1991 Geo Storm GSi 1.6 DOHC from North America




Electronic control module.

Struts @ 30k.

4 exhaust systems.

This vehicle stalls out when the A/C unit is on. Only when slowing down to a stop, it cuts off the motor.

General Comments:

The control module malfunctioned 2 weeks after purchase. It was towed & repaired.

The struts were leaking & needed to be changed.

The exhaust system according to several repair shops is a poor design. The muffler is positioned across the rear undercarriage All the sand, salt, & debris make contact with the muffler and cause it to rot out.

This vehicle stalls out when the A/C is on and you slow the vehicle down to a stop. This is our spare vehicle so we live with it.

We have maintained this vehicle & it has treated us well.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2001

31st May 2001, 13:05

After reviewing the Geo Storm websites extensively I am learning a few things about this car that a lot of people don't know. First of all the car was made by Isuzu for GM/Chevrolet, it is rumored that the Geo Storm was outselling Chevy's line of cars so GM who has a controlling interest in Isuzu, ordered them to quit production. GM made the Engine Control Module, and the Manifold, these are parts that are faulty on every Geo Storm out there. Nearly every Geo Storm owner has problems with the ECU and has to replace the exhaust manifold. That is unfortunate. Search the web for Geo Storm Owner sites, and Isuzu Web pages to find out more about this awesome little car.

1st Aug 2011, 16:28

Just thought I would let everyone know that I was having the same problem with my Geo stalling after I drove it, and it would heat up and would die. I had the ECU replaced, and it seemed to do the trick.

1991 Geo Storm 2+2 Hatchback 1.6L from North America


Great car, great price, easy to work on, would buy another :)


I've had to replace the struts, a CV boot, muffler, and an oxygen sensor. For the most part, this is normal wear and tear.

The car just got back from having its valves readjusted (it sucked in an intake valve, but it took 148,000 to do that :)).

General Comments:

This thing has been great for me. I've had it almost 6 years, and almost everything I've had problems with has been normal wear and tear.

I've gone to 3 countries and all over the US with it. The back seat is small, but it's great for 2 people travelling around (you can put an icechest on the fold down seat and just reach back when you want something to drink :)).

It's simple to work on if you're a do it yourselfer (less than an hour and $14.95 to do the front brakes, most sensors can be replaced within 10 minutes).

I still get a lot of gawks and stares at it since it's such an odd looking car.

I'd definitely buy another one because of the low maintenance and the low cost of fixing parts.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2000

1991 Geo Storm 1.6 from North America


Inexpensive and sporty


CV joints.


General Comments:

I have been everywhere in this car. It's got the looks, and they have been put to good use ;)

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Review Date: 29th August, 2000

1991 Geo Storm 2+2 Coupe 1.6 SOHC from North America


A fast, reliable, cramped sardine can


2 mufflers.

2 alternators.

2 timing belts.


Water pump.

Exhaust manifold.

Head gasket.

Rear struts.


General Comments:

Except for the 2 mufflers and struts, the car ran trouble-free for the first 150,000 miles.

The car is fast and good gas milage.

With 4 good snow tires it's my Geo snowmobile for getting over the mountain passes in the winter.

The interior is way too small. Getting people in & out of the back is a pain since the back is like an extended trunk with seats.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2000

1991 Geo Storm LSi 1.8 from North America


Bargain sporty car, lots of mods you can do



General Comments:

Nice, sporty car that I would suggest everyone should buy if they don't have a lot of money.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2000