2008 Ford Fusion SE 3.0 from North America


Great car



General Comments:

Got the car at the airport and drove it around a couple of days, before heading to Tenn, and then back to Texas.

First of all the car felt solid, brand new; it should.

Averaged around 30mpg using the A/C occasionally.

The handling of the car on the curvy roads in Tenn was super; better than my 2001 Chev Impala.

The power from the V6 was great. My 3.8 in the Impala is just pathetic compared to the engine in the Fusion.

Trunk space was very good for the wife and granddaughter, who were with me on this trip.

All in all for the six days we had the car, it was a pleasure to drive.

If I were in the market to buy a mid-size car, the Ford Fusion would have to be considered. Ford has a great car in a highly competitive market.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2008

21st Mar 2008, 21:24

I hate to tell you but the fusion engine isn't much better than your 3800 engine. It only has 221hp and 205ft/lb of torque. A none supercharged version of the 3800 engine has 205hp and 230ft/lb of torque. What makes the fusion seem faster is the 6 speed transmission and lighter weight compared to the impala's 4 speed transmission and heavier weight. Don't talk about speed unless you take everything into consideration.

2008 Ford Fusion SEL V6 from North America


A very impressive car


We've only had the car three months. No problems yet. We decided to buy an American car this time because of reliability problems with our previous foreign car.

All we have read about this car is very positive, and we feel very confident in buying it.

We owned American cars in the 80's and three imports between 1990 and now. Our last two imports were lemons, and we were not happy with them.

All our friends say the quality of the new American cars is much better than it used to be. This car sure seems very well built.

General Comments:

After driving 2 imports and 4 American vehicles, we were most impressed with the Fusion. It was much faster than our previous car, very smooth and had a very comfortable interior. You can see all the gauges well, and all the controls are placed well for easy operation.

The handling is great, and it gives you a feeling of confidence and security. The interior has a luxurious look usually found only in more expensive cars.

This car is a 2008 model. It was actually bought in October of 2007.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2008

29th Jan 2008, 21:14

Congratulations on owning the world's best mid-size sedan. The Fusion is a definite winner all around.