5th Mar 2006, 21:41

Thanks for responding. I'll give the WD-40 a try, but I think I'm going to "re-grease" each and every door... looking for a long term solution here. I've just been lazy about fixing this particular problem. Glad to hear you haven't had any of the other problems I've mentioned. 5 more months to go and this puppy is officially paid off (and perhaps I'll use some of the monthly payment money to fix a few niggling faults).

29th Mar 2006, 20:26

Update, March/2006: Recently received my car back from a week at Ford service. Fixed: One fuel pump replaced under recall (a recall I never received notice of... thanks Ford). Two sensors of some type or the other. And one actuator (controls the power locks and keyfob remote). It's great to have remote locks again... I dreadfully missed them. Acting up: For some reason, the interior light is on the fritz and not working. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. Oh well...I'm just glad I can drive my car again. Four more months til she's paid off. Cross your fingers.

9th Apr 2006, 14:33

Recently brought my car in to Sears Auto in Orlando to see about what I thought was an alignment problem. Turns out, it was just a tire with the tread coming away from the tire itself (I'll have a talk with my local tire joint about this...doesn't seem normal). One problem that isn't Ford's fault. Mileage: 73,000.

4th May 2006, 14:45

Update: Just got my Focus back from the dealership. Was driving to work when I noticed my engine fan was running, so I glanced down to find my engine was running VERY hot (nearly in the red). Made it to work without warping anything (thank God for small miracles). Had it towed to dealership, where the problem was found to be a bad thermostat unit. The unit was replaced (cost: $212.000...but would have been $480.00 if not for my third party extended warranty... labor alone was $300.00...Ford gets $92.00 per hour for labor... I should have been a mechanic). So, I'm back on the road again. Mileage: 74,398.

14th May 2006, 18:58

Does anyone know anything about the front struts being recalled at all?When I turn left it makes a horrible noise like the spring is rubbing up against something. Also my emissions system light just went on.. what could be wrong with that??

15th May 2006, 18:39

I'm the writer of this review, and to date I've heard of no recalls for this particular problem. Do you drive a 2000? I'd take your car into Ford for the emissions warning... it could be something more serious.

8th Jul 2006, 16:47

Ford Focus 2000, worst lemon I have ever had. Does anybody know about class action suit against this trash factory? My car has died about 200 times and is not driveable on the highway.

This is my last Ford ever. Had a Thunderbird, that one broke crankshaft 2 times in less than a year. Then a Cougar - had to replace both head gaskets and have the cylinder heads welded to fill up missing material in both the cyliinder heads that should never have been fitted into any car.


31st Jul 2006, 13:27

Hate to tell the above poster, but the Ford Focus is NOT one of the worst cars ever built. But neither is it one of the best. Because the first model wasn't screwed together all that well, you'll get your fair share of problems. And while these problems will drive you crazy once or twice, they don't all overwhelm you at once. You just fix them and move on. Not all Fords are bad autos... the Explorer is an excellent vehicle, and Ford makes great trucks while its Mustangs are tough cars. My brother drives a 1996 Ford Mustang V-6 (3.8) with over 130,000 miles, and besides replacing the clutch (this may be due to his heavy foot just the same), this car is running great.

PS--I wrote the original review. Total miles on my Focus: 78,599. Recent repairs: Battery cable loose where it inserts into engine. Cost to fix: One half hour labor $37.50.

PPS--Ford also replaced, for free, my battery... which was leaking acid from the positive terminal. The battery was a under 3 year free replacement warranty.

23rd Aug 2006, 22:20

The same issues you have with your Focus I've had with mine.

About 1 year after purchasing the car, the brakes went out.

2 years - back doors jammed, would not open from the inside or outside, key-less entry would not lock the doors, and the trunk would not open. I had to replace the locking modules (actuators in all doors and trunk along with all fuses).

Just the other day I turned into a parking lot to park, and the car mysteriously cut off by itself (not the first time - no one could ever find anything wrong). It would not start up and when it did, it made a really loud grumbling sound (kinda like it was knocking). A mechanic checked the car and mysteriously found that something had "eaten away or beat up" my spark plugs, that were just replaced no too long ago.

The car is still is not running. I bought this car brand new, I'm the only owner and up until now, the other little issues were nothing major and the car has been good to me. Lasted from age 18 until 24, and all through college, and what a college kid goes through!! :)

13th Sep 2006, 06:54

"The driver side seat has a larger gap between the back cushion and the seat cushion. You can see straight through it to the rear passenger floor. Not so on the passenger side. Weird"

My Focus had a crank in the front of the seat that allowed you to move the seat part up and down. Could this be the problem?

I had to replace my shocks/struts as well (not sure on the mileage).

My ignition case also died on me and had to be replaced (over $300 and I had JUST paid the car off. Maddening).

I had many issues with the transmission carriage.

After having no problems for about 9 months, I finally convinced my husband that it was time to buy a Honda so we sold the Focus. I won't buy another, either.

13th Sep 2006, 20:27

I have a current problem that I am experiencing with my 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. It has very low mileage 73000km. Just recently, my power locks and trunk release stopped working. Furthermore, my remote does not lock or unlock doors or the trunk. To make matters worse, my keys will only unlock the passenger side door. The worst thing was that my driver's side door won't open from the inside. I have been climbing over my center console to get out from the passenger's side. I replaced the fuse #63, which oddly enough is on the back of the fuse panel... duhhh. I replaced the old 20 amp with a new 20amp. I wonder if I should use a 25amp fuse? Any comments? Anyway, once I replace the fuse, everything except the driver's side door works fine... trunk release, remotes all power locks work fine etc. After I start the car, and try the power locks or trunk release, the fuse goes again. I replaced the fuse again with the same results. Has anyone had this experience? I don't know if this the right place to pose this question, but I am my wits end. I read some people had to replace the actuator. Was that an expensive job? Thanks everyone.