1995 Ford Windstar from North America


This car is nothing but a constant problem and would never buy a Ford product as long as I live


Rear window defogger never worked.

Transmission failed at 75000.

Head gasket failed at 92000.

ABS brakes alarm light came on at 80000, 83000, 85000

90000, 93000, 99000.

Engine operating at high tempeture and low tempeture, 30000.

Tire ware was normal.

Replaced 3 oxygen sensors 35,000.

Water pump failed at 38000.

General Comments:

The rear window defogger never worked in this car do to a broken wire in the rear window defogger.

Auto Transmission started shifting into gear hard upon purchase. Auto dealer said there was no problem with the transmission, but agreed to change the oil. The transmission failed at 75000 miles. Cost is about $4000 to replace.

Ford will not warranty this problem. The extended warranty purchased with the Winstar will not pay for replacement, due to the fact that I did not save the reciept for the transmission oil changes that were done at recommended intervals.

Head gasket failed, and the engine was replaced with a short block, at 92000 miles. Head gasket failed again, at 3000 miles on new rebuilt short block installed and rebuilt for Ford Motor Company. New replacement engine gets terrible fuel millage, and the local Ford dealer wants $90 to annalise the problem with the engine, that they rebuilt and installed.

ABS brake system has been nothing but problems. The brake ABS warning light has been coming on at regular intervales. The sensors have been the problem and was repalced under the extended warranty.

When this car was purchased the dealer was notified that the engine tempeture was operating all over the place. The dealer claimed that the sensor was bad and repalced it. This continued to be a problem so they then decided that it was the tempeture gauge. The gauge was not the problem at all, but a lose wire that I found on the sending unit.

Oxygen sensors turned out to be a problem on a trip across country at 35000 miles and was repalced under the extended warranty.

The Water Pump failed at 38000 miles and was replaced under the extended warranty.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2002

29th May 2003, 14:33

The ABS alarm continues to go on and off. It used to be more off than on. Now it is more on than off. There are other Windstar owners who indicated that after several diagnostic work-up on the Windstar nothing wrong is found and the only solution that worked was to change the ABS sensors. To me, this is an inherent defect in the ABS sensor that only Ford Motors can correct!

This ABS sensor should be replaced through a recall.


Manuel H. Moraleda, M.D.

E-mail address: manuelhmoraleda@att.net.

9th Jul 2003, 07:22

I am frustrated with my 1995 Ford Windstar. I purchased it from a company that used it as a company car. The engine was replaced by a Ford dealership. There are only 67,000 miles on the new engine. The head gasket went out at 66,000 miles; it was fixed. Check engine light came back on a week later; had oxygen sensors replaced. Check engine light came back on one day later; replaced radiator. Check engine light came back on. Now they tell me its the water pump. I almost forgot to mention: the ABS light is on. Also, I've replaced the motor for the passenger window, now the control will only work to lower the window, not to close it. The control for the back windows work to open the windows, but when you want the windows to close, you have to press the buttons for several days and they finally close. The electric locks are sticking and it takes about four tries to unlock all the doors. Where does it end???


24th Oct 2004, 17:48

I too own a 1995 ford Windstar. Its been nothing, but headaches from the beginning. I have gone thru 2 transmissions. a rebuilt engine, problems with the ABS light going on and to add insult to injury, I can't get the brake pressure to built up. I have bled the brakes and nothing the petal goes right to the floor. If anyone can help me with this problem please email me at Queenamongfrogs@aol.com. thank you.

15th Feb 2006, 15:08

I have bought a 1995 fordwindstar and have a problem with an oil light any 1 know what the heck is going on?

1995 Ford Windstar LX from North America


You couldn't GIVE me another Ford


The air conditioning went at 70,000. Ford wanted to replace the compressor and the evaporator at the tune of $1200. I took it for a second opinion and found that the evaporator had a very small leak, so I have had Freon added on two different occasions at less than $20 each time.

The head gasket blew at 90,000. Ford did fix it under warranty. Luckily, my mechanic knew about the warranty and sent me on my way to the Ford dealership.

The ABS light stays on and has been on since 45,000. The ABS system still works, I refuse to pay $250 for a sensor.

The alternator and compressor was replaced at 100,000 miles.

It's in the shop right now with a check engine light, no air conditioning and raw fuel being blown through the engine. We suspect a stuck fuel injector.

General Comments:

I am a very gentle driver. I take scrupulous care of my vehicles and I have owned Fords since I was 17 years old, I am now 44. I purchased the Windstar for the room and comfort of a mini-van and I owned a Dodge Caravan at one time. The problems with the Dodge were minimal and it was very comfortable. I should have bought another one instead of the Windstar. The cost in dollars of owning the Windstar is disturbing, but not as much as the un-reliability. I am a single mother with two children under 12 years old and my biggest fear is being stuck out on the road somewhere with them.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

1st Jan 2005, 14:48

Save your money, the 1995 Ford Windstar is a lemon. This car will continue to take your money. You will blow the head gasket again. My Windstar blew 3 head gaskets, and 1 transmission. It needs a new engine right now.