1992 Ford Sierra GLX 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Simplicity is key


Suspension knocking, door trim peeling away, exhaust, brakes and usual consumables. Rust got the better of it at an MOT in the end, and suspected head gasket. Was generally a reliable car and never broke down during my ownership, I looked after it well, all oil and belt changes at scheduled intervals.

General Comments:

A great car I had many years ago. The Sierra GLX was mid range and was very basic by today's standards, but I do miss when cars were like this. Interior was also very dated looking even for a 1980's / early 1990's car. Quiet and comfortable though.

The 1.8 petrol could get around 40 miles per gallon on a good day. Performance was not great, but was by no means slow. Rear wheel drive - interesting in wet weather, taught me to respect not taking a corner too fast. Would have preferred the 2.0, or even better, Cosworth, but they were rare and expensive even back in the day.

It was a sad day when it went to the scrap yard, I had good times with this car. Would have kept it and fixed the head gasket, was a cheap and easy job for a good mechanic, but rust had gotten the better of it, so was not worth it. I did know people that had them many years without rust issues however. Mine was originally kept by the seaside by its original owner, so that is interesting; most cars seem to rust in the salty air quicker than cars that have most of their lives further inland.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2021

1992 Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland




New alternator as it was overcharging the battery.

Some interior trim wear and tear.

Regular maintenance such as oil changes and new brakes/suspension when it needed them.

General Comments:

This vehicle was used privately before becoming a taxi later in life. It was in general good condition and taken care of as much as possible throughout its life.

Driving a Sierra is nothing special, but it is a comfortable and well equipped car. The 2.0 petrol engine accelerates adequately enough with some rear wheel slip if you put your foot down hard coming off roundabouts on a rainy day, which I made a habit of because it was fun. Naughty boy, I know. It was a popular sight on UK roads and used by many different drivers, some enthusiasts, some not.

Mine was light blue with a nice set of alloys and looked decent enough. Interior was dated looking even back then however, but it was logically laid out and comfortable.

Economy and reliability were its strong point. So simple to work on even the most inexperienced person with a Haynes manual could tackle major jobs on this car.

The rivalry between this car and Vauxhall's Cavalier still exists today in the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Vectra/Insignia. But back in the 80s and early 90s these two cars were always debated among motoring journalists and public alike as to which is best. After owning both I can comment there is very little in it and it comes down to what you prefer. Both are good reliable cars if you look after them, and I dare say that's the same of modern Fords and Vauxhalls as the years went on, no matter what you preferred.

In conclusion the only Sierras you will see on the road today are much cared for and sought after Cosworth models. Is it old enough yet however to be a called a classic by definition? Maybe not, but I remember a time when these cars seemed to be everywhere. Haven't seen one in years. I'd buy one if I saw an ordinary 1.8 or 2.0 model again though. Some may laugh, but those in the know respect it as a good car. After all, I'd get the last laugh, you can't fail to feel nostalgic for the simplicity of cars from this time period - remember to change the oil, timing belt, battery, at specified periods (most people forgot) - and it won't break down, period. Sorry I can't say the same about more modern cars which seem to be back and forth to the dealers with electronic glitches and injector problems, mostly on diesels I might add. I'm not going to deny modern cars have come a long way in terms of driveability and safety, but I still miss simpler times.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2016