1992 Ford F150 XLT 351 5.8 V8 from North America


Wonderful truck


Front fuel tank leaks.

Rusty body.

Needs rear shocks.

General Comments:

Great truck.

Power is good for a truck this size. It's not a speed demon, but good power.

The ride is comfortable, I don't feel a lot of bumps.

The truck is pretty quiet, except for some wind noise at high speeds. My only complaint is fuel economy. I get 10 MPG city and about 15 MPG highway.

A very good truck. It has 195,000 miles on it now; I think it will make it 295,000!

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Review Date: 28th June, 2009

1992 Ford F150 Custom 2WD Long Box 4.9 liter inline 6 EFI from North America


Overall a good truck


First clutch replacement was at 64,689 miles. second clutch and slave cylinder replacement was at 165,000 miles. Oil pan rusted out and had to be replaced in 2005 at 142,000 miles. Ball joints were replaced at 104,000 and again at 185,000 miles. Truck still has the original engine and transmission in it.

Truck has new fenders, hood and core support panels. Old panels had heavy rust so I replaced all of them.

General Comments:

Overall, this has been a very reliable truck. It is like the energizer bunny. Keeps on going and going and going and hasn't died yet. Would recommend purchasing Ford trucks prior to 1996 as they have a better reliability record than newer Fords, some of which have problems with ejecting spark plugs.

It has good pickup for a six cylinder with a manual transmission.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

1992 Ford F150 XL 5.0 V8 from North America


Good truck; I'm gonna see half a million on it


Replaced rear differential cover and fluid.

Replaced rear shoes, right rear frame mount and shackle for leaf spring.

Welded small exhaust leak.

General Comments:

Nice truck, reg cab long box automatic.

Plenty of power when needed, surprisingly better on gas in the city than on the back roads.

Well taken care of before I bought it, old man owned and driven. Still ride and drives like a new truck, seeing as it has over a quarter of a million km's on it.

Air conditioning works like a charm.

Not looking forward to next winter, should be a rough time getting it to move sometimes.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2008

16th Jun 2008, 14:51

You should easily see half a million. Consumer Reports ran a story on a Ford Ranger that had reached 488,000 miles with no problems, and the F-150 is even tougher. My family put over 325,000+ miles on a Ford car with virtually no problems.

12th May 2010, 11:26

Mine is at a quarter million right now, and still strong as new. I got it for only a thousand used, and got that much out of it a long time ago.

1992 Ford F150 XLT 5.0L V8 from North America


Bought it expecting trouble, and got less than I expected. A very nice truck


I purchased the car on a used car lot for $1000.00 as a project and gift to the wife, who always wanted a big red pick up truck, and this is what I found:

-Starter is grinding after starting, and needs replacement.

-Water pump leaks coolant, and wobbles, so it needs replacement

-Rust in passenger rear wheel well

-Rust on both sides of lower rear cab

-Rust just behind driver front wheel on lower fender.

-Rear seat will not stow properly

-Exhaust leak after cat

-crack in driver exhaust manifold

-Oil pan rot (research found this as common in early 90's)

General Comments:

I bought her as a project fixer upper.

Currently fixed and finished work on all the above except:

-water pump


-crack in manifold

-exhaust leak.

She looks great now, and I had to have a dealer replace the oil pan, because you have to lift the engine to replace it. That seemed silly to me, but when it is all said and done, if it only costs me 2k to have a working truck for the wife, and she likes it. Then I'm fine with it.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2006

1992 Ford F150 XLT 302 from North America


Junk, but is still serving my purpose


Front pumkin went, rear went twice, automatic lockouts twice, transmission twice, motor went at about 100,000, general maintenance like U joints brakes lines.

Power window motor, starter three times, cab corners a gas tank, the box rotted so had to replace that which this one 5 months later is rotting just as bad, the motor by the transfer case that controls the 4 wheel drive and the oil pan rotted.

Replaced both leaf springs because they broke.

I'm sure if I sit here long enough I probably could come up with more.

General Comments:

This truck was a nightmare it's a nice looking, riding truck, but I had no luck with it since new. The truck was never beat just driven normal like an everyday driver. Never really hauled anything besides light loads and always took care of it.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2005

20th Dec 2005, 21:17

Well some things are warranted to go wrong, but there is no way all that went wrong with normal driving with light loads. Its either bad maintenance or you're just plain lying and drove that truck hard.