1995 Geo Prizm from North America


Great car, serves well!


Interior lights failed.

Replaced starter.

Replaced Axel.

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable with only minor repairs.

There were some issues with the interior & dome lights, they eventually just stopped working.

A lovely car that I was proud to own! The engine still sounds as quiet as it was the day I bought it home!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2003

1995 Geo Prizm from North America


A low cost high reliable vehicle


I have replaced the alternator twice.

The timing belt broke, but no damage occurred to the engine. That was my fault for not replacing it when scheduled.

The starter solenoid contacts had to be replaced about 150000 miles.

C.V. joints and drive shafts replaced about 180000 miles.

The exhaust manifold is cracked.

I had to replace the gas tank after 250000 miles. Gas tank is cracked again at 287000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is reliable.

I average about 30000 miles a year driving it.

The 1.6 liter engine is not as powerful as I would like, but is runs well.

The car is very inexpensive to own and operate.

I don't think they make another car as well as the 1995 Geo Prizm with 1.6 liter engine and automatic transmission.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

27th Jan 2004, 17:45

Excellent car. Mine has 165,000 miles. Alternator finally going out. I'm on my second set of brakes. The best car I've ever owned. Change the oil, and it should get 300,000.

25th Jun 2004, 14:36

I have been impressed with this car also. I bought mine used and had to get the engine rebuilt at 112,000 miles due to blow-by, which is pressure in the engine caused from bad piston rings. It cost me a pretty penny ($1900), but I didn't mind because I found out that it was because the prior owner failed to do regular oil changes. Now its as good as new and the mechanic said its good to go for another 200k. The air conditioning system works great, the transmission isn't problemmatic, and basically since it's a Toyota in a different shell, its worth the money.

31st Jan 2006, 18:36

I own a 95 Geo prizm Lsi, it has a 1.8 litre linked to a 5 speed I bought it used with 105000 miles on it. I have to be honest this little jewel has given me an additional 18,000 miles and I assure you it has all been since April of 2005. I do all of my own repair/maintenance it had a timing belt replacement at 59,000 via previous owner. I plan to do it again in the spring I did have one problem last month had it not been for some jar-head! who used possibly a screwdriver, to close up the left front caliper tearing the piston boot allowing water to enter and seize up the caliper. I believe that I would have had no problem thus far, even though I plan to do a timing belt I am going to go through it entirely to assure myself that the

Mr know it all! has not struck elsewhere. I convinced that with proper maintenance practice this little jewel will go beyond well beyond 250,000 miles sicerely, Jimmy R

1995 Geo Prizm LSi 1.8 from North America


A must buy



General Comments:

A truley amazing vehicle. It is a very economical car in every sense of it, but gives the reliability and comfort of a higher class vehicle. The only 2 defect the vehicle has is the alternator and exhaust manifold. But still that should not prevent nobody from buying the car. Both are very minor problems. Mine got into a head on crash yesterday (8/6/02). And I must say I was even more impressed. Although the car was totalled the passenger cabin was intact and I got out of it without a scratch. On the other side the Pontiac Trans-am endure far more damage than mine. I will definetly buy another one. But this time I will get a stick as the automatic is a bit under powered.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002