19th Apr 2007, 21:11

Well golly, gosh and gee, if you can't rely on reviews by the CAR'S OWNERS, who the heck CAN you believe?? If a much larger number of OWNERS of Camry are unhappy with their cars, that commands FAR MORE respect than some clueless magazine writer who drives the car for a HALF HOUR, then writes a rave review right after receiving a new 52" color TV as a "gift" from the car manufacturer. Obviously people who actually OWN and DRIVE these pieces of garbage know much more about them than magazine writers. I think this pretty much puts to rest the "Fords are crap" argument. If they're "crap", what does that make the Camry???

20th Apr 2007, 08:32

Well, golly, gosh, and gee. I think I'll believe auto writers over ANONYMOUS internet postings that could easily be a campaign to smear one make or another.

The Camry hasn't been rated that superior in auto tests, but neither have I read of any long term road tests that involved the "life threatening safety failures" and other horrific problems allegedly cited here.

Also keep in mind the Camry is putting SIGNIFICANTLY more AMERICANS to work than the Mexican-built Fusion or the Canadian-built Buick LaCrosse just to name a few.

At at the core of ALL these pro-domestic arguments is that these cars keep Americans employed.

20th Apr 2007, 10:53

I'm the original reviewer. I've been really surprised by the comments that have been posted on this review. I can't believe so many people are so misled by ad hype. I can't believe anyone who has actually owned a 2006 Camry could possibly say some of the things I read, so I assume most of the comments are from younger people who probably have never driven a Camry or a Fusion. I'm not at all surprised to read that twice as many Camry owners are unhappy with their cars as Taurus owners are with theirs. While I had my lemon Camry I regretted not keeping my old Taurus. Even at 97,000 miles it was a better car than the Camry was the day I bought it.

As for my Fusion, it is much faster than my Camry. My old Taurus was faster than my V-6 Camry. The Fusion does 0-60 in just under 8 seconds and my old Camry took nearly 10 seconds. My friend's 4-cylinder 2001 Oldsmobile Alero would outrun it from stoplights easily. I hear the new Camry is faster, but I don't care. After all the problems my 2006 had and all the money I lost on it I'll never look at another Toyota again. I love my Fusion and it is twice the car the Camry was. It is better built, faster and certainly much better looking. In the past 2 months 4 of our friends have bought 2007 Fusions, and 2 of them are previous Camry owners. I'm putting the word out to everyone that if they want a really good driving and reliable car to check out the 2007 Focus. Like my title says, it's what a real car should be.

20th Apr 2007, 13:26

17:02 I can appreciate the Home Depot/Lowes analogy. To me buying a Toyota is like buying a basic appliance or drill without features such as variable speed, quick change chucks etc. The majority of contractors buy fully usable full size domestic trucks. I buy domestics as they are laden with features and benefits such as this. I can go to Harbor Freight in the strip mall full of imported tools if necessary. I buy high end domestics from GM such as the Suburban Envoy with technology such as Onstar, a 100,000 mile warranty and features.

20th Apr 2007, 14:56

Really? How do you buy a new Envoy when they don't make them anymore? Oh, wait, I get it. There are so many left over on dealer lots you have your pick.

20th Apr 2007, 15:02

<<As for my Fusion, it is much faster than my Camry. My old Taurus was faster than my V-6 Camry. The Fusion does 0-60 in just under 8 seconds and my old Camry took nearly 10 seconds. >.

Unless you are comparing a four cylinder to a six cylinder, this is 100% INCORRECT. Check out Edmunds or any other source, and you will find that COMPARABLE YEAR models prove the Camry is much, much faster than the Fusion.

20th Apr 2007, 19:43

To commenter 10:53: Thanks for your comments.

My family has also owned both foreign and domestic cars (including a Toyota) so we know first hand what we are talking about. Our domestics have all been much more reliable, less trouble and much cheaper to maintain than our Imports.

I do think a lot of the comments on these sites are made by younger people who are more prone to believe ad hype, and who have probably never owned a Ford or even driven one.

Some years ago I was on a camping trip with a group of guys, and one of them had just bought a new Corolla. One of the other guys made the comment that the Corolla "was built like a tank and would run forever". I asked him if he had ever OWNED a Toyota and he said "no". I then asked how he could possibly know they would "run forever". He just said "Well, EVERYBODY SAYS SO". I asked who "everybody" was and he mumbled something about "car magazines" (you know, those guys who drive a car for 30 minutes and tell you how reliable it is).

Well, the fact of the matter was that the friend who had bought the new Corolla found out the hard way how it would "run forever". At 45,000 miles it needed an exhaust manifold gasket. At 56,000 the automatic transaxle went out (VERY expensive) and at 82,000 it blew a head gasket (also VERY expensive). After that he wised up and traded it for a Pontiac Sunfire GT.

The new Fusion is a much better car than the old Taurus (which was a very good car also), and since the Tauris reviews are almost twice as favorable as the Camry reviews, I have no doubt the Fusion will turn out to be one of the best cars ever built.

I'm sorry you were misled by uninformed people, but I'm glad you're trying to get the truth out about the unreliable Camry. It's really sad to read all the bad reviews by people (like you) who were misled by false information. Maybe your review and comments will save someone else the grief you have been through.

20th Apr 2007, 21:42

I have a friend with a crap 2006 Corolla. The transmission just went on it after only 30 some thousand kilometers. If Toyota lovers say people are just making stuff up whenever something bad is said about their brand then that means Toyota can make whatever junk they like and these people will keep coming back because of their ignorance. Maybe Toyota execs are the smart ones, making junk now that they have these people owned. Though they won't get people who do proper research and actually know something about cars.

20th Apr 2007, 22:28

This guy just owned an Acura built between 2001-2003. He fails to state that Acura redesigned the TL in 2004 and improved it a lot and no more transmission problems and the new model is highly acclaimed--twice as much as the old model. He is all over this site throwing out his purchase of high end trucks, but obviously will not tell us that he would not buy a domestic 4 door sedan. Is that because they are mediocre and GM only knows how to build trucks? YES I think we have a wiener!!!