considering driving it from Florida to Illinois, to Ohio, then back to FL, about 2,500 miles.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2009

1991 Ford Explorer LX 4.0 from North America


Makes a good trail rig, but it doesn't like the city


Its had a tick since I bought it. won't go away. now its starting to work its way into the lower end of the engine. when I stop the engine goes "thump thump thump thump..." with engine revolutions. the rpm's also bog.

Passenger door handle taken off and replaced with a peice of wood and cloth.


Nothing else.

General Comments:

Its the 2 door 4x4 version. tan. ugly cloth interior. gets me where I need to go, but now I'm doubting it because of the knocking.

So far been reliable, nothing really gone wrong.

Ugly as sin, but hey first car it works.

Can't get it stuck for anything.

Would suggest just to own and beat on.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2007

1991 Ford Explorer 6 cylinder from North America


Best car I ever bought for the money


Heater Core.


Door latch.

Interior door arm rests have fallen off.

Other little stuff that is to be expected with an older vehicle.

Engine (my own fault)

General Comments:

I bought the car with 220,000 miles on it for $1500. Everyone thought I was crazy for buying a ford with high miles. Fortunately, it was a stick, and didn't have the transmission problems a lot of fords have.

The one big thing that went out on the car was the engine. I can't blame it on ford, because I ran the truck without antifreeze in it. I was driving a long ways from anywhere on some old logging trails, when my radiator blew. I had no way out other than to drive or to walk, so I drove it out without fluid and melted 2 of the piston heads. I later found out the reason the radiator blew was because the thermostat and pressure cap had rusted shut, due to the ancient antifreeze in the radiator. Since then I have been more cautious in keeping my radiator flushed. Still, I spent $2000 to have a used engine with 85,000 miles put in, along with a new clutch and radiator. Since then I have had few if any problems. The truck just keeps going. It isn't that powerful, and it won't go much over 50 up steep hills, but all around it does pretty well. I get about 18 miles per gallon around the city, and I have the versatility of a 4X4.

All in all, I've spent about $4000 dollars in the initial purchase and subsequent repairs for a car that has lasted me for more than five years, and yes, it still runs great. I am looking for a new SUV for my wife and kids, as they have outgrown our other car. It scares me to read everyones horror stories. Perhaps I'll look for another old ford with a stick shift.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2007