1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


A lemon by all standards


Computer Failure.

Head Gasket blown at 63,000 miles.

Tailgate switch failed at 11,000 miles.

Driver's side window motor failed.

Wears out tires in less than 20,000 miles.

Transmission failed at 87,000 miles

Engine failed at 87,200 miles

Water pump failed at 90,000 and 110,000 miles.

Radiator failed at 112,000 miles.

Power steering pump threatening to fail.

Right rear brake light doesn't work because of a "computer problem" (~$1200)

Headlight lens have turned yellow and fogged causing replacement.

Up-shifting or downshifting in transmission is often with a loud "clunk"

Car now has loud rumbling noise from transmission (failing again?)

General Comments:

I purchased this vehicle new because of its amenities, low step-in height, and rumors of Ford's quality being much better than in the past. Had it not been for the extended warranty, we would have scrapped this lemon several years ago. To date I have spent $4000 out of pocket and the warranty company has spent more than $16,000 on this vehicle. This vehicle has no redeeming quality about it. It has poor mileage, poor performance, and poor reliability. I would have been willing to accept the problems had the dealing been willing to admit that the car had serious design defects. After replacing the engine, I went to drive the car out of the dealer parking lot and immediately felt there was a problem with the transmission. I drove around the block and back into the service department. Their response was "It was working fine when we finished with it..." I guess it broke in the 100 yards or so that it was driven.

A number of frame and front-end specialists have tried to adjust the suspension on this beast so that it doesn't wear out tires. The best tires I have found get to 19,000 miles before the steel in the tire sticks out. Ford dealership acknowledges that Windstars have a "slight" tire-wear problem.

As more an more door sensors fail, I have just been disabling them. The side door sensor requires 2 hours of labor to repair. (~250). Now the lights never go out inside the vehicle.

All in all this was a poor decision on my part to purchase this vehicle. I will never buy another Ford product. I wanted to buy domestic and this is what I got for it. I'm going back to Toyota and buying a replacement for this van. I have had my 20+ years of good service/products from them.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2003

1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 V6 from North America


I'm done with Fords after I sell this one


Head gasket blew at 108,400 miles.

Transmission seized at 122333 miles.

Replaced 2 brake calipers on right front and 1 one left front. I replace front brake pads at least 3 times a year.

Factory CD player works sometimes.

Right Windows motor replaced.

General Comments:

I have read some horror stories about Windstars. I totally agree that they are junk.

I discovered Amsoil synthetic motor oil and put it into this van when it had about 65000 miles on it. I replaced both the motor oil and transmission fluid. I believe that has contributed to the head gaskets and transmission lasting as long as they did.

There is still no excuse for the head gaskets or the transmission to have gone bad at that miliage. I just spent $2000 to have the transmission rebuilt.

My Lexus LS400 has 204000 miles on it. I service it just like I service the van and it's never had so much as an oil leak.

I am done with Fords. From now on, I will buy Toyota products only.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2003

1995 Ford Windstar GL 3.8L from North America


The 1995 Ford Windstar GL problems we've seen are just the tip of the Iceberg!!


Check Engine light on after 50 miles each trip.

Engine stalled causing wreck 94,500 miles.

Head gasket failed at 95,000 miles.

Engine replaced 95,000 miles.

Catalytic Converter's failed 114,000 miles.

Silicon tubes blew off EGR Exhaust pipe and burned the wiring harness and melted the plastic parts under hood causing a fire.

Rear lock motor failed.

Transmission "jerks" into and out of gear when it is shifting.

General Comments:

My 1995 Ford Windstar had no problems when I bought it, but it quickly developed some of the problems that Ford has designed into this Van.

The Check Engine light has always come on during trips, usually after about 2 hours or less of driving.

The engine started to act up at about 94,000 miles and died once as I was making a left at a stoplight. The oncoming truck did not have time to stop as it smashed into the rear of the Van.

Only 500 miles later the engine started blew the head gasket and was replaced by Ford for free.

Shortly after the engine was replaced the

Catalytic Converter stopped up (because of all the Anti-Freeze that came from the bad engine through the exhaust). I parked

The van for a year until Aftermarket Catalytic Converter's was available for it.

The stopped up Catalytic Converter's blew off the little silicon tubes that go to the Temperature Sensor for the E.G.R. valve, causing the Wiring harness and the plastic air intake to catch on fire.

Rear Door lock motor failed and I have replaced it.

This 1995 Ford Windstar GL is the last Ford I will ever own. I have been working on this van for the last 2 months trying to get it working again so I can sell it.

I will be so happy when it's not in my garage anymore. Good thing I'm a Mechanic


One last note... As a Mechanic I am telling you that Ford has designed this Van so poorly that when the Catalytic Converter's fail it WILL catch the Engine on fire!!! Just watch over the next year as all these vans with new engines start having the Catalytic Converter's stop up!! I just hope no one gets Killed by these Vans's...

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

21st Oct 2003, 16:14

Ford Windstars = Junk

1. 2 bad transmission$

2. Cracked Head Gasket$

3. Bad door sensor$

4. Bad window motor$

5. Engine surging - extremely dangerous.

6. Faulty management computers $

Fords response = Too Bad for you.

My response = Ford just made me a Nissian/Toyota shopper. I make it a habit to tell as many people I can daily how bad Ford is.