1994 Ford Tempo 2.2 from North America


OK car


There is this rattling noise when in idle that stops on acceleration.

Driver's window doesn't work.

General Comments:

Not a bad car, just want to stop the rattling noise!!!

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2010

24th Jun 2010, 11:30

The rattling is one of two things:

Idle pulley mechanism, or catalytic converter.

Also, make sure the hood prop rod is secured. That happened on mine at times.

1994 Ford Tempo 2.3L from North America


Best car Ford has made, and they should bring it back!


Up until the last few years we have only had to do minor upkeep on our Tempo. It has been a very reliable car and we love it.

More recently we have had to have a new clutch, alternator, radiator, etc.

Our Tempo is still in pretty great shape. There is a rust hole in the front quarter panel. It is still easily fixable and we hope to get it taken care of soon.

General Comments:

This is one of the best cars we have ever had. It gets great gas mileage and we have no complaints about the car at all as far as style, comfort, reliability etc.

Our only question is that we just had to install a new caliper and because of how it went it damaged the brake pads and rotor.

When we got the new parts we were given a bad caliper and it damaged the new pads and rotor. The auto parts store replaced them, but we are trying to install them, and where the bottom bolt on the caliper goes in it was stripped - we think it may have had to do with the high heat that damaged the rotor and pads.

Is that the strut that it bolts in to?

Is that hard to replace at home?

Amy advice would be great as we need to get it done as it is our only transportation.


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Review Date: 1st August, 2009

1994 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 EFI x from North America


Can I marry my Tempo!


Had to replace my clutch and pressure plate @ 185000.

Replaced both front brake calipers and rotors @ 185000.

Lower passenger balljoint and control arm @ 190000.

Fuel Pressure regulater @ 195000.

All 4 struts @ 200000.

Had to replace back passenger wheel cylinder @ 205000.

Brake master cylinder @ 205000.

General Comments:

My '94 Tempo was my 2nd car I have owned... some may laugh on how I got my car.. Off eBay for a whole whopping $550.00.

I must say I love my car to death. When I had gotten my car it was in alright shape.. they guy who had it before me had slightly hit a deer with it; all I had to replace is a front passenger marker light, a easy $15.00 fix.

As listed above I've replace most of the suspension.

I have had a lot of brake problems, but I found out that was due to the brake master cylinder was shot.

But anyways to cut to the chase I have had some minor problems, but nothing I really couldn't handle, and you know what, I honestly wouldn't trade my Tempo for any car in the world, it's my baby... it got me home with no brakes at all.. that's from work which is 40 miles from home. Just goes to show the reliability of the TEMPO! :).

Before I end my ranting, I would like to point out to every one who thinks their fuel problem is the fuel pump, please go cheap first trying out a new fuel pressure regulator.. it could save you some bucks and head aces..

Also not if any one has any mechanical questions, I pretty much know the ins and outs of the 90-94 Tempos... just leave a comment on your question with a email.. or you can Email me @ FolcanOne@hotmail.com.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2008

1994 Ford Tempo GL from North America


It gets worse with age..


Car worked fine for four months, and I was happy with it.

At approximately 107,000 miles, the engine stalled out and would not start. Mechanic said the car was out of gas, even though the gas gauge showed 1/8 tank. Perhaps a bad gas gauge or poorly designed tank? Put gas in, car worked fine.

A month later, car wouldn't start after being parked for 45 min. I had plenty of gas. Left it there overnight and was able to start it the next day. Bad acceleration when driving to the mechanic. Replaced clutch bearing and pressure plate, fuel filter, got tune-up and oil change (~$900 parts and labor...yes, they ripped me off!).

~1500 miles later, car stalled repeatedly and eventually would not restart. After left overnight at mechanic, it started and ran just fine.

This happened consistently for the next three days, but mechanics couldn't find anything wrong with it because it would run fine by the time they got to it. Finally, Pep Boys got it to stall and said it was a bad fuel pump. They replaced the pump and flushed the fuel injection system (~$400).

About 5,000 miles after this repair, the engine hasn't stalled, but there were two occasions when it wouldn't start immediately.

Currently, it makes a whining sound when the fuel tank is less than 1/3 full. Screeching sound when shifting gears (presumably a problem with the belt). Engine makes a rattling sound, but I usually drown that out with music. AC is starting to go. Driver door locks itself as soon as I shut it, causing me to accidentally lock my keys in the car a few times.

General Comments:

Buying a 12-year-old, cheap car with over 100,000 miles is a gamble. I knew this when I bought the Tempo out of financial necessity. It may have been a great car in its earlier years, but at this point it looks like it's going to keep giving me problems.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2007

9th Sep 2007, 12:43

The rattling sound is your harmonic balancer. The noise will only get worse. Not too expensive to have fixed. A/C will need to be converted to R134. The whining noise could be related to the fuel pump. Running a car down to near empty causes a strain on the fuel pump. Tempos need a little love to keep happy, especially if the previous owner neglected maintenance. Overall, they are nice, dependable cars.