2000 Ford Focus LX 2.0 from North America


A creepy deal


Ignition switch replaced. 3 recalls.

General Comments:

Picked wrong color (black). Very hard car to see. Has been hit twice. Both times the other drivers remarked on the invisibility of the vehicle. Now I run with headlights on at all times.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

2000 Ford Focus SE 2.0 from North America


A nice comfortable economy car, but prepare to shell out $$ as it is not reliable


A/C leaking into floorboard on both sides.

Grinding sound in rear of car. (recall related)

Squeaky brakes during first 3-4 braking instances of the day.

Ten recalls for this car.

General Comments:

In 2002, I took the car to the dealership due to water leaking into the floorboards. Apparently, a wasp of some kind had built a nest in the A/C drain tube under the car. Problem solved.

In 2003, same problem started with heavy water leakage into the floorboards. Took the car to the dealership. They said the evaporation box seal was leaking and they took it to another repair business to re-seal it. The dealership didn't charge me for the diagnosis, but the re-seal was $60. Next day, same problem.

The service department quoted $250 plus labor to replace the evaporation box. They informed me that this particular part was not covered under the ExtraCare Service Plan extended warranty we purchased. The items that ARE covered include the compressor, condensor, evaporator, A/C compressor head, A/C compressor/clutch switch, A/C clutch and clutch bearings, compressor seals, pulley and field coil.

I've found several personal stories on the web about the A/C leaking, but apparently this isn't an issue Ford will deal with under warranty.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

2000 Ford Focus Sedan 1.8 Tddi from Belgium


Nice car, but too sluggish


Not much has gone wrong really (I've only driven it for a year though). I had some problems with the front suspension, but that was fixed easily.

General Comments:

This car has a TddI 90 Horsepower diesel engine, and is really struggling when getting away from traffic lights. The engine makes a lot of noise, but doesn't give any performance in return. This has only changed with the TdcI engines.

I got this as a company car, but it would never have bought it if I had to pay for it myself. The engine is just too frustrating.

I have the Ghia version which has some interesting features : radio controlls at the steering wheel, adjustable steering wheel,...

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

2000 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0 Ztec from North America


Unreliable yet stylish-comfort bargain


The car has left me broke down and towed three times.

The passenger cowl needed replaced after water began to leak into the passenger well at 25,000 miles. (and by water, I mean plenty of it) I applied an adhesive and secured the cowl.

The ignition button sticks when the key is removed and the chime sounds around 20,000 miles.

The wheels have excessive dust on them from about 20,000 miles.

I barely have 30,000 miles on the car and I have gone through three sets of tires. (each tire costs about 55.00)

The battery terminals and rear passenger wheel were recalled and replaced.

At 18,000 miles the passenger rear strut insert needed replaced after it blew out.

The paint is chipping off in the front and rust is beginning to appear on the driver's door at around 28,000 miles.

The battery died once for reasons unknown and I was jumped by a friend at about 12,000 miles. The battery tested normal at Auto Zone.

Then the car began hesitating and trying to stall at around 27,000 miles. I thought perhaps there is water in the gas. I dumped dry gas in and it did not correct the problem.

Last night, the car stalled and I was left stranded along side a highway in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, the cell phone had signal. When I called the tow truck and she asked what year/model, I told her, and she said "Wow, that's such a new car. That's weird to have problems with it."

It is currently in the garage and no one knows the problem. Any fellow focuser's have any suggestions?

General Comments:

I think the car looks hot and is really comfortable.

It handles extremely well and parking is easy in tight spaces.

Riders in the car always comment on how much space there is. The Zx3's exterior is deceiving to how roomy the car is.

The focus was also a college graduation gift from my dad, so even though it has cost me lots and lots of money to keep fixing, it was still free.

I take good care of my focus and keep it maintained. I don't understand all the problems I have been having.

I would like to modify the car, but, with all of its problems, its not a good idea.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2003

22nd Oct 2003, 17:13

Yeah a good rule of thumb is never buy a first model year ford, nothing, but problems. I have a 2003 ZX3 that I bought in April, so far it hasn't had a single problem. the reliability is much better on the newer models, I haven't herd any complaints from 03 focus owners. if I were you id seek legal advice and see if you can use the lemon law to get the dealer to buy back the car or offer a newer replacement. it sounds like its worth looking into in your case. anyways, good luck!