2004 Ford Focus LX 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


Perfect in (nearly) every way!


A very comfortable, economical and reliable car.

I have done 53000 miles so far. Apart from the cost of Diesel and tax, I have only paid for four basic services (and two new tyres at 38000 miles).

General Comments:

Been driving cars for nearly forty years. This is the best car I have ever had.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2006

2004 Ford Focus Flight 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Practical, enjoyable, but slightly noisy


No faults.

General Comments:

After 12 months of Focus (mark 1) ownership I conclude that the press comments that the Focus is a great drive are justified. To drive the Focus is in a different league from the Bora I previously owned. Its very agile, steering feel is great, and that doesn't just translate into fun on country routes either, though it is great on a B road. It also makes the car feel stable in bad weather conditions at motorway speeds. The interior may lack the wow factor of more modern rivals (was improved significantly for mark 2) but it is well laid out and comfortable. The ride comfort is slightly firm at low speeds, but very comfortable on A roads and motorways. The practicality of the cabin is impressive. I've never failed to get anything in the car, and 5 people can fit in comfortably.

There is only one side to Focus ownership and its noise. The engine isn't too bad (a bit vocal at high revs), and wind noise is good. The problem is tyre roar on poor surfaces (quiet on smooth ones). It drowns out people and the stereo, and isn't that much worse at 70 than 40, a problem at all speeds. A pity as its the only thing spoiling the enjoyment of the car. No one else mentions the problem. Please comment if you've experienced it.

Otherwise a very good buy for the price paid (£8495 new!)

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Review Date: 13th May, 2006

15th Apr 2011, 02:44

I also had very high tyre noise. I changed the tires to another brand, and the car is completely different. I must agree though that the road noise even with the better tyres is still louder than many other cars I have driven. Still, I am happy with the result.

15th Apr 2011, 17:02

Hi, would you be able to let us know what brands of tyre were fitted to reduce the road noise?

This is a common trait with the Focus (both MK1 and 2), so I'm sure a lot of people may be interested to know how to quieten their car down.

I drive a Focus at work, and it does seem to suffer from this, even at 30-40mph.

15th Oct 2012, 14:42

I switched from noisy Pirelli P6 (rear tyres were cupped) to Michelin energy savers. Huge difference: the car is now quiet and comfortable to drive.

2004 Ford Focus SE Wagon from North America


Not good


Brakes squealed from week one. The dealership claims this is normal. The EGR valve had to be replaced in the first month. The brakes and rotors had to be replaced at 17000 miles. The dealership claims this is normal and asked me if I had researched the vehicle before I purchased it- I should have known the brakes wear normally at low mileage. The dealership won't give me the regional service manager's name or phone number.

General Comments:

I like the car in general, but the brake issue is a serious drawback for me.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2005

10th Oct 2005, 17:18

It's unfortunate that you guys are having problems with your brakes, but I have a 2004 ford focus ZTW, and at 61,294km I am still going strong on my original brakes. maybe it IS the way you are driving? or maybe your dealership is jerking you around?

16th Aug 2006, 16:19

I always strongly suspect either brake-riding or corrupt dealerships when I read of people having to have pads replaced before 80,000 miles or so. I've never had pads replaced before 80,000 miles on any of my vehicles. My current car (a GM) has 50,000 on it and you can't even see any noticeable wear at all on the pads.