2000 Ford Focus ZTS 16v zetec from North America


Extended Warranty is NOT an option; buy it

General Comments:

Operators complain about Focus and the ignition key and turning on or getting the key out of the ignition.

Do yourself a favor next time this happens: jiggle the steering wheel. That's all it takes. Don't do it hard from one extreme to the other. Start just a nudge, then I bet the key turns and starts, or key comes out like you want. You have to nudge the wheel and turn the key simultaneously. Works every time in my 2000 ZTS. I have to do once a month, probably.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2006

2000 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A quick, reliable family car, with just a few minor faults


Nothing too major has gone wrong with my Focus. I am pleased with its overall reliability. However the following has gone wrong:

Water was getting in the drivers side front and rear foot wells after heavy rain.

Rear near side wheel bearing went at 96000 miles.

Light bulb on the dash that illuminates the mileage and trip display has blown.

The fuel low warning light doesn't seem to work.

Rear tailgate has started to rust slightly just above the chrome strip of the number plate housing. The car is only 6 years old.

General Comments:

It took my local Ford dealer three weeks and a new windscreen to sort the water leak problem. It is now cured.

The drivers seat is quite comfortable on long journeys thanks to adjustable lumbar support, however the passenger seat is not.

All four electric windows make a loud thump after they go up into the door frame. Seems like there is no cushioning.

There is an irritating vibration noise from the steering column at 3000rpm.

The tailgate seems very weak and flimsy.

The parcel shelf rattles.

This is the Ghia model, but the plastic wood effect trim is very poor.

When driven hard, mpg can be as low as 20.

The interior cabin seems to steam up easily.

On the plus side, the car is very quick. The 130bhp 2.0litre engine pulls very well up to 6000rpm, but after this, the engine just seems to scream without pulling.

The car rides well on the motorway.

The boot is nice and big. When the rear seats are folded, there is a load of space.

There is plenty of room in the back seats for two adults.

The cabin controls are well laid out.

My car is 6 years old now with 100,000 miles on the clock and it still has it's original rear brake shoes that don't need replacing!

Insurance is low for a 2.0litre car with this much performance, only group 8.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2006

17th Jan 2006, 17:09

Funny you should mention the "thump" the windows make when powered up. The very same thing happens with my 2000 Focus SE here in the States. "World Car" indeed.

27th Jan 2006, 18:25

Might as well add in my two cents: I also cringe at the "thump" my windows make when powered up. Oh well...

4th Feb 2006, 04:28

Interesting to see your comments on the rust on rear tailgate under chrome strip, I have just bought a 3 year old ghia with 27000 miles and it has a rust spot at this same point,

I am going to take it to the ford dealers next week, do you think they will do anything, did you have your rust repaired?

6th Apr 2006, 08:13

My Ford dealer were unwilling to attend to the rust starting to come through above the chrome number plate housing.

18th Jul 2006, 10:33

I would have a word with them again or contact Ford customer services, these cars have a 12 anti-rust warranty, from inside out only though..

2000 Ford Focus SE 2.0 petrol Four Cylinder from North America


Great power train, not so great anything else..


Mysterious leaks from under the dash when it rains.

Fit and finish is not the greatest, but this I've come to expect from any American manufacturer.

Wheel bearings in back tires went bad at 45,000 miles. Was covered under recall though...whew!

Brakes have squeaked badly from the very first day I bought the car. Continue to do so now.

Paint finish on passenger side door frame seems to be fading. Black turning gray.

Had a problem with battery leaking acid onto support platform underneath. Had to get various hoses underneath replaced and new battery due to acid leakage.

Rubber around windshield washers at top of hood hardened and are now starting to crumble away.

Rubber at base of antenna hardened and crumbled away exposing spring to the elements (it's now rusty...I'll have to replace the antenna soon).

All four doors make HORRIBLE "wrenching" sounds when opened and closed. Friends think this is highly amusing.

One of my fuses recently went... the one that controls the power locks and remote locking key fob. Interestingly enough, the fuse is located on the BACK of the fusebox. I laughed out loud at that one.

The driver side rear power window sometimes goes up... and sometimes doesn't. Although lately it's been playing nice with me.

The switch that controls the speed of the air conditioning fan is starting to go...it's hard to turn smoothly, and is rubbing the black paint behind it off.

The driver side seat has a larger gap between the back cushion and the seat cushion. You can see straight through it to the rear passenger floor. Not so on the passenger side. Weird.

The shocks or struts are starting to go, and the car makes some strange noises when turning. Especially to the right.

The radio turns off and on by itself. You have to push on the front control panel to get it to come back on. The lights behind the preset numbers don't always work.

The lights behind the LED odometer have an uneven appearance... some dark splotches. You'd have to see it to believe it. Also very weird.

General Comments:

The power train on this car, however, is top notch. The five speed manual transmission shifts effortlessly, and accelerates nicely.

The handling is delightful. Steering is precise and quick, and the turning radius is great!

I average 25-30 mpg. Not bad.

The seats are comfortable and bolster your back nicely.

There's plenty of headroom and overall room for rear passengers.

The trunk has lots of space.


Actually a decent car where none of the aforementioned problems have overwhelmed me at one time. I bought this car used from a local Ford dealer in the summer of 2001...I had no idea it was a first model year. I learned after buying the car was owned by a single mother who traded in the car after completing MASSIVE recall work. The printout of recall work is literally as long as my body (I'm six feet tall). As of right now, I'm crossing my fingers till I've got the car paid off in July of 2006 (7 months). As I mentioned before, most of the problems attributed to this car haven't prevented me from using it as a daily driver, but scare the hell out of me. When I do trade it in, you better believe it won't be on another Ford product (not even a Mustang or Ford pickup... the only two vehicles I'm convinced Ford builds well). I'd warn away any prospective buyers... even on the 2005, 2006 models (to which Consumer Reports has finally awarded a "good quality" rating).

Note: Review updated in January 2008.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2006

28th Feb 2006, 14:27

The leaks into the passenger side floorboard are a design flaw. A friend of mine looked up the diagram when mine had the same trouble during heavy rainstorms. Something that's supposed to divert the water overflows into the floorboard. It apparently hasn't been corrected yet for newer models.

Put WD-40 on the door hinges to stop them squeaking. It won't fix it forever, but it will work for a while.

My brakes also have always squealed, especially when it's damp out. I think it's amusing that my car "sings in the rain."

I haven't had the other issues with my car.