29th Nov 2009, 12:32

One of my close friends bought a "slightly older Camry" (it had 80,000 miles and was well out of the puny warranty). It lasted less than 6 months before the transmission failed and he was told it would cost $3000 to fix. Being in dire financial straits, he junked the Camry and bought an 18-year-old Chevy with 200,000 miles on it. After 4 years it is still running flawlessly.

30th Nov 2009, 14:50

You can neglect a Camry enough for that to happen, and you can baby a Chevy enough for that to happen as well (maybe.) Either way, it's a minority.

3rd Dec 2009, 15:22

So Ford must outsource its jobs to foreigners to stay in the black, and this is a good thing to you? Yes it is a temporary fix that gave them profits. How could they not get profits when they slashed their operating costs so much? Honda and Toyota get lambasted for low wages and lack of bennies, but Ford is the golden child of the U.S. for doing the same thing? Oh, they are just doing it to the Mexicans, so no big deal! This is such backwards mentality, it is astounding. What is going to happen when they outsource over 50% of their labor? They will, you can count on it. The money they are saving is proof that this formula works. And what is so patriotic about investing $ billions of American money into foreign countries? Oh, but it is Ford so no problem right? At least Honda, Toyota, Nissan and many of the other imports you loathe are actually investing in U.S. plants and U.S. labor.

You have WAY too much faith in economists that also predicted the housing boom would go on and on, and your CNN that really reports what it wants the world to see. They, by the way, have released articles praising foreign car sales as a positive aspect of the U.S. economy, so they even contradict themselves. Yeah, I would keep quoting them as the word of God. Just because you want to buy into every other source of propaganda, doesn't make it the truth. You need to do much more research in order to make a good argument. Do you really think CNN would report anything differently in this economy where they are trying so desperately to get all of us out there to spend spend spend?? And yes, I realize my arguments could be as flawed, but simple logic doesn't tell me they are. By simple logic, I mean Ford outsourcing its labor until there are no more jobs in the U.S. will definitely have a negative effect on the U.S. auto workers... It makes no sense that doing this helps the worker when it directly reduces the number of jobs here. You take one guys job and give it to a Mexican... how is that helping that guy? Please elaborate.

Oh Ford makes a bigger profit because the Mexican works for less so they can save the rest of the workers. Gee, they may just try that again.... millions of times over. Huh, did you think of that? Do you seriously think that replacing every worker with a foreigner is going to help the U.S. auto industry? Where is the cut off of acceptability to you of this practice? 50%, 60%?? Maybe as long as none of your friends or family are affected, it is okay that they keep on cutting jobs?? I don't know, tell me.

One thing that is majorly flawed are the 14 million jobs the domestics create. You say that many are indirectly created, so I assume you mean parts and service suppliers. Don't the foreign companies need parts and service too, thereby supporting these businesses as well? Seems like your argument is that domestics are the only ones that need anything indirectly related to the auto industry. Kinda far fetched though isn't it? Hondas need new batteries and lights and such too...

Buy and drive whatever you like... just don't shove your "end of the U.S." view down everyone's throat when your arguments are so severely flawed in favor of domestics. I drive a domestic and I still disagree with most of what you are going on about... and on and on and on... I am sure you didn't take the time to read the article I pasted the link to as you are totally set in your opinions. It is very insightful though and brings up a ton of good points. Not very favorable for the domestic auto companies though, as it points out much of what I've said about their selfishness and self preservation at ALL COST. The 14 million jobs they are saving are a fortunate by product of their greed, but time will tell how long that will last.

4th Dec 2009, 20:54

Obviously you've been reading stories put out by Japanese car companies. The 14,000,000 are ALL a result of U.S. auto companies. The figures DON'T INCLUDE the jobbers used by Japanese companies. Again, read from an UNBIASED source, not Japanese ad brochures. Even INCLUDING those U.S. jobbers that supply Japanese companies they STILL only account for less than 10% of the overall U.S. auto-related job market. Also, remember that the 10% figure also includes German, British, and Swedish auto companies. The Japanese companies actually account for only 6-7% of ALL U.S. auto-related jobs. So go ahead and root for destroying the lives of 14,000,000 Americans, but at least be aware the facts and just say you don't care, rather than claiming the figures are not correct.

5th Dec 2009, 11:31

"So go ahead and root for destroying the lives of 14,000,000 Americans"

How on earth can you actually say this about your fellow Americans? You should not judge a person by the make of car they drive.

I am aghast by your insensitivity!

6th Dec 2009, 15:52

Oh so all of your sources are unbiased and EVERYONE who opposes your opinion is biased and untruthful? Yeah, Americans are so honest and upfront about everything aren't they? Your sources must be correct because no one EVER lies in America do they? Give me a break. AGAIN you have way too much faith in the people that put this country in the position it is. Time to wake up... really.

Also, you never commented on the "excellent" article I posted the link to. Of course it was against your beliefs so it was probably made up and completely false right? You know the one about domestics focusing on outsourcing while imports actually invest in U.S. labor and factories. Do you get that or not? U.S. companies will continue to outsource labor until they have the lowest cost possible and they have already invested $ BILLIONS in foreign countries to prove it. This isn't a temporary fix for them to catch up. Now that they have gone that route, they will not stop as the more they do it, the more they save. You view this as helping the U.S. auto worker. So will you support this when it is a 60% figure that they are outsourcing? You keep avoiding certain questions about this that I have asked on here. How convenient. How about explaining to me why suddenly after 30 years of import competition are 14 million jobs at risk. Answer this for me... I'd love to hear your answer really!

And please stop posting on here until you thoroughly read the posts. In NO WAY have I ever "rooted for the destruction" of anything in the U.S. I am tired of your attacks on anyone that doesn't share your viewpoints when you have flawed evidence to support all of your arguments. If anything YOU are rooting for the destruction of the U.S. by continually supporting the incompetent people that got us to this low point in our history in the first place. Failure is failure, and I don't reward that sorry. I guess you do though as you continually support it. Awesome way to live life there, running scared and fearful of ANY changes that may just make things better for the U.S. No, more of the same is a good thing... it has worked so good so far hasn't it? This is way beyond buying a certain car, and even way beyond your 90% argument.

Sorry the brainwashing of our government has taken such a hold on you. I bet you think it is awesome that you pay about 50% of your income to them too huh? Keep supporting Ford and GM and it may just top 60% sooner than you think. No problem for you though is it??