1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6L V8 from North America


It would be a great car if not for the transmission


The transmission was rebuilt right before I got it. And, it is already messing up on me.

When it starts up in the morning, It makes a whining noise.

The paint job looks like it's being ate away.

General Comments:

If it wasn't for the crappy ford transmission, It would be close to perfect.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003

1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.8L V8 from North America


Performance and comfort wrapped up in great value


The right clip on the glove box is broken preventing it from closing and causing the light to constantly burn.

The rear-view mirror is too heavy and falls off the glass periodically, requiring it to be constantly re-glued.

The bearings in the fan are wearing down causing it to make a constant, irritating whirring noise.

At 70,000 miles or so one side of the splash guard fell off and it broke in half.

The temperature dial can be pulled off.

General Comments:

For a car that weighs over 4000 pounds and provides only ~205 horsepower you certainly wouldn't expect much in the way of performance. However, the car won't leave you sweating your highway trips. When it comes time to pass or merge it picks up and maintains speed extremely well. It's no muscle car, but if you step on the gas you'll definitely feel it!

The handling is exceptional. The ride is plenty firm and makes spinning around the corners a lot of fun with minimal slippage and body roll. However, the ride is not so firm as to cause the ride to be harsh or uncomfortable an normal pavement. The ride can get a little unnerving on extending trips over rougher pavement, however. The seats are supportive and the cabin is roomy enough up front to accommodate any, but the tallest among us. Don't try to put anyone over the age of 5 in the back seat though, as there's just not much room.

The trunk is deceptive. Don't be fooled when you first look - it doesn't hold as much as you might think.

90's Thunderbirds are a good bargain. They don't cost a whole lot, but they provide plenty of power and comfort, and, as long as they're taken care of, will keep doing so for quite some time.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2002

18th Feb 2003, 20:02

If that's all that's wrong with the car, then it's fine. I've owned a 94 tbird since 97 and none of those things that you have broken are hardly from wear I'm sure. All the knobs can be pulled off of the dash, you have to get them off to fix other things or put in a new stereo or something at some point.

1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 from North America


A fun and sporty luxury car


Computer locked on the number 7 an 8 injectors full blast. resulting in computer needing to be replaced. And has damaged catalytic converter.

Headlight switch burned up and had to be replaced.

Headlights are yellowed and horribly to exspensive from Ford to replace.

Paint on moldings at top of windshield and to of rear window are peeling badly.

Brake rotors warp out within 5k of being turned. Have finally just given up on trying to correct that screw up, whatever the cause. This happend 3 times.

Transmission was replaced at about 100k. It is now also slipping sometimes on take offs when cold.

Steering rack is leaking.

Driver side window is sticking when motoring up or down.

Glove box latch broke.

Top lid of center console padding is peeling loose.

Rattle in rear of car interior.

Heater core leak.

General Comments:

Well I bought this car after owning a Ford Aerostar that I was very pleased with for the most part. when I purchased my T-Bird it had over 100k on it, but the interior and the general appearnce of the car were excellent. After driving it I fell in love with it. The car handles well althought it does ride a little rough. I find my T- Bird for the most part very comfortable and a great date car. Keep in mind it has almost 160k miles on it. The problems listed above are just some minor little fixes to me being I am a mechanic, however for someone who isn't in the automotive field this seems to me to be a car they may not wish to own.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2002