2000 Ford Focus zx3 ZETEC from North America


No wonder Ford is in trouble


Bad master cylinder, bad battery cables, bad fuel pump, rear brakes replaced, front rotors warp, air conditiner replaced, ignition key tumblers stuck, wheel bearings fail, broken clutch spring, EGR sensor failure, mass airflow sensor failure... more, but too many to list.

General Comments:

When the car works, it's pretty nice. But it's such a piece of junk; it only works for a couple of weeks before something else goes wrong. For the money I shelled out on repairs, I could have bought an Acura RSX. No more Fords ever.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2007

11th Jul 2007, 05:49

I wish a had a dollar for everyone that discovers the hard way not to buy from Ford. At last people are starting to re-discover how bad they really are. Sorry you got taken, and it's a shame that the car is worth about 25 dollars now. Oh well, you live and learn. Get the Honda next time, you won't have any of that trouble.

2000 Ford Focus SE 1.8 from North America


Disappointingly expensive experience


Brake pads and discs replaced in 1st month of ownership. Dealer told me that it was because of the use of sub-grade material on the disc rotors.

Passenger side suspension stabilizer bar replaced 4 times to date.

Clutch went in 2006.

Suspension bushings galore, have been replaced.

Windshield was installed improperly and was coming out- replaced.

(exhaust gas recirculation)tube

Replaced both headlights and every light in the back.

Spark plug wires melted and started to spark on the engine block. 2nd time this has happened.


General Comments:

Ah, where to start?

Thought I had purchased a decently priced good handling reliable form of domestic transport.

I was wrong.

No need to go into the gorey details, suffice it to say that my FORD experience has been painfully frustrating and very expensive.

I will never buy another FORD product again.

Hello imports!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2007

10th Jun 2007, 21:49

I've got a 2000 Focus SE sony limited edition. I'm very happy with mine. Regular routine maintenance and TLC go a LONG way. I'm sorry your experience had to take a huge dip into your finances.

I just hit 103000 miles on mine. The only I had to replace on it yet was the coil pack ($108). Over the course of 7 years, it's provided me with reliable transportation. Longest trip from Florida to Alaska. Never failed me.

I never used to like Ford, but I now have a new respect for them.

14th Mar 2008, 13:43

Don't think running to comparable imports is going to cure all car woes. You might be less likely to have major mechanic issues, or at least fewer of them within a given time, but they are still not void of problems.

My boss has an '01 Civic with 90k miles. Mechanically it seems to be trouble free (we always talk about our cars), but the cosmetics of the car are what I would expect from Kia. The cloth on the interior door panels is falling off, the sun visor cloth is coming off, the paint is badly faded for a car only 7 years old, the engine is very buzzy sounding. He thinks my '97 Tracer sounds better! So yet no mechanical problems, cosmetic quality is subpar as far as I'm concerned.

I've experienced better from American cars, although it may not be the norm. The truth of the matter is that ALL carmakers make good and bad vehicles. Some brands are just more problematic, but doesn't mean they've never made a good car. I think Fords are generally junk (their infamously bad transmissions scare me), but I couldn't be happier with my Mercury Tracer, and it's given no mechanical problems yet at 42k miles.

Meanwhile I read stories of people with brand new Civics with door panels falling off and head gaskets blowing. The best values are the select few dependable American cars out there. Cheaper to buy and fix with good dependability. Just do your research before spending thousands on any vehicle.