21st Jul 2009, 10:27

Okay, I just test drove the 2010 Mustang GT, and let me say that I would never even bother with the V-6. This was a premium GT with leather interior and aluminum trim. The only thing I didn't care for was the 19" wheel package. So I talked to the salesman and he said he'd get me into the car for invoice minus the $1K rebate they have going. $28,300 for a premium GT... and guess what, if I order the car the price is the same!! Definitely worth it as the drive was amazing.

What surprised me was the ride quality. It was so smooth and held its own around a rough choppy loop onto the highway at high speed. Hard to believe it is a live axle under there for sure. It wasn't at all harsh either and never bone jarring as I have read on here, and it was miles and miles ahead of the old 5.0's that I have had. It was also so easy to drive. The 5-speed is silky smooth and the 3.73 rear end upgrade was a welcome addition.

This is also the first time I have driven a muscle car that sounded better with the windows up then down due to the pipe funneling sound through the firewall. I thought it was a cheesy gimmick when I read about it, but it really works well and produces quite a nice tone. Try that with the truck based V-6!!

What really got me was the cheapo interior on the V-6 they had. If you want to spend $6K or so less and get an interior on par with the Focus, then go for it. I am going for the premium package GT. Too good to pass up for a second rate V-6.

23rd Jul 2009, 12:05

I don't know where you drove a V-6 Mustang with a "cheapo" interior. The interior of the V-6 is EXACTLY the same interior as the GT. Both come in leather and both have dress-up options available, but the cars use the exact same interiors, seats and door panels. People think they get "special" stuff with the V-8's because it seems they should for the extra 10 grand. In truth they are the exact same car except for the engine. Even the suspension on the Pony upgrade is the same as the GT. If you choose to pay 10 grand more for 1 second faster 0-60 times, that's fine, but don't pretend it's a different car. It's just a different engine. Everything else is the same. I've owned 6's and 8's. Everything on them is interchangeable.

27th Jul 2009, 13:08

In no way is the suspension the same on the base Mustang. There is no upgrade on Ford's site to get any improved suspension on any V-6 car, and the guy I worked with on mine, who orders the cars, said the V-6 is basically as it is power and handling wise. Yes, you can get bigger wheels and tires with the Pony package, but that is about it.

Yes, you can get the premium interior on the V-6 car, but you'll also have to add the Pony package to come close to the Premium GT standard features. This brings the price to within $6K of the GT premium... not the $10K you are arguing.

Plus, I was quoted invoice minus the $1K rebate to get to $28,300, so the V-6 would even be closer as the invoice on that car is not going to be as much lower as in the GT. Figure in the $5K range of difference between them when all is said and done. But even $6K is worth it to get into that car as it is a killer deal over anything else in its class, like the problem plagued Camaro or the pricier, slower, poorer handling Challenger.

In the sports car world, $6K is nothing when the car outperforms cars that cost $10K or even $20K more than it does. If you are budget minded and can't afford the difference, then why are you looking at a Mustang anyway?

Don't even talk about mileage either. The rating for the GT 5-speed is EXACTLY the same as the V-6 AT (which most people buy)... why bother with a 5-speed when there is nothing to use it for... Oh, and the 6.5 second 0-60 time you'll get with your 5-speed V-6 is more than 1.5 seconds slower than the GT's 4.9... again a misquoted figure.

29th Jul 2009, 19:14

This kind of reasoning amazes me. Why on Earth wouldn't someone want a car just because they LIKE it, regardless of WHAT engine it had? Since when does something hidden out of sight under the hood hold total sway over a car's appeal? What does price have to do with buying a car because you like it's looks?

31st Jul 2009, 23:54

I've been recommending this thread to my friends for its comic value. Not even the import fans can top the stuff on HERE!!

We're told of V-8 Mustangs getting 30mpg while drag-racing (with 4:11 gearing no less!!)

We're told the GT is a WHOLE DIFFERENT CAR because it has a different ENGINE!!

We're told that only V-6 drivers ever USE their car's power, while V-8 drivers drive like old ladies in Camrys!!

We're told that if you don't get a GT you are supposed to buy a CAMRY!!

We're told that the interiors of the GT is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from a V-6 (it's EXACTLY THE SAME INTERIOR!!)

We're told that the parts aren't interchangeable from one Mustang to another (ALL the parts are interchangeable, it's the SAME CAR!!)

We're told that the V-8 does 0-60 in 5 seconds, and the V-6 takes 8 (the V-8 takes 5.5, the V-6 6.5)

I love it!! Keep the material coming, it's HILARIOUS!!

6th Aug 2009, 10:32

I'll let you go back and re-read the thread as you seem to enjoy it so much. You are incorrect going on about many details that don't even exist on this thread. That is hilarious!!

Oh and the GT does 0-60 in 4.9 as I was talking about the current 2010 model, and the V-6 is around 7 with an AT, which seems to be the more common choice on the car.

The parts are NOT interchangeable AS ORDERED from Ford from the factory. Yes, if you want to take apart your Mustang in your garage then you can interchange some of the parts.

Also, to get the Premium upgraded interior on a V-6 car you have to add the Pony Package to get close to the GT Premium's standard interior, which brings the cost up to within 5 or 6K of the GT.

Hey, I really don't care which one you'd buy or anyone else for that matter. If looks are the only thing you care about, more power to you. That is great if you never want to drive the car and it sits in your driveway looking "pretty" all day long!!

Never did anyone say a Camry was an alternate choice to the V-6 Mustang. There are many other options of 6 cylinder and turbo cars that are better performers in the same price range as a V-6 Mustang and still are as sporty. Who also said that GT owners NEVER use the full power and performance of their cars? V-6 owners are always speeding around because they have to prove to themselves they have a sporty, fast car. GT owners don't have the need to prove anything. Does this mean they don't ever use the potential, or take off fast from a light, or find a twisty back road to fly down... heck no!! If you think the GT is only an engine upgrade, then I guess you don't really know enough about Mustangs. Go drive a standard Mustang and then a GT and tell me the engine is the ONLY difference!!

Of course, even if it was the only difference it would be worth it to bypass the old truck based 4 litre they put under the hood.

And once again NO ONE has ever claimed 30 mpg while street racing with 4:11 gears.