1993 Geo Metro Convertible 1.0 (3 cylinder) from North America


Fun. Poor man's sports car


The trunk lid needed adjustment to latch properly.

The rag top leaks when it rains however, as the manual explains, "this is normal."

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car!

When I turned 50 a couple of years ago, I decided to buy myself a "fun" little car with a convertible top to putts around in on the weekends.

I bought used Geo Metro Convertible at a dealer's lot for under $4,000. It had low miles for 1993, air conditioning and a 5 speed manual transmission. I added electric windows and CD player.

Two months later I got back in my "real" car, a late model Honda Accord EX, and found it to be uncomfortably big and ostentatious. I drove it to the dealer and traded it for a used Del Sol which is similar to the Geo Convertible except that it doesn't feel junky, doesn't leak when it rains, is faster, quieter and corners better.

I still prefer to drive the Geo, though, when it isn't raining or snowing.

That 3 cylinder engine frequently hits 5500 rpm as it competes to accelerate along with it's boring, gas guzzling peers out there, but it still pulls down a dependable 40mpg. It cruises on the highway at 80mph without complaint.

(I once drove it consevatively for 200 miles and got 55mpg)

This may not be the ideal car to transport large numbers of passengers or show off how rich ya are, but if you're thinking about getting something that is gas efficient, loyal, easy to park and fun to drive, this is it. ;-)

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Review Date: 27th August, 2002

24th Jun 2006, 16:29

I sure wish they still made these. It is almost exactly what I am looking for. The Metro or the Del Sol. Fun, fuel efficient, inexpensive, and FUN.

3rd Aug 2006, 20:16

Hey -

I just bought a '93 Metro Convertible for my 48th birthday.

It is red, or was. No dents, a solid roof that has only leaked at I95 speeds and in the car wash. Some Nu Shine and a $1000 quote from Maaco for a paint job made me very satisfied with the existing paint. I only paid $1374. for it from a huge dealer that I think took it on trade by mistake and wanted to turn it quick. They delivered it to my home 45 miles away. But they threw in a tank of gas, which lasted two weeks in stop and go traffic.

Best thing about it is that from inside I feel like I could be driving a Miata.

Only negative is the A/C can't keep up with the Florida summer. I got a reflective windshield cover to cool it down and that really seems to help, but golly, it sure is hard to see around it to drive. ;-)

My wife and I already have two coupes. She has a white, 93, 3 Cyl, 5 speed. On the road she has hit 59 mpg. We bought it new and it now has 250,000 miles on it.

My '95 LSI was purchased in 1996. It was a one-owner vehicle I bought from Auto-Nation. Later I learned the one owner was Avis Rentals. At least the oil was changed frequently.

At the time I travelled throughout Florida for work, putting 5,000 per month on it. Today my daughter uses it at college and it just turned 325,000 miles.

We could have gone to the moon and back in these little critters. They truly under promised and over delivered.


1993 Geo Metro LSi 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


Great little runabout


The automatic transmission will not shift until it has been driven for about 30 minutes.

General Comments:

Has anyone else had this problem?

How did you fix it?


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Review Date: 3rd August, 2002

5th Apr 2010, 18:34

How do you drive it for 30 minutes, if the transmission won't work?