2000 Ford Focus SE 1.8, 4 cylinder from North America


Relatively cheap transport, but has serious reliability issues


Many recalls, all dealt with by the dealership.

I had to replace the front brake pads and rotors at 46000 km's. I found it very strange to have to replace the rotors each time the pads have to be replaced. I was in fact told this by a Ford mechanic. I was also told by one of the mechanics at the Ford dealership, that during all of his 25 years of service, he had never seen a car so "cheaply" put together. He stated that the brake problem stemmed from using sub-standard materials in their construction.

The radio face-plate keeps popping out just enough to disconnect the radio. I have to continually push it back in. I was told by the dealership that they would not fix it because it was not fixable???

I am losing confidence with the dealership I frequent and have decided to try another one.

General Comments:

The Ford Focus handles very well in the twisty bits, but lacks power.

A tachometer should be standard equipment on all manual transmissions, not as an option.

Why would you ever need a tachometer with an automatic transmission?

Trunk is big, but access is limited.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

2000 Ford Focus Sony Edition from UK and Ireland


For the price, you can't beat it


I know that a lot of people saying things went wrong with the car, and they did. A lot of recalls happened, however if your in the market to buy a used focus, don't overlook the 2000 edition. If you can find a focus with over 30k miles, and it runs good, chances are it will stay running good? Why? Because a lot of the focus owners who complained of problems started developing problems between 0k-20k mile range. Also, if the focus has 30k+ miles (general figure), it means that the previous owner has most likely already endured the burden of suffering through the recalls, which leaves you a virtual reliable car. If your focus is still in the low teens for mileage, I would, have to say, avoid it for now, as it may be to risky since you may get a lemon. If you can get a good running focus, WOW, you will love it, I know I did. I can bet you, that when time comes into trade this car in, I will be getting a newer model.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

2000 Ford Focus SE from North America


Fun, stylish, inexpensive car for any age!


The power door locks broke the first month I bought the car. Then they broke again after having them repaired. Only this time, my front passenger side door wouldn't open. It stayed locked and wouldn't unlock to open by pulling on the handle. So I got that fixed. But now my back driver's side power window will not go down. At least it isn't all of the windows or my doors again. I'm just waiting though...

I had to replace the fuel pump at approx. 50,000 miles. That could have been my own fault though. I think it might of had to do with the fact that I didn't replace my fuel filter when the manual said to. I'm not sure on that though.

My extended warranty covered all of the above problems though. So it wasn't too big of a hassle.

General Comments:

I absolutely love my car!!!

It handles SO well!

It is fast!

Great gas mileage!

I've taken it on several road trips and it is very comfortable to drive in.

Stereo speakers produce great sound.

Attractive interior.

My black cloth interior hides spills.

Back seats are more roomy than my mom's contour.

HUGE trunk!

It is a great car that was inexpensive to buy and own. Just follow your manual and you will avoid complications! And maybe consider going with manual doors locks and windows.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003