2008 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0 V6 from North America


Great car if you feel comfortable with it in less than desirable weather


Rotors are starting to feel like they need to be machined.

Front driver speaker was rattling, but I upgraded them anyways.

General Comments:

This car has been rock solid since I have had it. I bought it and it felt new, and it still feels just like new. It has adequate acceleration, and yields respectable fuel economy, though not quite on par with other V6's in its class. I average about 25 mpg, and I drive fairly conservative with almost all being highway miles. The interior feels much more expensive than what you pay for. I test drove a 2009 Malibu before I bought this, and that interior was extremely cheap feeling in comparison; it was the LT1 trim so that could be why. Seats are very comfortable and you can easily drive long distances without feeling like you rear is going to break off.

I really enjoy the Sync system, since it is annoying to be holding onto a phone especially in traffic.

My only real complaint is the horrible handling in winter. I came from an AWD Subaru, so maybe I was babied, but this is seriously scary sometimes. I have never known a FWD car to fishtail on slippery surfaces as much as this car does (I've heard it has to do with the suspension). Also, it really struggles to get going too when there is a tiny amount of snow/slush on the roads, and I have new tires on. I really like this car, but I wouldn't get the FWD model again, especially since I live in an inclimate weather area.

No, it's not driver error either, since I have lived in snowy weather areas my entire life, and have gone through many other vehicles: 4x4, RWD, FWD, and AWD; this car just feels that unstable to me. I will be getting rid of it by next winter solely for this reason.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2011

5th Jan 2011, 05:19

Install some nice winter tires on all four wheels and these would solve your problem.

6th Jan 2011, 12:17

Original Reviewer here: I am not disputing that winter tires would help, I am simply stating that my experience with winter driving has been sub-par in comparison to other cars that are similar. When I'm going 35 mph on the interstate because it starts fishtailing, and Camry's and old Accords are flying by me, it makes me feel like tires aren't the single culprit. I like the car, just not this part of it.

2008 Ford Fusion S 2.3L I4 from North America


A worthy rival for Camry, Accord, and Altima


Stereo head unit backlight did not activate with headlights on. Defective when delivered, fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

The Fusion is by far Ford's most competitive family sedan since the original Taurus back in the mid 80's. I have been assigned one as a company car, and am responsible for upkeep.

Though passing and merging in any four cylinder family sedan could never be described as effortless, the 2.3 liter inline four provides ample power for any circumstances I have encountered -- and does so with minimal harsh or thrashy sounds. A V-6 is optional.

My vehicle is equipped with the optional 5-speed automatic transmission. I have never really used an automatic transmission that I actually like, but drivers accustomed to automatics will have no complaints. Shifts are smooth and, despite being a 5-speed auto mated to a four cylinder, it rarely hunts for gears. My only complaint is the lack of an overdrive button to facilitate up or down hill driving. The only option other than Drive is Low, or 1st gear -- far too low for use on long highway inclines. A 5-speed manual comes standard, and would be my preferred choice.

In 20,000 miles, I have had no visits to the service department, other than a minor defect with the radio faceplate lighting that was fixed under warranty.

The exterior styling is, in my opinion, quite pleasing. The lines are modern and subtle, though I have mixed feeling about the clear-lens taillights. At first I thought they looked like a cheap aftermarket bolt-on, but they are fairly subtle-- and the majority of the lens is filled by the red section. My vehicle has standard 16-inch steel wheels with full covers wearing "T" speed-rated 205/60/16 tires. The original equipment Continental ContiProContact tire is one of the more quiet and comfortable OEM tires in my experience, and provides reasonably responsive road feel and secure handling in dry and wet conditions.

The interior of the Fusion really shines. Fit and finish, even in my base model, is excellent... not just good for an American car, but on par with recent Japanese makes. Plastic dash surfaces are soft to the touch, and is finished with a foamy feel Chrome doorhandles are a nice touch. No Tupperwear-style hard plastic here of years-past.

Ergonomics are excellent, with the radio taking center position in the dash. Large rotary dials control HVAC, and are easy to use and well placed. The gauge cluster's lack of a PRNDL display was bothersome at first, though I soon became accustomed to selection by feel.

The seats are comfortable, very supportive and finished in a soft fabric. The manual height adjustment is by far the easiest I have used. Two large cupholders sit between the front seats, and the door pocket has a space to fit water bottles or larger containers. An irk to those who smoke is the lack of built in ashtray. I bought the smokers pack for a pricey $60, and it requires the sacrifice of one cupholder. This, however is common in many new vehicles with smoking becoming more taboo in society, but I prefer it to littering my butts.

Headroom and kneeroom is spacious in front and back. The back seat is quite comfortable for two, and the center armrest offers two cupholders. Three adults can fit in back, though would not be comfortable on long drives.

Overall, the Ford Fusion is a very capable, comfortable, and refined offering from Ford, and it my opinion, it's great to see a US automaker finally catching up to the competition.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2009

20th Oct 2009, 15:56

I agree that the Fusion is competitive with the standard bearers in its class (Camry, Accord). I also believe it is a great looking automobile. Until recently the Fusion would've been at or near the top of my list of my choice of family cars.

I wish you good luck with yours.

21st Oct 2009, 16:15

"Until recently the Fusion would've been at or near the top of my list of my choice of family cars."

Same here. Fusion seems to be a nice vehicle. But the "Fusion Guy" on one of the other threads ruined it for me. Because of him, a Ford Fusion is a vehicle I will never own.

22nd Oct 2009, 11:38

16:15 That is exactly why I will never buy a Fusion or any other Ford - the "Fusion Guy".

We were leaning towards a new Ford until I started reading his comments. I drive a domestic, but I disagree with just about everything he says. The "Patriotism" thing really is way off base.

26th Oct 2009, 15:34

So you are going to let some poster on here decide which car you are going to drive?

27th Oct 2009, 16:30

"So you are going to let some poster on here decide which car you are going to drive?"

When he calls me and members of my family unpatriotic for driving an imported car, then I don't want to support him. Funny actually, because I currently own and drive a domestic vehicle anyways.