2004 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0 dual cam zetec from North America


My worst car ever... beats my '83 Cavalier for most trouble


At 40k had to have the transmission fluid changed - it is synthetic and cost close to $200.

1st thing to go out was the ignition lock - It had to be taken to the dealer due to the anti-theft chip in the key. This was around $500.

Next at 48k the alternator went out; tried to change it myself, but it is held in place by the motor; had to have it towed for the engine to be jacked-up to install it. Cost around $700 (the first alternator purchased worked for one day; had to have another installed right after having the car towed to complete the first installation).

57k - The thermostat housing is plastic and cracked, leaking coolant from several places. Average cost to replace is around $300. The head gasket is also beginning to leak oil.

General Comments:

Car is too slow and gets terrible gas mileage for a small 4 cyl. Average is around 23/24. As the car ages, the mileage gets worse... took a trip and couldn't even get 30 mpg on the highway.

Interior is cheap and beginning to degrade around the windows and at the hatchback. It is somewhat comfortable, but not for multiple passengers or big people.

Don't get the 16" wheels - they are an odd size and hard to find inexpensively.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2010

30th Apr 2010, 18:37

Funny, I purchased a 2004 Ford Focus wagon brand new in 2004. The only thing I ever had to change beyond the oil was the brakes and the tires. I never changed the timing belt, drive belts, transmission fluid, coolant, spark plugs or air filter for 143,000 miles. Never had a single problem. And I will be the first to admit that I did not take care of it.

2004 Ford Focus Zetec TDCi 1.8 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Too much pain, too little gain!


Fuel injectors needed replacing at 90k, which cost over £1000.

Clutch went at 93k, costing over £600.

I put petrol in the diesel engine by accident at 95k and drove it 10 miles. Had the engine drained with no further issues.

General Comments:

I bought this car on the strength of the recommendations of several people who I shall not be listening to again.

Good Points:

* The car is quite fast, in a straight line.

* The CD player is OK.

* It looks quite sporty.

* Good on the motorway.

Bad Points:

* Noisy

* The drivers seat is too high up - even when wound down to the lowest level.

* The power steering is awful and has an unsettling 'elastic' feel to it.

* The cabin takes ages to warm up.

* Fuel economy is not great, although I do drive it quite hard.

* Stalls easily.

* Hates being driven slow. Don't even try to get out of 3rd gear unless doing more than 30mph.

* Poor clutch design means expensive clutch parts.

* Expensive fuel injectors.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2010

2004 Ford Focus LX 1.6 petrol from Israel




Rear brake shoes - again and again.

Water pump (cause overheating).

Door sealing rubber.

Instrument panel fuse.

MAF sensor.

General Comments:


Cheap plastic everywhere, bad automatic transmission, runs on too much petrol, not reliable.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2009

2004 Ford Focus SE Wagon 2.0L Inline 4 from North America


Ford finally managed to build something that runs!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. Surprisingly.

General Comments:

It's a decent car actually. I bought it because I needed a new car because my Maxima took premium gasoline and I just couldn't afford to fill it with these rising gas prices.

While I probably should have bought a Honda or Toyota, since they hold their value so much better, I don't really regret buying this car. I drive about 750 miles a week and it held up beautifully with no problem.

It could use a little more power; the inline 4 it has sometimes has a difficult time, but I'd say that's because it's the Focus wagon. Its gas mileage disappointed me as well. I expected more than 28 mpg out of that little 4-banger.

Throughout it's entire 140,000 mile life with me, I never had it tuned up and it never had a problem. It really surprised me actually, I didn't expect much of it being a Ford, especially since I've had some trouble with Fords in the past. But this is a great little car.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2009

20th Jul 2009, 10:20

If you do get it tuned up your mileage may improve. Spark plugs and wires aren't that expensive. They are not designed to last 140 000 miles.

22nd Jul 2009, 10:14

Actually, when I first bought the car brand new the best mileage I ever got was 30 mpg. While new plugs and wires could've made a difference it wouldn't have been much. I'm not a fast driver, the fastest I ever went in it was 70 mph, and my average was about 60. So the poor mileage was definitely not due to wasteful driving.

22nd Jul 2009, 16:18

And besides I no longer own it.