1995 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 Liter V6 from North America


A real let down after years of faithful service


Master cylinder failed and one of front brake calipers failed at about 60,000.

Passenger power window failed at about 95,000.

Head gasket failed with no warning until the day the engine was destroyed. Occurred at 100,600 miles and 7 1/2 years. Ford will not extend the warranty or do anything. The car was running a bit rough in very cold weather after a snow storm the previous day. Temperature gage showed car still cold after running 4 miles then when on a limited access highway, the temperature gauge went to hot. No check engine light or any other indication. At first exit (about 1 mile) pulled into a place to call. Noticed light grey vapor from exhaust. Stopped engine, waited for it to cool. Would not restart.

Towed to service station, which stated head gasket had blown and coolant was in engine. Dealer said that anything other than replacing engine was high risk because coolant probably damaged bearings. Cost to replace with re-manufactured engine: $4800 (Maryland) which is Kelley Blue Book wholesale value. We will probably junk it.

At about 70,000 miles, car failed to start twice. Replace starter solenoid and harness.

General Comments:

Up until the gasket failure, the car was basically old faithful. I expected some problems as it aged, but not an engine replacement. Ford's unwillingness to make any concession for being just over 100,000 miles doesn't make me want to buy another car from them.

Car is roomy, and powerful. Mileage on trips was about 26, but in town less than 20. Seemed good compared to today's cars.

Rear and middle seats are a bear to remove and the rear one stays in the basement.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2002

1995 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


Fix or repair daily - don't get a Windstar


Head gasket blew @ 101,000

Power window doesn't work

Vehicle speed sensor

Change brakes every few months.

General Comments:

After the head gasket blew on our Taurus, we decided to try Ford again and purchased a used Windstar. We had the vehicle 6 months when the head gasket blew. The vehicle was 1000 miles over the warranty period and Ford would do nothing for us. The dealer was worthless and customer service at Ford was horrible. We had no idea about the recall or we would have had it in to be replaced because we drive a lot of miles. Repair by a mechanic friend was over $1,000.

Power window quit working 2 months into having the van - still haven't been able to get that fixed - the part has been out of stock at the vendor - apparently because everyone else is having the same problem.

Now we have to replace the vehicle speed sensor. The check engine light came on and that was what the code said was the problem. The vehicle just shifts into a lower speed as you are driving down the road. Also having a problem with pick-up when trying to accelerate. Apparently we have to remove the exhaust system to get to the sensor.

Just replaced the brakes for the 4th time today. Going to try the carbon metallic pads instead of the semi-metallic pads. Hope that will make a difference.

Luckily I work for an auto parts store now and can get a discount on the parts. But I see a lot of Windstar owners at my job and at least half have had head gasket problems, and they are coming in because the check engine light is on...

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Review Date: 6th October, 2002

1st Jan 2005, 14:45

I own a 1995 Ford Windstar. I bought it knew in 1995. I have replaced the engine 3x, the transmission 1x. The vehicle started to have problems after 50,000 miles. The dealer replaced the engine 2x, I paid the 3rd time. The vehicle has several recalls. You cannot expect things to get better, even after repairs. Check engine every 11 months, just before 12 mos warranty expires.