6th Dec 2009, 18:57

This is why we need to research economic consequences of buying from foreign sources. If comments such as the one quoted above are offered up as examples of the knowledge of economics possessed by import buyers, then people are obviously GROSSLY mis-informed. The LOAN made to GM is being repaid ALREADY, and Ford has never accepted a PENNY from the U.S.government in bail-out money. It didn't need to. This is common knowledge to anyone with a TV, radio or access to a newspaper. In addition, our taxes have not, and WILL NOT rise one CENT due to the relatively small amount LOANED to GM. We spend more of our tax money every THREE DAYS on the pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than we LOANED GM. The U.S. government gives MORE "bail-out" money in the form of free land, no taxes, etc. to Japanese companies EVERY YEAR than we LOANED GM.

According to a news story on taxes in a recent issue of a major national news publication, the U.S. taxpayer pays the LOWEST in taxes of any developed country. Denmark has the highest, and, ironically, also has the world's happiest and most content citizens. With the world's LOWEST taxes, we are one of the world's most UNHAPPY countries. Part of this is due to the economic hardships we bring on OURSELVES by trying to destroy U.S. jobs with attitudes such as the one expressed by the commenter cited above. HELPING U.S. Industry contributes to LOWER taxes (not HIGHER) and makes our lives more rewarding in the process.

6th Dec 2009, 22:23

Low import production years ago did not harm us, now high production does. Why buy an import; at least 1 family member could be out of work.

7th Dec 2009, 01:03

"Oh so all of your sources are unbiased and EVERYONE who opposes your opinion is biased and untruthful?"

What's "biased" about stating simple numbers?

7th Dec 2009, 14:15

Name the national news publication... I want to Google that for accurate information.... "HELPING U.S. Industry contributes to LOWER taxes (not HIGHER) and makes our lives more rewarding in the process." This is true when the industry you are helping isn't working from a FAILED business plan that continually exports jobs to foreign countries to keep their numbers in the black. Supporting businesses that ask for tax money to bail them out due to their lack of abilities is only going to make your taxes rise. Simple economics.

Yes GM is paying back their loans... with more government loans. Essentially they are paying back government money with MORE government money. That's a good plan that'll lower your taxes soon!!

I love the argument..."well our taxes are lower than everyone else's so it is a good thing." So you don't mind giving 50% of your money away to a government that misuses it to the point of a multi trillion dollar deficit? Good luck with that mentality. Maybe Denmark's people are so happy because they don't chastise each other for what car they drive and can work together as a whole to find solutions to problems, rather than blindly defending those who cause the problems in the first place. There is NO TEAM mentality in the U.S. whatsoever, and that is why we are looking at the end soon.

Your self-preservation tactics are only going to lead to your demise, as you need to look at the larger picture and understand what is really going on in this country. The amount of thievery and scams that continually go on here is astounding. The auto business is no stranger to that, and yet the blind eye is turned on them just to save jobs? How long do you think those jobs are safe anyway? Seems to me if you are ranting about them, they must be in pretty serious jeopardy. You really think that has anything to do with import buyers and nothing to do with the domestic companies themselves? Really??

I think we have a bunch of politicians on here.

7th Dec 2009, 16:38

I find it interesting that the domestic automakers are the ones who are constantly comparing their cars to Hondas and Toyotas - much like the negative political ads, they really tell you little about their products, yet attack the competition.

7th Dec 2009, 16:46

"What's "biased" about stating simple numbers?"

Well it seems those simple numbers are right if they come from your sources, and totally incorrect if they come from someone you don't agree with. You know like Ford spending $9 billion to invest in foreign factories. Or the top 5 companies are ASIAN brands in the car industry for overall quality... things like that. I am sure they are biased numbers because they don't fit your opinions and aren't what you want to hear. I'm just stating simple numbers though...

8th Dec 2009, 10:52

"Name the national news publication"

Sure. USA Today.

8th Dec 2009, 10:55

"So you don't mind giving 50% of your money away to a government that misuses it to the point of a multi trillion dollar deficit?"

The U.S. has the LOWEST tax rate (less than 30%) of any country in the world. Where are these 50% figures coming from?

8th Dec 2009, 10:58

When a company like Toyota can have the largest number of MAJOR safety recalls in the history of the automobile, it certainly does NOT deserve a high rating in "overall quality". Any source rating it high in quality pretty much HAS to be a bit biased, don't you think?

8th Dec 2009, 12:10

Actually it is based on the entire line and not the Camry. Consumer Reports is one source and Edmunds is another, so you can quit quoting them about the Fusion as well if they are so biased. I'm sure J.D. Powers is biased too. Why even have ratings sources when no one tells the truth??... ha ha ha...

8th Dec 2009, 14:19


Ford has the largest single recall of all 14.1 million 2008-2009 vehicles recalled due to a problem with a cruise control switch.

The fact is every make has recalls. I would rather buy a vehicle from a company that voluntarily recalls problem vehicles than one that waits until it is pressured to recall vehicles. I wouldn't judge a company by the number of cars recalled or by the number of recalls, I would rather judge a company on how they honor their warranty and how they take care of their customers. I wish those statistics were readily at hand.

8th Dec 2009, 14:54

Where in the above quote is CAMRY even mentioned??

8th Dec 2009, 15:33

Did you forget about sales tax, property tax, school tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, etc. etc.? Add them all up and you are probably at least 50% taxed from your original salary. Yes, income tax is about 30%, but it surely doesn't stop there now does it!!

9th Dec 2009, 09:03

Maybe we should eliminate all tax breaks for 4 years or more and/or also giving free cash to set up a business that never needs repaid by many import companies setting up here. Or maybe loan them money to repay once they are successful on our soil.

9th Dec 2009, 10:16

Maybe they live at home and do not pay taxes. I also could live without cruise control option on a Ford, but need a trans and a engine in my newer import that failed.

9th Dec 2009, 12:39

Maybe we should. I am pretty sure that stating that on this site won't get that result however. Maybe you should write a letter to the White House about it instead. Maybe all the domestic car supporters should also write to their favorite car companies CEO and ask them why they have failed to stay viable in the marketplace, and why they have put 14 million jobs at risk because someone might buy a Honda.