1995 Ford Taurus Wagon 3.8 V-6 from North America


Nice ride


Blew the head gasket in 2001, repaired by a recall (installed new long block), this recall applies to all 3.8 motors of this year. Can we say bad motor, very bad motor? Hope the replacement motor incorporates the changes they incorporated in the later years.

Dealership damaged the alternator connector when replacing the motor (now held together with tie wrap as the dealership will not admit to breaking the connector's retaining clip).

Air conditioner hoses damaged by mice, cost of repair over $500. Bad mice, Bad.

Front windows don't always stay in their track when rolling up at 60 - 70 MPH, slow down to roll up window or reach over and help guide it.

General Comments:

Difficult in parking lots due to the body contours making it difficult to judge bumper locations.

I would have expected any mechanical problems to have been worked out of this car as it was the last year of this body style.

Good ride and handling.

Very comfortable on trips.

Nice solid feeling.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2001

1995 Ford Taurus SHO 3.0 DOHC 24v V-6 from North America


A hot rod that baby seats fit into


Replaced starter.

Blown left rear brake caliper.

Crank position sensor failed.

Left headlight leaks.

General Comments:

Despite a few mechanical annoyances, I am in love with this car.

The Yamaha-built motor is a real jewel, and a great combination of power and smoothness.

It also handles reasonably well, and with a stock suspension, it is very comfy on long trips.

The interior is of reasonable quality and the comfort level is high.

And, of course, there is the fact that it is capable of 140 m.p.h, scalding acceleration, and can even be used by racing enthusiasts for amateur events, drag racing, etc.

All in all, I am very happy I bought the car, and hope to keep it to at least 200,000 miles.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2001

1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.0L Vulcan from North America


The Taurus is a great affordable vehicle


- Speedometer broke a couple weeks after I got it. The dealer fixed it, but broke the fuel gauge, but fixed that too.

- Only other problems have been with the body. All on the passenger side.

Door lock won't allow key to turn.

Rear passenger door handle bolt is broken, and the outer fuel cap won't lock down.

General Comments:

So far, the car has been very dependable.

I'm a big guy and the Taurus seems to be the smallest car that I fit comfortably in.

I love the style, the size, and the price.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2001

1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 V6 from North America


A comfortable, reliable, roomy, safe and respectable looking car


Drippy radiator at engine temps between cold and full operating temp since 25,000 miles.

Speedometer broke at 29,000 miles and again at 70,000.

Mirror refuses to remain on windshield (since 50,000).

New tires at 75,000.

Replaced rear brake pads at 80,000.

Yellow crusty film over the head lamp lenses that won't clean off (90,000; only makes lights slightly dimmer - who cares?)

Mysterious stalling when stop-and-go driving in temperatures over 100 degrees farenheit (dealer says the fuel is evaporating before arriving in the engine) at 95,000 miles.

Broken gas cover latch at 100,000 (again, who cares?)

Malfunctioning cruise control at 110,000.

Water pump is dying at 120,000.

General Comments:

Well, the honeymoon is over when the car has this many miles on it. I still love the car.

My mother-in-law has essentially the same car with similar replacements (she had the tranny replaced at 110,000 miles after not changing the fluid since new!).

I wish the car would be perfect, but considering the Taurus went for around $18-20k brand new and I got mine for under $14k, who can complain?!

In spite of the many criticisms I've seen on the web, I think this is a wonderful vehicle.

Great gas mileage for a V6 (24-27mpg city, 28-38mpg highway; no kidding!)

Handy for towing my small sailboat!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2001

1995 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 from North America


I like my Taurus, but...


Replaced transmission.

Fan motor.

Rear window motor.

All hoses within the first year.

Replaced all four tires.

All four brakes (shoes and rotors).

Cruise control.

Serpentine belt always loses the two outside grooves within a month.

Wire to the brake pedal (controls the lights and shifting out of park) continually severs, finally had Pep Boys remove the switch housing and connect the wires directly.

Mind you, I still haven't reached 100,000 miles yet...

General Comments:

Great when it works, but not the most reliable car overall.

It's more comfortable, handles better, and even gets better fuel economy than my previous cars (including a 2-door Skyhawk with a manual transmission and 2.0 L engine), but the number of major components that needed replacement nearly made me sell the thing in the first year. Some were not covered by warranty, and even those that were still stuck me with the deductibles, which add up... $50 is still money I could have used elsewhere.

Also, their service is shifty. One time I got my car back with the rear-view mirror on the front seat! They wouldn't even fix it on the spot - I had to go to SafeLite down the street, who gladly dropped everything and took two minutes to glue it back on, for free.

I haven't had anything major go wrong lately, but I'm nervous now that the warranty has expired... DO NOT PURCHASE A FORD WITHOUT THE EXTENDED WARRANTY, PERIOD - I guarantee it will pay for itself and then some.

As for newer models: my father has a brand-new Explorer that has already been to the shop to address the "check engine" light...

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Review Date: 30th November, 2000

21st Dec 2000, 11:38

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was wondering when this message was posted, or if you have had any trouble after you posted the message. I was wondering because my 1996 Ford Taurus reached the warranty limit and then the motor overheated and was ruined. I even had Ford's quick fix "bypass" kit put on the motor while it was under warranty. I was wondering if you also had the "bypass" kit put on your car, or if you took the car back for any warranty recalls. And if you haven't had any problems yet, you might want to take heed to this warning, the Ford 3.0L engine seems to be either great or a lemon. The head gaskets are notorious for going out and the engine sensors don't tell you your car is overheating. The engine just gets too hot and dies!

Please contact me at russelafrost@yahoo.com and give me some feedback about your car and what it has done to you so far!!

Thank you,


7th Feb 2005, 12:01

My 95 Taurus does the same when down shifting it feels worse though it feels like a semi hit you from behind into an intersection.