1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 from North America


Cheap, reliable car - buy it


Cheap plastic radiator gave out 3 months ago. that's it.

General Comments:

I have beat the crap out of this car as a salesmobile. that being said, it has been the most reliable ride I have ever had. it never screws up, breaks down or in any other way gives me problems. it is comfortable, quiet, and quick. nothing breaks.

Windshield seems a little fragile, and other ford owners seem to say the same thing.

Fuel door broke, but I can pry it open with a key. no biggee.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2003

19th Apr 2004, 09:47

Hey dude, got the same problem with the fuel door, and I was able to fix it with a part from the ford dealership for 8 dollars.. it's an easy fix. The old plastic latch unscrews and the new one screws in.

17th Sep 2006, 11:24

Yeah I've got the same fuel door problem 8 bucks sweet I love my Taurus it's got it's quirks. I'm getting ready to bleed the brakes hope this works.

1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.8 V6 from North America


All-around useful car with great performance


Sometimes runs poorly during cold weather.

Transmission shifts roughly after vehicle has carried heavy loads. This usually goes away after a few days.

Very difficult to change spark plugs on.

The car gets less efficient gas mileage when the air conditioner is operating.

Rear windows have ceased to function.

General Comments:

3.8 liter engine gives wonderful performance. It has more than necessary power, and can easily leave most other 4 and 6 cylinder cars in the dust. It is in fact sometimes to powerful, and you can easily spin the tires.

Car handles very well, and drives well over any terrain through any weather.

Interior is spacious. It could be larger, but it is plenty big enough for a family of 4 or 5.

The exterior of the car has a wonderful metallic green paint job, and the car has an overall smooth appearance.

Braking is wonderful, and I have avoided several accidents in heavy traffic thanks to anti-lock discs on all 4 wheels.

The car gets good gas mileage at all times unless the air conditioning is operating.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2003

7th Feb 2005, 11:48

I'm sad to disagree I had a 220 Horse Taurus, but my grandmas Bonny with 205 horses can easily out accelerate the Taurus.

17th Sep 2006, 23:35

I hope you are not referring to the Taurus SHO, depending upon the year those suckers crack out 220 hp and will smoke a n/a gm 3.8L in reverse.

17th Nov 2006, 23:05

Watch out for that 3.8, they're notorious for head gasket failures.

1995 Ford Taurus from North America


This car is a perfect example of Ford lowering the quality of it's parts to increase profit.


When a my grandma gave me this car the speedometer broke during the first drive home. It would bounce back and forth 10mph at a time so I never knew how fast I was actually going.

Gas gage only worked occasionally.

Cruise control went out after only a couple of uses.

Had to press lock/unlock on key-less entry otherwise it wouldn't start.

Large hole in muffler at 26,000 miles. (could have been shady mechanic)

Fuel pump went out at 50,000 miles. Wouldn't hold pressure, but would start if left alone for a couple days.

General Comments:

Stereo had weak bass. It was almost loud enough when maxed out, and I got used to the distortion after a while.

Based on the better part of a year that I drove this car I will honestly never buy another ford product. It was the worst car I ever had.

Car also has a tendency to lose control and hit guard rails and deer.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2003

24th Mar 2008, 01:40

I have the same car and the stereo bass was so bad, I replaced all the speakers and radio within a week.

25th Mar 2008, 10:50


"Car also has a tendency to lose control and hit guard rails and deer."

Are you sure it's the car and not the driver? One of them needs an adjustment.

18th May 2009, 10:19

It certainly must be terrible to own a car that "has a tendency to lose control and hit guardrails and deer".

It's also terrible to own a car that has a tendency to run out of gas when you forget to fill it, or won't stop if you don't apply the brakes...

One other thing - The reviewer won't ever "buy" another Ford.

Excuse me -he/she didn't "buy" this one - It was given to the reviewer by "grandma".