1992 Ford Sierra TD 1.8 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A good all rounder before 100,000 miles


Alternator regulator pack failed, replaced whole alternator as commutator badly worn (£90).

Gearbox selector pin broke at around 90,000 (apparently common)

Clutch required replacing at 100,000 miles. Release bearing jamming meant difficult gear changes (may have lead to selector pin breakage above). The flywheel also needed machining due to clutch plate wear. Sounds costly, but actually only £140 including machining.

Engine became very smokey and required reconditioned injectors for MOT emissions test (£140 for four).

Front wheel bearing started rumbling at 105,000 miles.

General Comments:

Very robust up to about 100,000 miles, then bits start falling off or failing. The diesel engine is prone to oil leaks and hates starting in the morning. In cold weather it's even worse.

Also, look out for a blocked heater matrix, which you may not spot when buying in the summer!

On the up side, the 1.8 TD Sierra is quite fuel efficient and comfortable to drive. Don't expect to burn away from the lights though - it's sluggish from a start, but provides good torque from 20 mph all the way up to 90. Don't be afraid to rev the engine fairly high, as it's the only way to get the extra push from the turbo.

I quite like the hatchback as it has an impressive amount of room in the back when the rear seat is down.

Parts are very cheap and easy to come by.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2002

1992 Ford Sierra GLSi Sapphire 2.0L twin cam from UK and Ireland


A good all rounder


In 3 years nothing at all except brake pads and discs (once).

General Comments:

The best used car I have ever owned in 23 years of motoring. Also a very safe and ample towcar.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2001

1992 Ford Sierra LX 1.8 CVH from UK and Ireland


Cheap and nasty... big mistake


Water pump - first week.

Fuel pump.

Head gasket.

Stem seals.

Piston rings.. (oil control).


Brake drums, discs, pads and shoes.

Brake pipes.

Handbrake cable.

Petrol tank.

EEC module twice!!!

General Comments:

When it runs, it runs well, but when it don't, it really don't!!

I just want more reliability.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2001

28th May 2001, 16:59

Bought mine for 400 quid. Have done 36,000 miles since, and only had to replace clutch and a seized caliper. The car has now done 110,000. What you whinging about...

27th Sep 2002, 12:55

Have caravan 1.8 cvh 1992. It is noisy, but so far reliable (156 000 km). Spends oil at high revs, does not like high revs. Hard suspension, ABS responses far to premature. Bodywork good, not rusty, rear door squeeking at every bump.

1992 Ford Sierra GT Estate 2.0 from UK and Ireland


An estate car with excellent performance


Clutch unit failed, mechanical.

General Comments:

Seriously quick, handles well, one of the rarer models, bodywork still very, very good.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

7th Jan 2003, 13:57

This is one of the most exciting cars I have driven. Before I got my GT, I had a 318i automatic BMW. The BMW was a lot slower than the gt and also used more fuel.

1992 Ford Sierra LX 1.8 CVH from UK and Ireland


A comfortable, economical, indestructible workhorse


Rear light cluster suffered corrosion, cheap to fix.

1 battery.

Apart from tyres, exhausts (only on its third) and one set of shox at 75K, it's bombproof and still gives 40mpg when driven gently.

General Comments:

Dynamically prehistoric, but when you want to get from A to B in great comfort, with reliability and use little fuel it can't be beaten.

One of the last Fords (or any car) that you can easily service. Apart from cambelt changes it never saw a dealer from 36k to 148k, and I'm a mechanical dunce...

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Review Date: 13th February, 2001

12th Jan 2002, 06:14

I too still have my 1992 Sierra coming up to 100K and its still one of the most comfortable work horses around, mainly used for the weekly Tesco trip but still drives superbly even with half the store in the boot.

23rd Jul 2002, 11:36

My 1991 Sapphire 1.8LX has Just completed 132K and requires another battery. The duff battery is 5 years old now. Have had a maximum of 49.5 m.p.g. Great practical motor.

1992 Ford Sierra LX from UK and Ireland


Good value for money


Having not had a service since I got it, the car has done remarkably well needing only a complete new set of brakes, a water pump and 4 new tyres. Recently the car has started back firing and missing very badly for no apparent reason. Service next week should cure that.

General Comments:

Paid £2500 for it 2 years ago. Very quick for an 18 year old and only £100 more to insure too! It handles like a fish with the rear end swinging about in the wet. You have to become something of a rally driver to keep the thing on the road!

The engine rattles after 100,000 miles but that can be expected with the mileage and age.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2001