1994 Geo Metro XFI 1.4L V3 Suzuki from North America


Ultimate economic value


Oil gasket began to leak at 60,000 miles after I drove the Al-can hwy.

Alternator had to be replaced at 80,000 miles after freezing up at -40 degrees.

Automatic door locking mechanism shorted out in an ice storm, but I never liked that feature anyway.

Driver's door window guide broke and no longer properly seats the window when it is rolled down and then up again. A result of repeatedly shutting the door with the window down. (6 months rural route paper delivery)

Replaced timing belt at 85000 miles.

Replaced headlights at 90000 miles.

Picks up a lot of static electricity and can generate a nasty shock after only a short drive in dry climates.

General Comments:

This car has been a perfect car for a struggling college student.

It got 50 city/60 highway mpg when I bought it, and now gets 45 city/53 highway mpg.

Liability insurance only costs me $20/month.

This car is very reliable and tough. I made weekly trips from Seattle, WA to Moscow, ID from 1998-2000, and since then I have made 4 cross country trips from Ft. Lewis, WA to Ft. Irwin, CA to Ft. Wainwright, AK to Ft Benning, GA to Ft. Knox KY, and back to Ft. Lewis. I have abused it in California's desert, Alaska's tundra, Georgia and Kentucky's mud, and Washington's rain. It has met every challenge.

I could not have bought a better vehicle, and despite the laughs I get when I get passed on hills, the laugh is on them when they have to stop for gas. I once made the trip from Moscow to Seattle without a single gas stop on only 10 gallons.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2003

1994 Geo Metro XFi 1.0 3 Cylinder Gas from North America


They need to make these AGAIN!!! :)


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. Anything that has been replaced is normal maintenance (i.e:Timing belt at 60000 miles, spark plugs, oil, coolant and the distributor cap and rotor and wires at their recommended intervals)

General Comments:

First off, the car is not the fastest car on the planet. I drive from light to light and I typically am faster than traffic, yet I still get 45+MPG. Out on the open road cruising above 70MPH is not an issue, on really steep hills in high altitude the car does need to shift down to 4th and it will still hold 60-65MPH. It will go 100MPH on flat ground if you dare. And even with going over the speed limit, you'll get 50+ on the open road.

The seats feel a little firm after about 2 hours.

The suspension is somewhat stiff and harsh, but you definitely feel safe and secure while driving it.

The car is a very reliable car, nothing has failed on me, and it will give you plenty of warning before something finally goes, like a spark plug, it's a very forgiving car. Like a good pet.

Driving is a no brainer, it makes tons of bottom end torque pretty quick which makes it easy to drive, stop and go, or in use as any other type of vehicle.

Its incredibly tough, I launched the car off of a nice size berm, maybe 3 feet of air, nothing broke or bent. I drove it into a 2 foot ditch, nothing broke or bent, I did scratch a fender, but what do you expect. I actually submerged the front of the car in soupy mud, completely over the hood and about 2 inches onto the windshield. I had to crawl out the hatch I was so deep (my doors couldn't open). I was smart enough to turn off the car as soon as the mud started coming over the hood, I got pulled out of the mud, and it took maybe 20 seconds to start again. Runs great still.

If you want the absolute cheapest vehicle to drive this is it. No problems, its fast and tough for what it is, and just plain reliable.

It will do OK burnouts.

I have owned a Volvo 164 E, a Toyota Pickup and a Chevy 1 ton truck, this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have worked for an Air conditioning repair man, and this is the most "attached to the road" car I have ever driven. Even my moms new Volvo and my Dad's new Ford pickup aren't as reliable or as nice to drive.

With the economy going down hill still, I'd say this is the vehicle of choice, drive it, park it or take it anywhere and never worry about it.

The performance is average, not super fast, but not slow.

The dependability is superb.

The comfort a little stiff.

The value is awesome.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2003

25th Mar 2005, 15:39

I have one of these vehicles I agree with you it is a great little car.

20th Oct 2008, 09:09

It sounds like you are using your Metro in Motocross races!

The engine IS smaller than many motorcycles and I guess being able to knock motorcycles out of the way is a plus!

Kidding aside, this IS a great little car! IF it were being sold today I have no doubt they would have a 1 year or more waiting list by now. Low price, killer MPG and even reliable! I guess we can all see why Detroit killed this car... It goes against their auto standards...:-)

Just my .02 cents.