1992 Geo Metro LSi 3door 1.0L 3 cylinder petrol from North America


A budget car with a lot of bonuses


Very little, only things that would be expected to replace at such a mileage and regular servicing done by self and local Mechanic for the really hard stuff.

Muffler at 279,000km,

Drive shafts 300,100kms,

A/C re-gas at 245,333kms,

Front Wheel bearings at 286,455kms.

General Comments:

Fantastic car in terms of reliability, and fuel economy. Build quality is pretty good too especially for the $9,000 price tag. I know its essentially a worked over Suzuki Swift, probably why it gives so little trouble compared to GMC's other offerings.

I've probably serviced this car very religiously compared to other owners so its components have lasted a long time. Also have always run it on Premium unleaded, it really helps power, cold starting and increases mileage per tank. Done more maintenance than manual requires and much more involved, using quality fluids and greases.

The 1.0L 3cylinder SOHC 8 valve engine fed by a single small carburettor won't win you any prizes at your local drag-strip, but it was never meant for that and used with the 5spd transmission and run on premium unleaded it gives quite spritely performance as it weighs so little. I'm not sure I'd ever want this car with an automatic and it does require you to turn the air conditioning off if you want the whole of the engine's power.

Handling is best described as zippy, the steering has pretty good feel, maybe a little indirect, but light with no need for power steering. Zip in and out of City traffic with this it'll even handle dirt roads.

This car is quite content to sit at freeway speeds for a long time and is surprisingly comfortable for one on long trips. Possibly due to the car's light flywheel and small engine the car does tend to lose speed on freeway inclines so more accelerator pressure is needed.

This car will handle to occupants quite well and 5 if you like sardine conditions. Personally I removed the back seat for more cargo space since I use my other car for more than 2 people.

I've used it to haul all kinds of awkward loads, big suitcases, lengths of wood, bricks. I've probably accidentally overloaded it once or twice, but it still seems okay.

The car is surprisingly durable and versatile not just a commuter car it's a car for a multitude of uses.

It will need new Brake rotors soon and springs/shocks. But for the mileage its given this was to be expected.

It's a pity that GMC dropped this car from their Geo line up, so I'll probably end up buying an equivalent Suzuki or Daihatsu when this car finally dies.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2002

24th Aug 2002, 18:49

I agree with the gas miles and just about everything else you said. I have a 1990 Geo storm. I am just getting use to driving a 5 speed. I really like the speed the Geo storm puts out. I am just waiting for the police to catch me speeding. I enjoy the car a lot. it has a lot of miles though. (185,000) Your just about right on the space for passengers, yet it has great room for luggage. I am glad your car works good for you!


1992 Geo Metro LSi Convertible 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


Small wonder from Geo


1) Driver's side interior door handle snapped off.

2) Dash cracked.

3) Exhaust has came loose twice.

4) Windows are coming off track.

General Comments:

The Metro is a very reliable car, it has never failed to start. I do wish that the interior pieces were made a little better, but I guess all cars in that class are like that after awhile. The little car has no power at all, I don't mind though because it gets excellent gas mileage. I wonder how much longer the little car is going to go, it doesn't use any oil, but the car is losing power. I imagine though that a 3 cylinder engine isn't going to stay strong forever. The top down is a fun option in the fall or spring, the a/c takes awhile to cool down in the dead of summer. I've driven the later year model Metros 95-97 and they are a great improvement over these early models.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002