1995 Geo Prizm LSI 1.6 from North America


Very reliable inspit of abuse


The clutch went out at about 180000 miles; I believe it was the original.

The steering pump went out at 195000 miles.

The brakes went out at 203000 miles; I believe they were the originals as well.

General Comments:

I bought this car in 2006 with 89k miles for $1650. I rarely performed any maintenance on this car, beside the occasional oil change.

I am notorious for buying cheap used cars and driving them until the wheels practically fall off.

I just sold the car a few days ago to the local wrecker, through the state smog retirement program, and got $1000 for it. So I feel that I more than got my money's worth from it, having put 120k miles on it.

All in all, I probably put about $2000 into the car over the years for new tires, new clutch, new steering pump. You can truly abuse these cars, and they will keep going. At the end, the brakes had almost completely gone out, having gone metal to metal.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2012

1995 Geo Prizm LSi 1.6 from North America


Very reliable. I wish they still made Geo



Front brake caliper.

CD player quit.

Head liner falling.

Inside door handle snapped off.

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable for me. I have driven it all over the place, and it has never let me down.

I bought the car from my aunt, who bought it new in 1995. I wish the 1.6 engine had more power, but it does OK with the 105hp it came with.

Also, the only major issue I have with the car is the automatic transmission is only a 3-speed, and it really should have came with the 4-speed automatic that was offered with the 1.8 engine, because any kind of interstate driving has the engine screaming.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2011

28th Feb 2011, 16:20

They do still make these. The Prizm was always just the Toyota Corolla with GEO badges on it...

1995 Geo Prizm LSi 1.8 from North America


This car is alright, but not as I hoped


I got this car for going to work and school from my parents, and it was $2000. Not worth it. It has had quite a few problems already, when I had a Toyota Corolla Wagon before that, and it was more reliable than this car.

Well, it probably was because the previous owner had got in an accident with a truck, and left a big dent in the left front of the car. It's so unattractive, compared to my friends' cars. This has caused some problems now. I am quite a safe driver, and I don't speed or anything. The plastic thing above the tire came off, and my tire kept running it over. It made an annoying sound, and it annoyed me.

I had to replace the brakes, and it cost $700. Then a rock hit my windshield, and I had to get the whole thing replaced. It cost $400. Basically half the cost of the car. And the radio did not even work. I had to replace that, which cost $200.

I am not very happy with this car. I would like to go faster than this car does, and the engine does not go very well up hills. It makes a very shaky noise when it goes past 70mph, or going up hills. The transmission shifts are very slow, and the AC takes awhile to blow cold.

In general, I am not happy with this car at all.

The paint is oxidizing, and the back of it is not very attractive.

General Comments:

This car is cheap, and you get what you pay for. I guess it gets okay gas mileage, but when I had a 96 Toyota Corolla Wagon, it seemed like I had to refill the tank less than I do now.

There is a lot needed to be replaced, and I don't think it's worth it. Save your money for a better car.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2010

28th Sep 2010, 11:09

Okay this car IS a Toyota Corolla. It is just rebadged as a Prizm and marketed through GM.

And did you think a super high mileage car that was crashed would be reliable and a good choice?

Brakes will go on any high mileage car. How does $400 equal half of $2,000? Did you not check the sound system when you looked at this car?

Did you actually look at this car or drive it before handing over $2,000 for it??

"In general, I am not happy with this car at all."

Then why the heck did you buy it? You need to actually be observant here BEFORE buying!

It is a Corolla!! At 140K+ miles, a poorly cared for car will get less than average mileage. This car is clearly ready for the scrapyard by your description of it.

I would never pay $2K for a 15 year old Corolla with 144K miles on it!!

Why do people continue to spend money on cars they don't like and/or never really look at before taking them home?!?

28th Sep 2010, 14:36

To the above commentor:

Read the FIRST SENTENCE of the review. The original reviewer received this car as a GIFT from his parents. Looks like he didn't have much choice then, huh?

28th Sep 2010, 20:57

"It made an annoying sound, and it annoyed me."

Well you'd expect an annoying sound to annoy you wouldn't you? :)