1995 Ford Windstar GL V6 3.8 from North America


With creativity, you could turn it into a swimming pool!


Transmission started slipping the day after we bought it. It even left me stranded at stop signs. They replaced it once under the dealership warranty. Then the other two times Ford replaced under the 100,000 mile warranty. That's right, 3 transmissions since we have owned it. We are now looking at another transmission replacement soon. It doesn't want to shift at all and the torque converter is slipping real bad.

Before the 100,000 mile no return mark, the engine was also replaced.

The head gasket was replaced right along with all of this.

Not to mention, the brain went too. $250 out of pocket cost.

We seem to always receive a recall of some sort on the van. Most recently a brake line corrosion problem. I'm to the point that I quit taking it in for them. The van already has so many problems that it doesn't even matter anymore!

Most recently we have had problems with the electrical end of things. The switches in the automatic lock system started going off. They didn't even stop clinking when the door was shut. I had to pull the fuse to make them stop. When the same fuse was put back in a few days later, it was fine. The light wanted to stay on a few times, even with all of the doors shut.

The tie rod ends had to be replaced to stop the annoying creaking noise it would make on left hand turns.

Air conditioner quit working years ago.

Our Ford dealer has had the van in for repairs for a longer amount of time then we have had out for driving.

General Comments:

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. The only offer you should accept is if you inherit it. Then don't even drive it. Sell it out for parts because there are many of us who need them.

If you are creative, you could weld the doors and windows air tight and cut off the top. Take the seats out and "POOF" you have a swimming pool!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2004

1st Jun 2005, 19:03

I too had a '95 Windstar: worst car I've ever owned!

P.S. I like that swimming pool idea!

1995 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 Liter from North America


Very poor engineering, quality and backing of product by Ford


The parking brake has never worked. We took it to the dealers so many times I gave up, it still doesn't work today.

At about 28,000 miles there was a strange sound coming from the transmission area. I took it to the dealer numerous times, but they found no problems. At 40,000 miles the transmission failed - just out of warranty.

At 103,000 miles the head gasket failed, just past the 100,000 mile recall.

Today the transmission is failing again.

General Comments:

I have had a very poor experience with two dealerships with the problems above. Example: I heard a clicking noise from the front right wheel, they said it was the brakes. (They only had 5000 miles on the latest brake job). I picked up the car, started to drive off the lot, same noise, ends up the wheel had a crack in it. I asked to see my old brake pads (I knew they were still good after finding the real problem) They wouldn't give them to me.

I now take my cars to private auto shops, they are less expensive and do better work.

Point to make on the van as a whole - quality is not job one after reading some other comments, I am obviously not a lone. As I have talked around with fellow drivers and mechanics - Ford has a reputation for having poor transmissions. They need to fix it.

My previous car was a Toyota Tercel, it was totaled when someone ran a light, it had 146,000 miles on it and all I ever did was change the oil and fill it up.

My next car - not Ford.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2004