2000 Ford Focus LX Split port from North America


Would not buy another one to save my life


The key will not go into the ignition. The brakes squeal constantly, mainly after it rains. The removable face plate for the radio pops off just enough to shut off the radio. The heater wouldn't work on high. The whole car shakes while driving down the road (over 35 miles per hour). The tires wear unevenly. The truck will not latch after using the truck release button in the car.

I am now having problems when I stop the car acts like it is going to die (has happened three times).

General Comments:

I like this car, but the money that I have put into it does not help my money situation.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

10th Mar 2004, 18:33

I know exactly how you feel and the motor company won't lemon law the car.

10th Dec 2006, 22:26

The 2000 Ford Focus LX that we are buying from JD Byrider is a great car. They told us that the car had one owner and that the owner took great care of the car before they got it. We have had only a few problems with the car, but they were fixable and affordable.

The first problem is the squeaky breaks. When it is really cold or rainy, the brakes squeal just loud enough to hear over the heater on high. We had this looked at by our mechanic and he says it is not a problem to worry about because all cars do this, especially during those situations.

The second problem is the squeal of the heater on low. We had this looked at also, the mechanic says that it is also not a problem with the car, but a problem due to the cold.

The final problem we have had with the car was the alternator. We had it looked at by the mechanics at JD Byrider and they replaced it. With 72,000 miles on it, the car was due for a new one.

I have personally no problems with this car. It has been great and I would buy another one!

2000 Ford Focus SE 4 cylinder. from North America


If you have the time and money to waste, it's a fun ride in a oddly designed car.


I haven't had some of the horror stories I've read on this board. However, I concur that this car is way to expensive to maintain, both in time and money. Never buy this for a college student!

Thus far I've had at least 4 recalls. the most recent from just a few months ago for the front spindles I believe. I've also made numerous trips to the dealer, usually to fix something missed the first time I took it in.

18700 miles I had a leaky transmission hose tightened.

20000 miles I replaced the original tires.

At around 28000 I had an accident in the car. The dealer made all repairs (supposedly...) but I had to take the car back at least twice more for things they hadn't found the first time around. Word of warning, this is a very expensive car to fix. Should have just sold it then and gotten a Honda or Toyota.

30000 miles water began leaking into the passenger well. I took it into the dealer and was told that I needed to have the windshield cowl (?) replaced. Work was completed and no problems detected since. I also had the trunk adjusted as it would not open from the inside release, but only after numerous pressing of the remote button.

38000 miles noticed vibration in the front end at speeds over 55mph. I've been to the dealer twice and two other mechanics within the last few months. I was told by Ford the first time that my "tires had lost their round". I replace the two front tires, but the problem has persisted.

A few weeks later I returned to the dealer and spent, I kid you not, 4 hours there! Only to be told that all four of my wheels are bent and that it would cost from $500 to $1000 to replace.

An independent mechanic told me to have my alignment checked as my front driver side wheel was leaning in quite a bit. Just had this problem serviced yesterday and the alignment people told me that other than the wheel leaning in a little my alignment was all within specs. However this did not fix the shaking problem.

I'm now having the wheels checked by another mechanic to be sure that they are really bent. It has also been suggested that the CV half shaft was shifted in the accident.

39000 miles had to have front brakes replaced. I've also recently noticed that sometimes my power locks squeak when I lock from the inside driver door.

General Comments:

Door chime goes off even when keys are out of ignition due to the button sticking.

Trunk cannot be released from inside and usually only after I press the remote a few times.

Brakes leave an excessive amount of dust on wheels.

Depreciation has been excessive.

Lots of recalls and hard to get satisfactory service from dealer.

Driver seat is very adjustable. A plus if you are a short woman as I am.

Handles well on road, even in rainy or snowy conditions.

Gas mileage has been around 20 to 25 mpg combined city and highway.

AC and heat do a good job.

Car has started reliably in sub-zero temperatures.

Acceleration is adequate if you're not planning on speeding down the on ramp and hopping into traffic. (I've found myself hoping and praying that the car can at least make it to highway speeds before I get nailed by a semi...)

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Review Date: 26th July, 2003

19th Oct 2010, 06:39

If you crash a car and have a bad dealer (if not why would they re-do the job several times!?) then your comments on the car may not be due to Ford but probably to your bad luck and the consequences of the crash... So don't blame the model of the car.