2008 Ford Fusion 4 cylinder 2.3 liters gasoline from North America


Good, could be better



General Comments:

Before buying Fusion I tested 2 other cars: Camry and Altima. I intended also a Sonata but we have no dealer in town.

Camry: style, I felt a bit bald, very similar with Honda and Hyundai. Brakes soft and transmission only with 4 gears. Not impressive. Did not convince me.

Altima: gearbox is outstanding in manual mode. Very punchy. Big problems with brakes: model '07 had no ABS. At 40 miles/h I put long rubber on road with a terrible noise. I was sliding with front wheels completely blocked for 20 yards. I rejected the car, was dangerous. I ordered a 2008, came with ABS and +1000 $ more expensive. Brakes still put rubber in front, back brakes very soft. I was in doubt. Finally the dealer was not was I expected and I went to Ford.

I tested a Fusion 2.3 liters used, without ABS very balanced car, very good brakes. Another used, 3 liters engine and leather good and very quick. I ordered my car: 2.3 liters, automatic gearbox, ABS, basic trim. Brakes too much on front wheels and plunging a bit, engine noise high (tappets), also the exhaust noisy in front.

Came from another state on wheels, 28 miles/gal not bad for a new engine. In town takes a lot of gas, I think if I reach 20 m/g I am happy. I have 1000 miles now, we will see.

Sound system amazing, is the best of the whole car.

Now about this model, because is a bit of confusion here: this car in designed by Ford Europe and named Mondeo there. Was originally built in Germany starting in 2000, and assembled in Belgium. Is a European model and I would smile to the comment of one reader that he has to wait another 5 years to buy an American car. Sorry man, this is European. Anyway, the model was built till 2007 and was discontinued. Another Mondeo is there, looks like Peugeot 407, personally I dislike.

This car has been designed on computer and was a high rigidity platform. I drove the European model and quality is far superior, very well bolted together. This southern neighbor's make is a bit soft.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2008

17th Nov 2008, 17:39

1000 Miles.

City driving 14 mpg scary

Very noisy engine

Very sensitive with the gas, didn't work well with CO85 Knock with Enmark 85 that is higher than 83 recommended by maker

Happy with BP 93.

3000 miles

Less noise, engine ran in

Highway 24-28 mpg far from advertisement

Oil change

All bolts under body tightened less leaning and better driving.

Good brakes

3300 miles

Traded in for a Taurus.

2008 Ford Fusion SE w/ Sport Appearence Package 2.3L I4 from North America


I would absolutely recommend this car to anyone wanting a safe, economical, good looking sedan


No problems.

General Comments:

This car has been excellent! I could not have made a better decision than to lease my 2008 Ford Fusion. I have the Sport Appearance Pack. which gives you 18 inch wheels, spoiler, red stiching on the seats, and a brushed aluminum dash. 30 MPG with the 4 cylinder! Great car!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

2008 Ford Fusion SE 2.3 Ltr. 4 cylinder. from North America


Great Mid-size Car! Perfect for someone looking for not too small not too big!


- Side panel has a space between hand grip and panel. It is a minor detail, but the two panels do not meet flush, there is a space in between on the driver side and rear passenger driver side. It is flush on the passenger sides.

- Not a fault that occurred but rather how the car is manufactured: the phone button does not work without SYNC. They should have not made a button or used it for something else, maybe make it the Sat (Sirius) button instead of leaving the phone button for non-sync models.

All it does is display "no phone" for non sync vehicles.

General Comments:

- Car rides smooth on the highway.

- Accelerates very smooth and decent, coming from a V6 Taurus, I do not miss the V6 too much.

- Trunk is very roomy, can fit my baby's stroller on one side of the trunk with lots of room to spare. On my 1997 Taurus, it was pretty much just the stroller and that was it.

- Love the front fold down seat, I can buy some bigger stuff and actually be able to carry it. There have been times I've went to Home Depot and bought say some wood pieces, and having no truck can't take it home.

- Very roomy inside and clean design. I hate a busy dash and Fusion's is simply, clean, and stylish.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008