1995 Ford Probe 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Car garaged at night and ALL winter.

Useless in the snow....

Distributor packed in at 23,000 miles. 602 UK pounds for replacement.

Another 2 Ford Probe owners (locally) had the same problem.

Rear muffler and centre pipe at 23,000 miles. Ford price 250+ UK pounds.

159 at local exhaust centre....

Driver's seat, bolster support plate cut through material... 300+ UK pounds for replacement... 50% discount from Ford UK due to the car being older than 3 years.....

General Comments:

Writing to Ford UK and car mags to see if I can retrieve distributor costs.

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Review Date: 11th October, 1998

21st Apr 2001, 15:34

Rear calipers stick fast when the handbrake is used. Freed out for MOT last June (2000), but stuck again one week after MOT. Have not used the handbrake since (now apr 2001). Ford advise each caliper costs approx 250 pounds stg (total 500) plus labour. Non Ford parts can be fitted for approx 300 pounds per pair.

Distributer failed at 37000 miles, cost around 600 pounds stg to repair.

I would be interested if the other Probe owner has any luck retrieving this expense from Ford.

Back box replaced at a cost of approx 150 pounds stg.

I don't have a problem replacing the back box, it is an expected running cost. however the calipers and distributer problems are very expensive Ford design issues and I feel totally aggrieved that I as a owner have to pay for them.

Apart from that, I really enjoy driving the Probe, it performs well, is relatively good on juice, looks good and is fun to drive.

Bought Apr 1999 with 19000 miles, now Apr 2001 with 40000 miles. It can be seen the maintenance costs are very high compared to the miles driven.

22nd Aug 2003, 01:59

I to have had problems with the Distributer and it high cost of replacement £600-00. I now have an eletrical fault as yet undiagnosed, it just cuts out every now and then! The back box is steel whereas the pipes are stainless so they are wasted as you have to replace the lot when the box goes after 66,000 miles. Enjoy driving it tho' and it still looks good apart from the poor paint work.

29th Jul 2004, 05:25

If any one has any kind of problem with their Probe, they should visit the Ford Probe Owners Club www.fpoc.co.uk. They will tell you how to fix ANY of your niggling problems, and where to find cheap replacement parts.