1993 Ford Probe GT 2.5L V6 from North America


Nice, but could use some work..


It looks like I've had all the same problems as other Probe owners. I had to have the distibuter replaced $$$, O2 sensors, the rear calipers stick (mine only in cold weather).

The car is really nice to look at but the body and the paint could really use some integrity. Very poor quality.

Also, anything, ANYTHING, you need to buy for a Probe seems like it costs a fortune. Just a headlight was ten bucks but the same headlight for any other car was four.

The cigarette lighter doesn't work either.

General Comments:

The car is fast and handles good.

Also, its a very very nice looking car but its just costly to fix.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

6th Feb 2002, 20:10

My Probe GT has Premium Sound, a fact I only recently discovered while installing a Kenwood CD player to replace the factory unit. I have to say, if that was premium sound, I would really hate to hear the standard. Good thing I didn't buy it for the sound system. :)

1993 Ford Probe GT 2.5L V6 from North America


A nice car but costly to drive and maintain


One of the fog lights fell out the first week. I'm told you must replace entire front setup in order to have another one.

The brakes and rotors have been replaced several times.

The pieces of the body work don't fit together well at all. There are large gaps between the bumper and the fender on both sides.

The paint job isn't the greatest in the world. The mirrors and upper areas of paint are now a different color than previously.

The seats are discolored and I'm not sure what caused it.

The distributer and one crank sensor went out at 85000. That cost almost $700 and almost 3 weeks to fix.

Sometimes the car is slow to start and no one can seem to figure out why.

General Comments:

Overall, the Probe GT is a nice looking car. It has a nice body shape and the low profile tires and alloy wheels add class.

It has a lot of power, especially compared to my previously owned Escort.

The ride is, as with every Probe I've ridden in, very rough and every little bump is felt.

It seems like anything, part or accessory, for the Probe costs a fortune.

One of the worst things about the Probe is that the back seat is so small it might as well be nonexistant.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2002

20th Jan 2002, 20:56

And, I forgot, the rear calipers stick during cold weather. Last winter I thought the rear end was on fire.

1993 Ford Probe Base 2.0 4 cylinder from North America


It was a bargain when first bought, but has cost a lot to keep running


I recently put in a new transmission... which was quite costly. It cost a little under $2,000. I've had to put in a lot of work to get this car to continue to run properly. I've put in a new power steering pump, new struts, and new sway bars.

General Comments:

This car does handle well. It gives a bit of a bumpy ride... but that is to be expected with any sports car. All in all I like this car, I just don't like all the money I have to put into it to keep it up to par, so to say.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2001

1993 Ford Probe Base 4 cylinder from North America


Maybe I was luckier than most, but it was an outstanding car!


I really don't have much to complain about here. I'm 40, and this is maybe the 10th car I've owned, and it was easily the best, even though it was used with 36,000 miles on it!

It was extremely reliable.

After a cross-country trip (South Florida to LA) it started running a little rough, and all I had to do was replace the distributor cap and wires (it was the wires). That's all I ever had to replace.

General Comments:

Besides being reliable, I usually got 31/38 MPG (city/highway driving).

During my cross-country trip I sometimes got a little over 40 MPG (interstate driving)!

It was a great-looking car. The only reason I don't have it now is because it was repossesed : (

The ONLY thing I didn't like about it was the fact there is NOWHERE to put a drink (cola, of course). Every time I'd go to a fast food drive-through the stupid Coke would spill!

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2001

24th Jul 2002, 12:01

My '93 gt has a cupholder in the middle console. don't know what's wrong with yours. sorry.

8th Feb 2003, 21:53

Mine doesn't have a cup holder either, you're right, it sucks.