1994 Geo Metro XFi 1.0L Suzuki G10 3-cylinder from North America


Reliable, a true endurance champ


The car is dangerous to drive over 70mph. The 12 inch tires improve gas mileage, but the handling becomes very difficult. When the tires warm up it will be easier to drive, but still difficult near semi-trucks and crosswinds.

Most other vehicles will ignore you, especially trucks in rural areas. There's very little respect for the car, so fender benders are common. I've had trucks veer toward my lane when I drive the Metro, but that rarely happens when I drive my Dodge cargo van. Unfortunately driving smaller vehicles, especially in hicktown USA, is still an offense punishable by death.

Flaws from a mechanical standpoint include the following: don't activate the wipers when frozen in ice, or else a tiny plastic ball-bearing holder breaks and the entire $180 wiper assembly must be replaced.

On the standard/manual transmissions the input shaft oil seal is a design flaw which may cause clutch slipping, so check for transmission oil leaks above 100,000 miles.

The timing belt must also be checked and replaced at regular 60,000 mile intervals. A broken timing belt will mean a ruined engine, so this is vital.

General Comments:

An extremely reliable car. I gave it the usual tune-ups and oil changes every 2500 miles. The only time I had big trouble was when the clutch gave out, at 130,000 miles. Even after the clutch wore I could still get up to 40mph and limp places, until the clutch was fixed.

Everything lasted over 100,000 miles. The radiator wore out around 110,000 miles (I've heard spraying it regularly with baking soda will help it last longer, due to bug acids being neutralized). The brakes lasted to 112,000 miles, and the exhaust system made it to 140,000 miles. The catalytic converter almost certainly would've lasted longer, except I never replaced my oxygen sensor at regular intervals.

I own the 3-cylinder, which gives adequate power with great mileage. However, because the car is so light, the 4-cylinder manual transmission can give this car some serious zip.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2001

10th Sep 2002, 18:13

I have owned a couple of older metro's and have found them to be a great little commuter car. The weakest parts I have found are the gears in the manual trans., and the tendency to burn valves in the head. The motor is fun to work on and there is plenty of room to get at everything.

If you are looking for an affordable car to get you from point A to point B, and you don't mind driving in a very small car, this is the car for you.

1994 Geo Metro XFi 1.0 from North America


An overall great, dependable car


Nothing has gone wrong with my car.

General Comments:

This car handles well for a small car.

It gets great gas mileage.

I once got 54 miles per gallon.

It is great in the city for it is easy to park and get in and out of traffic.

It is pretty comfortable for rides up to a hour long, but could be a little uncomfortable on long drives.

It has a decent ride on the highway and can hold 65 pretty well for having a 3 cylinder engine.

I would definitely recommend this car for a person who wants great gas mileage, very low maintenance, and a car that will last forever (as long as you take care of it).

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Review Date: 24th June, 2001

1994 Geo Metro XFi 1.0L from North America


The best car I have ever owned


Nothing. I have only had to replace brake pads, battery, and belts.

General Comments:

I bought this car near Palm Springs, Ca. and drove it in 100+ temps it's first year and a half. Then I moved to north Idaho, where I have ran it in temps as low as -10f.

It has never failed me once.

The original Delco battery even lasted me 6 years.

I will keep this car until it turns to a rust pile!

My daughter wants to drive it when she gets her license next year, so I may have to get another Metro for me, or her.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2001

12th Aug 2002, 20:44

I totally agree with your diagnosis. I have had offers on my car, including the dealership where I bought it. I am planning to keep my Geo until my son turns 16 as it is just the best car to drive. I also plan to keep mine until it rusts or falls apart.

18th Sep 2002, 21:48

My 1994 Geo has made it through Canadian winters and hot summers. I have replaced the brakes once. I will never sell my car and will drive it until it refuses to start.

5th Sep 2003, 10:38

I completely agree with the previous reviewers. I bought my 1994 Geo Metro new and it has has lasted through cold Minnesota winters, equally hot summers, and never given me a problem. The odometer currently reads 175,000 miles with no signs of stopping. Especially with escalating automobile prices, repair costs to this beautifully simple little car consistently undercut any other I've seen or heard about (though mostly from my father and his worrisome Buick). Agreeing with others again, I will drive this till there is simply nothing left.