1995 Geo Prizm LSI 1.8L from North America


The car seems very reliable, and is running strong with 140k miles on it!


I noticed that the speedometer was out of sync with the actual speed of the car. I realized that the previous owner had put new tires on the car, but tires were not the original tire size, so this is causing the speedometer to give a 10mph lower reading while traveling at 70mph. (In other words, the speedometer reads 60mph, but the vehicle is actually traveling at 70mph.)

General Comments:

Recently purchased the car (July '09, $2k, 128k miles).

The car continues to run very strong with 139.5k miles now on it (Jan'10). 1.8L, 5sp manual transmission.

I have had the car 6 months; put approximately 12k miles on it since purchased, and have only had to add fuel, replace the air filter, and change the oil 3 times.

I have had to haul some things, so the rear end may be starting to sag a bit. I plan to keep an eye on it and perhaps replace the shocks/struts in the spring when the weather warms up.

Car has been extremely reliable, so I have been 100% satisfied with it so far.

I am pretty easy on the car (not rough) and am curious to see how many miles I get out of it. (Body/interior are in very good shape overall, but car is starting to look a little old, but not bad for a 15 year old car.)

Overall, extremely satisfied with the vehicle so far!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2010

1995 Geo Prizm STD 1.6L from North America


Peppy reliable compact 4 door


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, it has never left me stranded.

I have had to do some normal maintenance and some things I have changed just to be sure everything is good.

The only thing that bothers me is the squeaks and rattles of the car, but that is more attributed to having bad shocks and low profile summer tires.

Some of the things I have changed (I am a mechanic so I did the work myself) :

Brakes (front and rear).

Timing belt/accessory belts.

Clutch (I recommend Exedy for this car).

Alternator (I have a big sound system so it had to go).

Fixed the starter solenoid (known problem with this Toyota motor).

Synthetic oil changes (changed every 6,000 miles and the motor is clean inside).

Other little misc things.

General Comments:

How does 31 MPG at 80 mph sound, pretty good right, well that is what I average with this car. If I use the AC on the highway I average 29mpg. I get about 28mpg in the city and I don't baby the car, I drive it hard.

The only thing I wish for is more power, and maybe if it was bigger, but I can't mark the car down a lot for that.

The interior is nice and plush for an economy car, not full of hard plastic like cars today, that is the one thing I don't like about what is being put out today.

Really great car and who ever gets it after me will be a lucky SOB. :)

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Review Date: 27th June, 2009

1995 Geo Prizm from North America




Exhaust manifold at 150,000 miles - but only cost $200 bucks!

New clutch at 130,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is awesome!!

It has 214,000 miles and still runs smoothly! Almost no maintenance - I'm pretty bad with oil changes, but the car is forgiving. I regularly get 31mpg.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2009

1995 Geo Prizm Base from North America


Ovrerall good


Overall this has been a good car, never breaks down, great gas mileage.

One problem though is the little plastic handles always break, and the seat is very uncomfortable for long drives.

The most annoying part, though maybe it's just me, but the struts keep going bad. I replaced them at 135000, now bad again at 150000. Each time replacing all four can cost 4-500. Arrggh, does anyone else have a problem with the struts?

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Review Date: 6th June, 2009

26th Aug 2010, 00:03

Uhm, yes. I think. I have a 1996 and the rear suspension makes a kind-of "wobbly" noise when going over bumps and barely moves when bounced up and down. But I think every Prizm/Corolla I see on the road looks as if the suspension is funny. However, the engines do seem to be reliable. And yes the door handles along with the door latch mechanisms are a constant nuisance, at one point my 4 door was down to a 1 door, and is now back to a 3 door, oh well. I still like 'er.

26th Aug 2010, 21:13

I have a '96 Corolla (same car as the Prizm). My Corolla also makes the same noise while going over bumps. I believe the problem is the anti-roll bar bushings. Mine are dry-rotted and loose. I'm going to replace these first before looking at the struts (like you guys, my car is in spec when you jounce it up and down).

This is a minor problem, and it is to be expected with any 14 year old car (especially one that's in New England, like my Corolla.)