2004 Ford Focus ZTW 2.0 Zetec from North America


Sporty and roomy at a great price!


Rear drum breaks began to squeal when coming to a stop at around 42000km. The dealer performed a "complimentary" drum resurfacing and lube job after I complained.

The CD player said that it had an "error16" and stopped working for 3 days. Mysteriously, it began to work again on its own. The radio continued to function though, so it wasn't too much of an inconvenience.

The front windshield wipers will sometimes just stop where they are when you turn them off, without returning to their original down position. This only happens at times. I've read that this is a problem with the computer chip either being bad or not being pushed all the way in, and am planning to have my dealer look at this soon.

There is an annoying rattle coming from the driver's door near the speaker. The dealer basically told me that since it is not a new car (although, it's not even a year old!) I should expect rattles etc. I find it ridiculous that they are not even willing to try and tighten things up or change the speaker cover to get rid of the rattle. It's beginning to drive me insane. I'll complain about it again at my next service, and hopefully they'll look at it.

General Comments:

Despite the minor problems, I am very pleased with my Focus. It handles great and rides nicely. The engine has decent pickup and power for its size and gets decent gas mileage. The tank is fairly small though, and it requires more frequent fill ups. I love the way my car looks. It's a bright red colour and with the car's 16inch wheels with Pirelli P6 tires, I think it really stands out. The interior room in this vehicle is outstanding for it's size. The seats are positioned quite high and with the driver's seat positioned at its highest, I feel almost like I'm driving an SUV. It gives a GREAT view of the road.

Despite all of the press about the car's unreliable nature, I have found my experience to be the exact opposite. This car starts everytime and all of the mechanical parts of the vehicle always work properly. If anything, Ford needs to work to make the interior quality a little bit better. They should use a better grade of plastics so that those annoying rattles don't creep up. Overall though, I am VERY satisfied with the way my Focus performs and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, reliable, economical and roomy vehicle at a great price.

And I must mention again the value! I got this vehicle with a 6 year/160 000km extended warranty AND a complimentary 3 years of free oil changes for just under $21000 cdn with taxes and all in!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2005

2004 Ford Focus Station-wagon SE 2.0L SOHC from North America


40 MPG gasoline station-wagon


Funny noise at idle speed when the clutch is up (sort of rattle snake).

Intermittent wipers stopped where they are when I put them at off (front only).

CD player sometimes jumps.

Tires were too small for my concept of a comfortable family automobile.

General Comments:

I put on 205-70R14 tires (about 9.7% bigger in term of distance and 7.8% in RPM), which upgrade the comfort to the Taurus/Malibu class, but decrease the available power. No proof that I'm saving more than 5% in gas mileage after a 1 month experiment

In term of gas mileage I got:


City from 37 - 42 MPG.

Road from 38 - 43 MPG.


City from 30 - 36 MPG.

Road from 33 - 38 MPG (Quebec).

Let said that I'm always driving between 1,000 and 2,500 RPM (max: 70 mph) and most of the time on mexican overdrive in the city (50%).

I've got all the statistics for 1 year prior. See 40mpg.org Focus for my techniques.

It's a Ford, so you don't expect to have Japanese fancier gadgets like a Nissan, but when you go for maintenance, it's much cheaper and as good...

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Review Date: 26th April, 2005

26th Apr 2005, 12:27

Sorry for my spelling, I also got a hissing noise from the air vents (probably a maple leaf stuck somewhere inside..;)

Never went back to my dealer for any trouble/maintenance, a good guy anyway.

It's really not the sportive package with the slugging base DOHC engine, but I got great fuel economy (6.34l/100km combined 1 year average).