2004 Ford Taurus SES 3.0 Duratec 24v from North America


Solid, responsive, quiet, and a bargain


Noting has gone wrong with this car so far.

General Comments:

This is a great car. We also have a 1998 Taurus SE. The 2004 Taurus with the 24 valve duratec engine is plenty powerful. However, it is also smooth as glass. You can barely feel the transmisison shifts, but they are crisp and positive. My only gripe with the transmission is that it shifts from 1-2 too early for my taste. This may make it smooth, but if you are accelerating moderately (not hard, nor soft) it takes you out of the power-band too quickly.

The leather seats are comfortable, but I still think the seats in the 98 Taurus were softer and more cushy.

Road noise is significantly lower than in the 98. However tire noise is present. I think this is a function of the aggressive tread design and a less aggressive tires would end this issue, but create others you can imagine. Even so, it is not bothersome. On nice roads, the car is very quiet.

Overall, I think Ford has finally gotten everything right on the Taurus. It is fast, responsive, comfortable, secure, quiet, and good-looking. I think it is a shame that they have decided to end it and move to something else. All this and we got it for $13,500 with leather, 24v, cd changer, console, etc. What a deal.

I guess now we'll have to wait another ten years before they work out the issues with the next car thought to be a replacement. Oh, well.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

9th Mar 2006, 18:22

There is no better value right now with a used car just broke in, 10 to 20,000 miles, a 2004 or 2005, than a Ford Taurus, Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Sable, Mercury Grand Marquis. The American cars are much better built today than they were 20 to 25 years ago!

9th Mar 2006, 22:07

To the last post, You sir are now the funniest man in America. American cars being built better today??? now that is funny.

11th Mar 2006, 22:11

The Taurus has been built from 1986-2006. I have to admit the 2000-2006 models are built much better than any late 70s-early 80s Ford products. Last Taurus I drove was a 2000 SE model with the Vulcan 3.0 V6, a taxicab, with 154,000 miles on it. Only complaint was a jerky shift from reverse to drive with foot on brake. With no foot on brake, it shifted much smoother. The AC worked very well in 100-110 degree Dallas heat, and the car averaged 21mpg in mostly city driving with hours upon hours of idling with that AC blowing full tilt.

As for American cars in general being better today than 20-25 years ago, it's true. The late model cars I've driven are much better when used than the cars I drove when I was a kid. I'd much rather have a used Taurus now than a Torino or a Fairmont then. And as for foreign cars, I have owned 54 cars. 11 of those Japanese and only 3 of those Japanese cars were any better than the 40-some mostly GM/Chrysler American cars I had. They were two Datsuns and a Nissan. Worst 5 cars I ever owned were 2 Tercels, a Civic, a Celebrity, and a Cutlass Ciera. To be fair, the Celebrity was a $150 car with vandalism damage and the Ciera was a $200 car with a rod knock. The Tercels were $175 and $300 and both had blown head gaskets. All four got me around which is more than I can say for the $700 Civic which overheated in less than ten minutes on the drive home.

2004 Ford Taurus SES 3.0L from North America


Transmission needs work


Transmission has a huge lack of power with ac on.

Transmission also is slow from shifting from park to reverse or drive.

The cars radio the seek button has to be pushed multiple times to switch from one station.

General Comments:

The car seems to to be comfortable and pretty reliable.

It has a smooth ride.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2004

19th Apr 2005, 19:10

Speaking about transissons---The 2005 ford "500" Has a variable speed trans. -- similar to a snowmobile!!! Hope it works better than the split front axle on their pick ups years ago. Remember the light bulb add?---Ford got a better idea.

3rd Apr 2006, 14:53

I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SES. I've had nothing, but problems since purchasing it new. The transmission has been replaced 3 times, the front end has had major repair work 4 different times, the moon roof has been repaired for leaks 4 times - as has the windshield. I've had serious mechanical problems with this car since I purchased it, the problems still continue!!