1994 Ford Tempo GL 4 Cylinder from North America


An economic choice


Nothing major has gone wrong with the tempo. I've replaces the brakes and the power steering pump blew last winter. Overall not too bad.

General Comments:

Well as great as it's been to me, I really dislike this car. I've added a K&N air filter, a tornado fuel saver and a flow-master exhaust (for fun) and it's still a dog. The poor acceleration scares me, I'm afraid to make left turns onto a busy street with out a stop light. The trunk space is pretty roomy, and at 18 years old I often cram 7 people in it. So I'm now looking for a sports car, but the Tempos been good to me.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2002

7th May 2007, 03:34

Did the Tornado Fuel Saver helped the way it's advertised?

1994 Ford Tempo from North America


I love this car!


There are no problems with my car.

General Comments:

I believe this is an awesome car. It is my first car that I ever owned.

My friends all thought that Ford cars were not very reliable, but when I gave them rides in it, they were very surprised at the pick-up it had!

I think this car is very comfortable also, I would sleep in it if it wasn't so snowy!

I've had this car for not even a whole year now, but it's been in the family since it was brand-new. (It was my grand-parent's)

They said nothing has ever gone wrong with it, and they babied it.

Well, I think this is a great starter car for anybody and I highly recommend it!

Not bad for a 16 year-old girl?

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Review Date: 8th February, 2002

23rd May 2002, 03:37

It's a great car, that has a bad rap. People bash on the Tempo/Topaz all the time; it breaks down, blah, blah. That's what happens when you drive it into the ground with no maintenance. Treat it right, and hell it could last 300k+ miles, and yes I've seen it too.

BTW, all people who love your Tempos, come to www.tempotopaz.com; all the info you could ever need.

1994 Ford Tempo GL 3.0 L V-6 from North America


Great value!


The A/C clutch let go when I first bought the car.

The only other problem was a high idle (intermittent while shifting).

General Comments:

The car has been very reliable so far and good value for the price.

The V-6 with a 5 speed gives it exceptional performance while still retaining good gas mileage. I just wish you could get some aftermarket performance parts for these cars, they deserve better!!!!

My car is a 2 door Sport model with the aluminum wheels (polished) and decklid spoiler. Add ons are driving lights, tinted windows, and a K&N cone filter.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2000

1994 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 HSC 4cyl from North America


A 100% reliable car, and it's fast!


Transmission mount, ignition cylinder.

Knew this car had these problems when I only paid $2500 for it!

Stupid deer hit it and now it has a '88 Topaz-sourced fender and '94 Tempo-sourced turning-light. Still drives good. Insurance was no help. Total cost of repairs: about $110. New (old?) fender is white and the rest of the car is blue.

General Comments:

GREAT CAR! I love this Tempo. It has gone 6800 miles and has never missed a beat. The tranny mount was replaced last night, cost $35 for the mount, $40 for the labor.

The ignition cylinder was more an annoyance than a real problem. Cost $40 for a new one, $10 for labor.

Other than that, oil changes and a minor tune-up and that's all for maintenance/repairs.

Installed a K&N filtercharger, helps out at higher speed acceleration (60-90, etc), 6-disk CD changer, driving lights, 15 inch rims from an Escort GT, performance tires, and two Kicker 8's and an amp.

Plan on new paint, nicer rims/tires, and new brakes.

So far, MUCH better than my Tercel, Sentra, Civic, Mazda truck, or even my '87 Taurus GL. Best car I have ever owned. It performs MUCH better than most people give it credit for. I've seen a few of them flying down the interstate, 90 mph+. I know mine can do that, and for the MPG it gets, it's not half bad. It's a fully loaded GL model, all power options but no V6 or tach. If you're thinking about one, GET IT! Make sure you have a mechanic check it out before you settle on any one car. I did, and it saved me from a few lemons and I ended up with this GREAT car.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2000

24th Feb 2001, 17:09

I would definitely have to disagree to your claim that a Tempo can be fast. I own a '90 and it is one of the slowest cars on the road. The Tempo will do 0-60 in about 13.5 seconds and who knows its top speed, because the speedo stops at 85, I'd guess around 110 (but that's probably overestimation). Now this is from the automatic (3 speed), which I see you also have, so anyone with an MT (5 speed) will be quite a bit faster considering the 2 more gears and better transmission of power through the MT. The Taurus you owned was faster than your Tempo (I know this for a fact since my folks have one, '93 wagon with the 3.0).

One last thing the only thing that the K&N air filter does is give you better gas mileage and maybe 1 or 2 hp which is unnoticable. To really make a diffrence you must increase the air flow in as well as the air flow out of the engine. Want to make more power? Try a cold air intake, exhaust manifold (if you can find one) and exhaust system (again if it could be found) which would make about 20-25hp bringing it to a whopping 110-115hp. There are much better cars to work on that are much more comfortable and reliable.