18th Jun 2009, 14:28

Funny how every time I see a Mustang driving wildly and way too fast it is a V-6 car. Virtually every time I see a GT on the road it is going at or close to the speed limit and not being driven by an obnoxious "boy racer". Seems many V-6 people have so much to prove that they drive like maniacs so they feel like they have a fast car while the V-8 people don't care to prove anything on public roads, because they already know who has the faster and more competent car.

Guess what though... all that 85 - 90 mph racing around gets you about 17 mpg in your V-6 while the guy with the GT is getting around 24 mpg going the speed limit (and not doing magazine tests!!). Just goes to prove GT guys aren't all about the power... it is about the complete package.

It is the V-6 guys that need to slow down and show restraint! Besides, what "boy racer" can afford a GT when their insurance would be more than their car payment every month.

18th Jun 2009, 16:26

You can still order a car any way you want to get it as long as it falls within the package guidelines from the factory. Just because you can't find a $28K base GT at your local dealer doesn't mean it is impossible to get. If more people ordered cars with only what they need, then dealers wouldn't add so much extra to the price with options that are ridiculous as their in stock overloaded cars would sit and rot.

I would order my GT as base as can be with a manual tranny as that is all I need. I have seen dealers do this on just about every car line though as they make most of their profits on the huge markup of add-ons. I am sure the majority of V-6 Mustangs come with extra stuff on them, therefore driving their prices up to ridiculous levels too. You even admit to adding stuff to yours after the fact, making it cost more in the end. Nothing wrong with that for sure, but I would opt for the car just as it sits as it came from the factory. I am not about the flash as much as I am about the all around performance.

For $28K you get a heck of a value in the GT. You just have to be willing to do a little searching for one... or waiting for one if you order it. Any good dealer will either locate one for you or order one without penalizing you for it by charging you sticker. If they try that, move on to another dealer.

18th Jun 2009, 16:47

"Why is it so hard for people to get it when someone says "I like the styling, I don't race"."

It isn't that it is hard to understand your likes of more styling, less performance but you came on here claiming that every Mustang V-8 gets 11-15 mpg and there are so many of us that have as much or more experience than you do with Mustangs and we got nearly twice that. It is what it is.

I know how to figure mileage as it is basic math, and I know what I was getting as does everyone else I knew with 5.0 Mustangs back in the day. Believe me, that was the biggest attraction to owning these cars to me at the time.

I believe you as well, as I am sure there is a great variation in mileage as per driving habits (even if you think you drive gingerly) and proper maintenance to keep a car running optimally.

Then you start quoting magazines, which are a really poor source for mileage figures. I think you know this is an obvious fact. Then when V-6 mileage figures are brought up based on magazine tests, you completely ignore the fact that the difference is only a few mpg between the V-6 and V-8 as far as C&D is concerned. Your opinions and likes are your own, but you aren't going to avoid an argument or an attack if you pick and choose certain facts and/ or comments in order to make your argument look stronger.

Good example is the street racing with 4.11 gears getting 27 mpg. No where did anyone say those three things together here, yet you have repeatedly used that as some basis for discrediting everyone who has gotten into the mid 20's for mileage.

Look, just go drive the heck out of your V-6 and enjoy it as I am sure you will. This really isn't going anywhere and is a waste of energy. You are right, we are all Mustang lovers and should just leave it at that.

18th Jun 2009, 17:03

I doubt that even a political campaign can offer the incredibly bizarre range of contradictions I see on this thread. First, we are told that people pay thousands more for all the performance of the V-8. Then we are told people buying the V-8 drive like they had a Prius and only the V-6 drivers ever actually use any of their car's potential.

What I THINK I'm hearing is that people who buy the V-8 buy it for some reason OTHER than power, while V-6 drivers actually DO use their cars potential occasionally. Seems like the V-6 drivers are not only saving a bundle, but actually USING what they buy. What is the point in getting "the whole package" if you never use it?

18th Jun 2009, 17:49

This is very true, and especially at the beginning of a new model year. I've seen 2008 and 2009 GT's advertised over the past two years (new) for as little as $24,999. That's a very good price. But for now no one around here has any basic GT's. They will, and you can, as you pointed out, order one, although dealers here will not discount ordered GTs.

18th Jun 2009, 18:29

"Funny how every time I see a Mustang driving wildly and way too fast it is a V-6 car."

My 35 year old neighbor confessed the same thing to me, and I noticed it in his driving too. When he got a really fast car instead of just a fairly fast car, that is when he started driving slower. He said he felt like he wasn't trying to prove something anymore.

19th Jun 2009, 15:49

I know they would rather sell you one off the lot, but if you deal hard enough on the car they should discount it even if they have to order it. If you feel pushed into buying something you don't want or need, then move on to another dealer. It would be worth driving even 200-300 miles to get the car you want and save thousands. I wouldn't try that hard for just any car, but on a Mustang I would be pretty specific as to what I wanted or didn't want on the car.

8th Jul 2009, 22:29

I have a 2008 Shelby GT (#1001 of 2100) and can't complain at all.

The stripes bubble just a bit around the hood scoop, but it's hardly noticeable-no big thing.

The rear suspension does make a little squeaky noise when going over a speed bump or running over small animals, but it's because there is some special racing stuff under there that they added to the suspension, so it's all good. You can't really drive it too fast in the city anyway because the suspension is pretty hard, and the streets here in Milwaukee are pretty crappy. It actually makes my man-boobs shake and I didn't even know I had man-boobs until I drove it.

Gas mileage? WTF it's a Shelby Mustang WHOGAF? But to set the record straight it gets 26.5 cruising on the highway. I tried the Challenger SRT-8 first and loved it. But less than one block test driving the Shelby and I was ready to buy. The Shelby is noisier, more of a snarling beast, while the Challenger is quite civilized - it even has a usable back seat. I like the live rear axle as well.. sure an independent unit tracks better, but how else are you going to get that white knuckled feeling that makes you feel so alive because you are so close to death?

As for $50,000 for one, maybe for the Barrett-Jackson ( only 100 of those) edition this gentleman has, but I paid $36,000 this past December. A year prior it would've been about $45,000 - timing is everything.

As for global warming.. bah, humbug it's a belief system more that anything and I don't believe. I still had to use the furnace up until June this summer, and on July 4th it was so cool I needed a sweatshirt. Not to mention the 99" of frikin snow I had to shove this winter. So fasten your seatbelts everyone and go for a ride!