26th Sep 2007, 21:45

There is a recall for rear door latch corrosion, you need to have that done, and the actuator is bad along with the fuse. I had the same problem and was down to the driver door and the right passenger door. I never had the work done and had to pay for part of it (they said it wasn't done in a timely manner, although the kept sending out notices...) Also note that after I had it fixed the rear left door handle would stick out and sometimes the door would not shut, this is because a small piece of plastic broke off of the door handle plate... the cost to repair is $120.00. Have them check those plates if you need to get the handles replaced. I am going to check a junk yard to see if I can replace the plates myself.. how hard can it be? Isn't this the car that Jack built?

7th Oct 2007, 15:43

It's not hard to get the fuse box off from under the dash to replace fuse 63. There are just 2 screws and when I did it I didn't need a ratchet extension. You can move the wires on the back out of the way enough to get a fuse out and replace it. However, when I did it, the fuse kept blowing. Every time I tried to lock/unlock the doors, it would just overload and blow. I understand it's not a good idea to replace the fuse with a larger amperage fuse, as it could easily cause a fire if there's a short somewhere. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a likely place in the wiring where there might be a short?

14th Oct 2007, 20:26

I also have a 2000 Focus SE with the door lock problem. The fuse box is fairly easy to get to - unscrew the two brass socket-head screws (a 9/32" fits) then squeeze the pair of tabs on left/right side. Push backwards and flip it as you push - you can then access fuse 63 by pushing back the wires. The problem is likely a bad actuator. I oiled the cable and lock mechanism, but no luck. My passenger door lock is "stuck" and a replacement fuse only lasts a few cycles. Does anyone know of a recall notice?

24th Nov 2007, 19:03

I own a 2000 ford focus se and I have to say, it is such a poorly made car, from all the recalls, to all the time its spent at the shop. Now it seems there's something wrong with the power steering, its really difficult to turn the steering wheel, I'm just hoping it won't cost too much to repair, if it does I might just have to get a different car, this one has been such a disappointment, I will never buy a ford again.

30th Nov 2007, 13:22

Hey all. I have a 2000 Ford Focus. Noticed there were some comments about broken trunk latches. What was the repair cost? Had a neighbor open this up. Now I need it repaired.


8th Dec 2007, 20:57

Howdy. Original reviewer here again. To the above poster with the shimmy in his rear wheel... be careful, it's probably the bearings. Mine were replaced under recall.

9th Dec 2007, 20:18

I own a 2002 Ford Focus ZX5. I've replaced the front brakes and rotors (?) (ate clean through without the first squeal). I've had the alternator replaced. Both rear windows had to be repaired (the motors burnt out). I've got a massive leak in the front passenger floor board when it rains, which no one can figure out. And my latest and greatest, if it rains really hard the car won't start. I've had it towed to the shop... twice. Both times when it got there it started right up. I can't afford a new car, but I can't afford to continue to pour money into this one either... not to mention all the lost time at work!

Any suggestions on the rain and not starting? I've had one mechanic tell me it's the fuel pump (no sputtering or dying, just won't start), and one tell me I just don't know how to start my own car.

10th Dec 2007, 22:03

I have a 2000 Sedan that has begun to have very strange problems that started 3 weeks ago. First my trunk would not open, then door ajar light remains on. Last week the automatic door locks quit on me. Tonight when I left the house, I had no console lights and the nice officer who stopped me on the way to buy a fuse informed me the tail lights were out. Replaced all related fuses, but still nothing works. Any ideas?

12th Dec 2007, 20:54

Reviewer again:

To the above posters: The not starting in the rain problem I've never heard about. Of all the problems the Focus has, I haven't heard anything about heavy rain preventing a car from starting up.

As for the electrical glitches, you may have to replace the fuse box itself... and the actuator for the door locks probably has to be replaced as well. I replaced both on my '00.

9th Jan 2010, 23:01

2000 Ford Focus owner since 12/31/2001. Bought it "used" with 6000 miles & mint condition. Has been excellent on winter roads thru this decade. It has gotten me from point A to point B. The price was fair and the monthly payments were realistic... in fact, I paid off a 60-month loan in less than 30 months.

However, the problems listed here regarding the 2000 Ford Focus SE are all valid. My vehicle now has 125,000 miles and I believe the time belt will be going soon.

The emission light came on Christmas day, and she's (my car) now cutting out at every stop and go light unless I put her in park and rev the engine, and pray that she don't die in traffic.

I've had most of the problems that others have described... several sets of tires, power locks stopped working a long time ago, the brakes have been replaced at least twice, and the screaming never goes away, and the key gets stuck in the ignition when the weather is humid.

I did have the entire ignition replaced last year to the tune of about $500. I figured heck, I got a pretty good deal on an economical and reliable little car so I might as well invest in the repairs...it's better than having to buy a new car.

This is the longest I've ever owned any vehicle... ever! I'm mid-forties.. I've owned several nightmare used vehicles: Dodge Dart Swinger, Chevy Nova, Chevy Cavalier and a Pontiac Grand Prix. As I stated, all were nightmares as far as chronic problems and expensive repairs. This Ford Focus has nickle and dimed me over the years, but I still drive her proudly... big rust holes and all.

5th May 2010, 18:20

Original reviewer here again: To the gentleman above who's owned the Dodge Dart Swinger, Chevy Nova, Chevy Cavalier and a Pontiac Grand Prix...you're either a Saint, or just a person with very, very bad luck. Might I suggest something Japanese?

28th May 2010, 21:47

Power locks went on my 2001 Ford Focus today. Could not unlock trunk - even with the key. (Could lock/unlock driver & passenger doors with key). Found and replaced that infamous fuse #63. Power locks worked on driver side door. Pushed the trunk release on dash and... nothing. Trunk still won't open even with key - and fuse has blown again.

Does this suggest the problem is with the trunk lock, or the wiring to the trunk has a short which makes the fuse blow? I am going to install a fresh fuse tomorrow and try to open the trunk with the key. (I would like to be able to get into the trunk as we have a $500 stroller trapped in there!)

2nd Jul 2012, 11:20

Thanks for the suggestion!