1997 Ford F150 LTX 4.6L from North America


Would buy again


The gasket around the windshield leaked, causing water to drip onto the fuse panel and GEM module. Both were replaced. 205,000km.

Windshield wiper motor replaced at approx 230,000.

Alternator replaced 240,000.

Replaced pittman arm.

General Comments:

Overall I am pleased with the performance of the truck. It has a very comfortable ride. Most of the Kms. are highway, but truck is used in the construction industry and therefore is driven on rough terrain frequently.

With the exception of a few problems, most of the maintenance has been normal maintenance such as brakes, tune ups, oil changes, etc.

Payload capacity is great. I have hauled 1 ton of sand over 200kms with no problems. You certainly could feel it.

Truck has great styling and seems current even at 11 years old.

Body is in great shape. There are no rust spots even with the road salt exposure.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2008

1997 Ford F150 f150 XL 4.6L from North America


This is a very good tough truck


This is the most reliable truck I have ever owned.

The transmission was replaced at over 300000km, which is to be expected.

The rear diff was rebuilt at over 300000km, but could have gone for a while yet.

General Comments:

This truck is still with its original engine.

The gas mileage I get is great.

This truck hasn't spent a lot of time in the shop others than regular care.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007

1997 Ford F150 XLT 4.6 V8 from North America


Can't beat the value or reliability!


Fuse for trailer lights melted into fuse panel at 135,000.

Gas tank straps rusted at 150,000 miles.

General Comments:

More than adequate power and rides very nicely.

Very reliable for a 150,000 mile truck. I plan to drive this truck for many more years.

I have four young children and I can haul my wife and children comfortably. Very comfortable and has a roomy back seat for a truck.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2007

1997 Ford F150 from North America


Ford has lost me as a customer due mostly to this truck, Do not buy one or you will regret it


The harmonic balancer broke some bolt or something.

Radiator leaks or something, but I cannot find where.

Check engine light comes on all the time.

Rear differential broke gears.

Seams on doors split and wind and water come in.

Back window leaks badly, I cannot park it on the street it has to be in the carport or I end up with wet seats for weeks, and then the following musty mold smell.

Transmission seems to not be doing to good, nor the engine, nor the body, nor the suspension, all around not a good vehicle.

General Comments:

This truck has been driven very little and has all kinds of problems. On the test drive at the car dealers I thought it handled very well and it has a nice look to it. I will never buy another vehicle based on looks, as this truck just dosnt have anything else besides that about it. I am a die hard Ford purchaser, every new vehicle I have owned on payments have been through Ford. I am going to try Honda for my wifes next car, or possibly Toyota. Ford has lost my trust with this truck that I am afraid to drive in because it will break down.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2007

18th Feb 2007, 15:23

That's why I am a Chevy guy. Ford has always sucked and always will. I am sorry you are having all those problems, just buy a Chevy next time.

18th Feb 2007, 18:06

Was this bought new? Every vehicle you say... this one is 10 years old. I work my trucks very hard and replace every 3-4 years.

1997 Ford F150 4.6 from North America


Ford tough!!


Dealer and I split cost on lower ball joints, shouldn't have passed Mo. vehicle inspection.

Transmission rough 3-OD and back, shift points out of whack. Did research before I bought it, found out it is common and to do a full tranny flush and filter. Got truck $1800 under book I think because they thought tranny was bad. $175 later and it runs like new.

Sticking interior light switch, spraying it out in the morning.

Love this truck!!!

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Review Date: 9th November, 2006