1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 from North America


A fast ride with the most powerful engine you could buy for 10 bucks


I had to replace the belt tensioner, but everything else works great.

My dog pooped on the carpet 8 times and it kind of smells, but speed makes up for the smell.

General Comments:

This is a sweet fast ride with a 3.0 that kicks. Throw in a supercharger and you got a Pinto.

If you like Porsche this is the car to go with. For 2500 dollars you can own a racing machine with pure muscle in a roaring 6 Cylinder.

The leather interior with integrated DVD system is great.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2003

2nd Dec 2003, 22:21

You've put less than 500 miles on it and the dog has already pooped in it 8 times? Maybe your driving makes him nervous?

3rd Dec 2003, 10:10

Hard to believe this "review" got approved. The writer seems to be incapable of expressing himself clearly, maybe he was overcome by dog poop fumes.

3rd Mar 2005, 18:44

This review is rather odd I must say.

1st Nov 2012, 13:38

If I "like Porsche" then I think I would get one, not an old Taurus.

1995 Ford Taurus LX from North America


Clunky gas-hog. Will never repeat,


Would not start. Dealer tuned up. Still wouldn't start. Brought it back. Replaced ignition wires. Still wouldn't start. Replaced air mass sensor and paid to have car reprogrammed. Big bucks. Guess what, still wouldn't start. Brought it back. Now they want to try replacing the fuel filter for 300-400 dollars. On and on, more and more.

Ford dealer milked us appointment after appointment. Adding hundreds, yes hundreds, of dollars for each problem until they finally got to the fuel pump. Got sick of them and went to a local repair shop, Ford dealership refused to order the part for 2 days.

Kept lying and saying they had and then admitting they had not the next day.

F.O.R.D. Fix or Repair Daily.

Cabin Poorly Designed for even a short driver. No Room for left foot. Big "hump there."

General Comments:

Google-searched the web and found this car notorious for fuel pump failures.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2003

15th Nov 2003, 23:26

Taurus's are not notorious for fuel pump failures. IT sounds like your dealer ripped you off big time more than your car failed you.

1995 Ford Taurus 3.0 from North America


Serendipitous - reliable, low-maintenance, powerful and handsome


The belt was worn down and squeaked very loudly. Inexpensive replacement.

The LED that lights up the knob for headlights died. It feels weird driving without it, as though something is missing... But I think I can go on.

Rear left blinker broke, but that was because I drove it into someone's van at night while it was foggy and raining. The van did not suffer.

I replaced the thermostat at some point, it was not reporting the temperature correctly and I was afraid of the engine messing up under bad conditions.

One of the rear lights is still dimmer than the other, and during the day looks like it is out, while in fact it is not. I have not been stopped yet, so I am in no hurry to fix it.

Front wheel bearings had to be replaced. (Tip: Buy your own wheel bearing instead of letting a repair shop order it.)

General Comments:

I was quite pessimistic when I first obtained the car. I got it for $250 because its transmission was very broken. I was under the impression that Tauruses were a 50/50 chance, i.e., people either loved them or hated them. My impression was wrong.

I would put about 400-800 miles on the car each weekend. I do not understand why other Taurus drivers are so commonly scared of using their Tauruses to the fullest potential on the highway. It is possible to cruise at tolerantly legal speeds on the highway and be where you want to be before everyone else. This counts if the destination is 174 miles away, as it was for me.

I also took it off-road to camp quite a few times. This means a rocky road where you do not dare go past 5 mph unless you own a truck or a Blazer. That meant about 20 minutes each way of the car bouncing back and forth on the confusing, painful, and scary dirt road. It survived without any damage, minus possibly branches scratching at the paint which is not something I care about.

As far as comfort - everything is great except I do not like how the seat hurts my back during long drives. I am not sure if the seats were built with slouching people in mind instead of me, but... One day I will just end up shoving a pillow under the car seat cover or something.

Another comfort issue - after getting used to my Escort, when I switched to the Taurus, I would get into the car, and hit my ear against the door. Very painful. But that was just from my stupidity. It happened only twice, and has not happened since I got used to the car.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2003