1993 Ford Probe Base 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Tough little car for what I have put it through


When I first bought the car a top cylinder seal went out causing the car to run on three cylinders easy in and out fix ($150)

Replaced both front disk brakes and rotors (routine $150)

Tie Rods ($200)

A small switch in the trunk for fuel cutoff in case of a rollover corroded away. Only way to fix it was to find a wreak in a junkyard and yank that one out (free from junkyard pain in the butt to acquire)

Fuel pump failed ($400)

Idler Motor failed ($50 self installed)

Exhaust system fails fast. expensive to repair

Inside plastic panels break and have to be re-glued

Both side mirrors corroded off. Had to wire back on.

General Comments:

Besides nickle and dimin' me for a couple years this car has performed flawlessly. Mechanically it is perfectly sound and besides some expensive repairs typical of a vehicle with these miles, it has been very reliable.

I live up in Northern Northern Michigan and have to drive in the snow a lot of the time. The car handles great, but you have to get the feel for it.

The 2.0L has a lot of power and the car scampers when you mash on the pedal.

Lower profile and wider wheelbase cause the car to stick to the road like a sports car.

The Probe handles dirt roads and even relatively rough logging roads with ease.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2003

1993 Ford Probe GT 2.5 V6 from North America




At 125k, I replaced the timing belt, water pump, radiator, upper and lower hoses, thermostat, and front 2 CV struts. Also replaced the plugs and wires.

This car has a bad parking brake cable that needs to be replaced. It's a total pain to leave running in the winter without a parking brake. The hydralic lifts on the hatch have worn out over and over because of the weight of the hatch. The windshield cracks from small rock chips. The seals around the doors leak air at speeds over 80 mph. Rocks chip the paint on the front air damn very badly.

General Comments:

All problems aside, I love this car. I do personally feel Ford should recall the parking brake issue and the paint on these cars, but I am not going to nitpick. The Ford Probe GT is a steal. It is an amazing car that I have owned now for over 7 years and I will never give it up. I am due for a valve job, and a new gasket. No big deal. Better than 4 years of car payments.

My Probe GT is red, I tinted the windows black, and I have custom installed a killer sound system. I am in the process of acquiring a performance clutch, cold air intake system, and possibly a supercharger. I am taking the factory 5 spoke wheels and having them chromed.

My Probe is just a blast to drive. It handles better than any car I have ever driven, no matter the cost. It really is a bargin. The repair costs seem high, but in reality, its not that bad. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants an incredible car for very little money. I just hope our secret doesn't get out too fast, because I really want to purchase a black 94 GT with a 5 speed before they are impossible to find.

Awesome car...don't pass one up if you find one. Yes, the squeak a lot... just find the squeaks... and use foam to fill in the gaps. It's worth it.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

30th Jul 2004, 01:15

I agree, let's keep these cars a bit of a secret. I've replaced my water pump, timing belt, CV joints (although they now have a lifetime warranty with Sears-Ha, Ha, the joke IS, I WILL keep this car for a lifetime). Am now almost finished replacing most of the coolant hoses. My cooing system got neglected because while I normally flush my system out every 1-2 years, no one could seem to tell me which was the heater inlet hose, as that is where the Prestone Flush tee needs to be installed. I now have deduced that this is the heater hose that does not have that plastic coupling on the engine end (as opposed to firewall end) of the hose. I'm then going to clean & flush the cooling system, and now that my flush tee is installed, I will be faithfully maintaining it, and also adding Prestone Cooling System Treatment to it.

Whatever little things I have had problems with, that's just it-they're little things! All the major stuff works just fine. With over 218,000 miles on it, it's still just pure pleasure to have the opportunity to pass some slowpoke on the highway, shifting down to 3rd, hitting 4-5000 rpm, grabbing 4th while jammed back in the seat, and then grab 5th and feel the surge just pushing you ahead-what a RUSH!!! I would much rather fix the little things as they break, and this sort of stuff occurs in ALL cars. I would rather pay for my car parts as I need them (just budget for it dummy!) than have car payments.

And oh, by the way, I've had mine up to 137 mph before I ran out of room-still had more left, probably would have topped out at around 150!

I've always also used the high tech oil additives on a regular basis. I'm going to try X1-R next oil change. I believe that, and good maintenance, is a good part of what has kept this car running for 218,000+ miles. I fully expect to get 300,000 or more out of this car before the engine needs rebuilding (I'll probably have it rebuilt "voluntarily" before that anyway).

I watch Corvettes go by, and think "You fool, you wasted all that money and you still can seat only 2 people in it, and one suitcase". With the hatch cover out, I can use my Probe like a little truck-and it doesn't care, it just wants to go anywhere, anytime. It absolutely loves to be driven! With a few "anatomical alterations", it would be the perfect wife, and it never cusses you out!

19th Nov 2008, 23:45

I have a 85 Probe GT and it has cost a fortune to do updates that were neglected by previous owners. But now I love it.