1997 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 OHC V8 from North America


Inexpensive yet pretty well designed


Not much has gone wrong with this car at all... Brakes were replaced recently, I pulled wheels and noticed that LH front brake pads wore much quicker than RH front brake pads...

General Comments:

When I first sat in this car the feeling was very nice. Nice cockpit feel and cloth seats are VERY cushiony and comfortable. When going from park to Drive, it takes a second for the transmission to lock into gear. This car is very responsive and handles well. Enough power to pass not enough to impress. Even with the V8 the car is very well muffled and extremely quiet during both city and freeway driving. My biggest fear with purchasing a ford is thier history of sub-par faulty transmissions. However; this one performs pretty well and shifts smoothly (knock on wood)

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Review Date: 31st August, 2005

1997 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 V8 from North America


The car looks and runs good, but has way too many electrical problems, last one I will own


The crank position sensor went bad at 54,000 miles. This problem cost me a small fortune in towing and troubleshooting costs. Every time the car wouldn't start I would have it towed to the dealer. Once at the dealership, the car would start right up. The problem wasn't solved until the car's 9th trip to the dealer!

Paint quality on car was "new" when I purchased the car. After three years of routine washing and detailing, paint condition was poor. Most of the factory clear coat had wore off of hood and roof. Paint looked flat/dull.

Took the car in for a routine brake job at 60,000. Repair shop said rotors were warped and needed replaced. Rotors could not be machined and needed to be replaced. New brakes and rotors for front and rear cost $550.00.

Interior of the car was excellent when first purchased. After about three years the airbag cover on the passengers side of vehicle began to warp and miss-shape. Drivers seat cushioning and support is poor on long trips.

The windshield wiper motor went bad at approximately 65,000 miles. The cost to repair was $350.00.

The fuel pump went out at approximately 68,000 miles. First symptom of problem was when the fuel gauge quit working properly. About 6 months later the pump went out on my way to work. The dealer had to remove the exhaust system and drive shaft in order to remove the fuel tank to replace pump. Cost for fuel pump replacement was $750.00.

Car continues to have electrical problems of an unknown nature. Dealers from three different states have not been able to solve problems. Currently the car will sometimes stop running as it is being driven down the road. Car will not restart and must be towed. Dealer can offer no help, only replaces sensors and shrugs off problems.

General Comments:

Overall, I would say that the styling of the car is great. I have had plenty of positive comments on the car and the engine has been super reliable.

The car is continually plagued with electrical problems and no one has been able to find the faults!! I have taken this car in for electrical problems close to 20 times, still no solid answers.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005

13th Aug 2006, 14:55

I am glad I came along your page. But the only problems I have had with mine is the front end squeaking (Which I fixed with a can of WD-40), and a minor electrical problem (Maybe only a short so I'm told). It will be fine for a while, and then when you are driving down the road, the battery meter goes up a bit although it's still in NORML range then flutters, and so do the head lights, and interior lights. I took it to a local shop, and they said that the battery and the alternator was fine... What do you think? Contact me at KellysMan51@Excite.com.