1995 Ford Taurus SE V6 from North America


A very dependable, and solid, sports car for the whole family


Water pump has been replaced (around 90,000 miles).

Transmission was replaced with a new one at 102,000 miles.

General Comments:

You can set my Ford on fire, roll it down a hill, and I still wouldn't trade it for a coupe de ville.. ;-)

This car has been through the ringer, and its still going. It's like the energizer bunny! I have driven it all over the eastern US and even though it has been totaled in an accident, I still trust it.

Takes the abuse and keeps going.

Lots of get up and go.

Handles like a sports car.

I just wish I could get this kind of quality and reliability in a van!

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Review Date: 1st April, 2003

1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 from North America


A reliable second car


We drove the car approximately 100,000 miles when it received it's first tune up on the engine. Prior to that we replaced the radiator at approximately 65,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is somewhat under powered for my liking, but performs adequately in city driving. Our car is fitted with the standard cloth bench seat with armrest. The seating is not conducive to long periods of travel. The car handles relatively well, but you experience every bump and dip in the road. We originally purchased the car as a second car and, overall, we are pleased with it. It has proved to be a reliable vehicle.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2003

1995 Ford Taurus LX 3.8L. V6 from North America


A cheap, reasonably reliable, good looking car!


$1,000 Cracked Head from 108,891 to 116,000.

$100 Alternator @ 117,000.

$20 Stabilizer Link Kit @ 115,500.

$150 actuator in ignition @ 112,000.

General Comments:

I am a HUGE Ford Taurus fan, This car is very fast, handle's well, and has great brakes!! I bought this car for $700.

With auto lights, windows, locks, mirrors, power antenna, power Sliding Sun-Roof, and everything else except leather, I think that this car will last me for a long time!!!

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Review Date: 11th January, 2003

1995 Ford Taurus LX 3.8 from North America


I'll Never buy another Ford again!


Front disk rotors warped and replaced a few weeks after purchase, but covered under warranty. Trans axle had to be replaced approximately 1,500 miles later, but covered under warranty. Radiator coolant reservoir tanks (cheap crimped on plastic) developed a leak around 40,000 miles and entire radiator had to be replaced only partially covered under warranty. Cylinder head gasket recall required both cylinder head gaskets be replaced. The engine has had numerous coolant leaks and seeps ever since. Air conditioner compressor started to short cycle due to freon leak which required 4 attempts by the dealer to repair at a cost of over $600. I recently had to pay over $400 to replace a broken motor mount and replace more coolant hoses and clamps that should have been properly replaced during the cylinder head gasket recall. Last week the windshield washer stopped working. The starter has an intermittent solenoid wire connection which causes the engine starter to go dead at the worst possible times. Changing the oil filter during oil changes is impossible to do without spilling oil all over the frame and making a huge mess. Changing spark plugs is nearly impossible short of lifting the engine or removing them from under the car which requires a lift.

General Comments:

This car has been the worst automobile I have ever purchased due to its poor reliability and frequent tendency to break and leave you stranded. The car looks nice and that interior is relatively comfortable, but looks can be deceiving.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003

24th Sep 2004, 08:22

I understand how ya feel. Last year I bought a 95 SE Taurus and the next week I needed shocks on it. then it ran a good 4 months and it needed new tires and then the transmission went out. I was so mad.

20th Mar 2005, 21:21

I purchased a '95 LX from a salvage auction last fall simply to get the tires and rims off it for my sons 99 SE. Grand price was 872 dollars CAN. It had damage too the sheet metal on the passenger fender and the hood. Needed another bumper. Car had 140 thousand KM's on it. Leather interior, power moon roof, old guy driven. Clean car. Started easily and no oil consumption to speak of yet. In 13,000 kms it has run fine as a highway car. No problems changing the spark plugs in my driveway at -20 degrees. Replaced the original exhaust for $250 and the rear struts for another $400 once again in my driveway. One thing puzzles me though is where the antifreeze is coming from when it is cold out and the car is warming up. Seem to be loosing about 4 oz off the driver side until it warms up and then the leak stops.