1994 Ford Tempo GL 2.2 from North America


While the Tempo is not the most luxurious or fast car, it is a great car at a great price


In short, nothing mechanical.

I did break a tie rod while jumping a meridian, but I mention this only to show the car's toughness.

Auto seatbelt jammed at 75000 miles, but it did jam in the "on" position.

I did not purchase a clear coat, so the paint faded.

General Comments:

This car has been great.

I paid 7999 for it new, and it has never been in the shop once.

Besides gas, the only expenditure has been brakes and tires. Brakes every 4 years, tires about the same.

This car loves the snow.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2004

1994 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 Gas from North America


Cheap to buy, but you get what you pay for


Right ball joint replaced at 190,000 km.

Oil pan Leak at 192,000 km.

Front rotors and pads replaced at 208,000 km.

Left ball joint replaced at 210,000 km.

Rear brake shoes needed replacing at 220,000 km.

Front wheel bearing needed replacing at 222,000 km.

Right ball joint needed replacing again at 226,000 km.

At the same time the rear main bearing seal was leaking. The oil pan was starting to leak again. I wasn't about to spend $500 to get them fixed.

The car tended to chug between 1800-2500 rpm, when cruising speed is reached.

General Comments:

I paid $800 for the car, but recently sold it because the cost of repairs were just getting too high.

This is an inexpensive car to buy, but because of the amount of repairs that I have had to make to this car, I would not recommend it to anyone else.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004

7th Mar 2004, 08:40

You certainly did get what you paid for. Do you honestly expect a used car you purchase for $800 to be free of troubles? I have owned 3 Tempos so far and all have been phenomenal! The bottom line is the Ford made a good car with the Tempo. If the first owners used it rough and didn't do all the maintenance they were supposed to, the next owners, such as yourself, are left with a burden. This is probably why you got it for $800.00. It is unfair for you to judge the car as if it were new, when you paid such a little price for it. Perhaps you SHOULD think of buying a Ford as your next car.

1994 Ford Tempo GL Fully Loaded 2.3 I-4 from North America


Great car for poor folks


Nothing at all.

I got the car new when I got on Social Security. It was a cheap car I could afford.

It is the only new car that I have ever had.

Today the car has 134,000 Miles on it and has had not one problem.

I have had the oil changed every 4000-miles and had the transmission serviced at 70,000-miles.

The car does have a small oil leak on the passanger side- (1-Quart every 4-months)

One power window has stopped working.. I am not going to fix because I don't need to roll the back right window down anyway.

General Comments:

Very Reliable car.

Chaep priced when new.

Lots of use.

Never died once.

Cheap to have serviced.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2004

16th Jun 2005, 19:58

Yes I agree with you, but since I live in the north these cars, Tempo's and Topaz, die of rust and not because of mechanical failure. Indestuctable motors and Trannys. Tried to blow a 6 cylinder Tempo...didn't work... had it floored for an hour and 40 min. in "Park". Before the rad blew and overheated. Can you say durable. Did leak oil from the main axle seal. pretty common though... one of the best cars I've owned. took a major beating and kept going.

11th Nov 2005, 21:35

I loved my 92 gl tempo as my dad gave it to me. but the last two weeks with it has not been fun. I have had starter problems, fuel pump relay problems and lost a lot of time from work as it now sits broken in my driveway. we get it fixed and started then it dies again so I am considering another car. anyone know how to fix the problem hate to give her up?