1997 Ford Thunderbird 2D LX V8 V8 from North America


Just a Mustang on a budget minus the hassles, but comes with a step up in practicality


The moonroof leaked uncontrollably.

Passenger power window control from the driver's side is extremely temperamental.

The trunk latch broke twice within my first three years of ownership (covered under warranty both times for free).

The rest of the car's issues have been regular maintenance. I have changed:

A. The tires once.

B. The battery once.

C. The spark plugs once.

D. The wipers twice.

E. The headlights once.

F. The taillights once.

G. The gasoline and oil, and.

H. The interior dome light once.

The T-Bird has never left me stranded to date.

General Comments:


The car is easily one of the sexiest out there.

Mine is loaded with every option except leather.

Fun to drive. It 'returns the favor when I turn the key'.


Handles curves like nothing else (in a good way). 10/10.

Acceleration is superb. 10/10.

The brakes are spongy but responsive. Stops could be shorter and do require planning. 8/10.

The turning radius is not too bad, but I have seen better. 7/10.

The ride is as smooth as pure water.

I only get 16 MPG. This is okay for a V8, but there are more efficient vehicles out there (been perfectly reliable, this is the only reason for a 8/10 in running costs).


The control stack and controls are straight forward. They are located well. 10/10.


The cloth front seats are easily the best in the business. 10/10.

The back is good on hip room for two, cramped for three, and leg room is lacking no matter what the configuration of the front seats is. The armrests on the side of the walls in the back seat are ingenious. 7/10.

The interior is warm and inviting, but it is 'boring'. 9/10.


The paint was applied evenly and still shines (red) eleven years later! But, it scratches too easily. 8/10.

The body is rust-free (northeast climate, no rust-proofs)! 10/10.

The interior plastics are entirely too hard and there is too much plastic inside the car. 2/10.


My Thunderbird is my favorite car. I have owned a Toyota Camry, Mercury Capri, Chrysler LeBaron, and Ford Taurus.

I love everything on the Thunderbird. It shows that Ford did a good job designing it. The few flaws that I find could have been easily remedied and do not detract from the overall vehicle. I will be looking to Ford when this car dies. At less than eighty thousand miles, however, I might have this car a decade or two more!

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Review Date: 1st November, 2008

29th Aug 2009, 20:11

I still have the joy of owning my T-Bird to this day. I now have 79600 miles on it.

The tachometer sometimes works; sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I won't worry about it since it has an automatic transmission.

The paint (red) is looking dull but it is twelve years old. The bumper got caved in when I hit a pole (BIG car!) and through off the headlight balance. It still works but rattles nonstop on the highway.

The headliner has some tears, but that is it.

The sunroof leaked so I got it sealed.

I still love my Thunderbird, and it still draws looks wherever I drive it.

27th Aug 2010, 23:36

I'm the original poster. It's been about a year since my last update and I'm back again. The Thunderbird has 84,800 miles on it. The interior is still in good condition, and all I have had to do is replace the serpentine belt and the ball joints. The Thunderbird is still fast and comfortable.

27th Aug 2011, 11:03


Another good year has come and gone in regards to the Thunderbird. I am now sitting at 92,000 miles. The Thunderbird is still my favorite car!

The interior is still intact, and the car itself is still FAST!

I am getting ready to get new tires, but the Thunderbird is still running!

From what I've seen, owners just don't maintain their vehicle. If they did, cars would last longer.

We'll see what another year brings!

1997 Ford Thunderbird LX Sport 4.6L supercharged from North America


Best car ever owned


When I first got the car in 2003, with 80k the intake manifold cracked, but it was replaced under recall by the dealer.

I had to replace a hub, but that was pretty cheap.

Nothing else has gone wrong with the car. just a few things here and there like with every car.

The door handle broke, but I had that replaced.

General Comments:

I was sick and tired of all the mustang and camaro boys wanting to race me and always beating me cause they are lighter, so I put in an 04 aluminum 4.6L engine and supercharged it... now its at 365 rwhp.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2007