1999 GMC Sierra z71 V8 from North America


The ABS module went out at about 80 M miles. Cost over $1000 to repair. Had to pull the fuse to keep from running the battery down. Should have been recalled and fixed by GMC, since most of the vehicles have had this problem. No recall.

Sticking gas pedal. After about 40 M miles, the gas pedal started sticking, just like it did on my 97 Safari van from GMC. Cost $300 to fix the safari, and I am just living with the problem on my 1999 Sierra pickup. No recall from GMC, although it is a common problem on many GMC vehicles. People at the GMC place said it was caused by low grade fuel.

Every time it sticks, it reminds me that I will never buy a GMC again. Thanks GMC for building in a constant reminder not to buy from you again.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2008

11th Sep 2009, 19:58

I had this same problem. And yes it is due to the use of cheap grade gas over thousands and thousands of miles. It's due to carbonation sludge accumulating in the throttle chamber. Very simple solution - clean out the throttle chamber, located right where your throttle arm is. Very cheap to fix - you can do it yourself with a can of carb cleaner and a little bit of patience!

4th Jan 2014, 17:25

Battery goes dead at random times. It might be OK for a month, and other times it will discharge in an hour.

I've been unable to find a draw of more than 300ma on many attempts.

It can kill a fully charged battery in an hour only while parked.

Could it be the ABS module?

1999 GMC Sierra SLE 2 Door 5.3L Vortec from North America


Eating Fords and Crapping Dodges


Bought this Vehicle from Gallagher Buick Pontiac GMC in Fall of 2006. Since then, they have stood behind every warranty that was implied and have had warranty work done by this Dealer since.

U Joint for Front and Rear Drive Shafts. $1,750

I Paid a total $200 which is the Deductible.

Nothing else has really gone wrong with this truck. I'm not an "Light" driver, I use my vehicles hard and this one never shows me any signs of death. I don't beat on it, but Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall, its gives me no hassle.

General Comments:

Strong and Reliable. The Vortec Series engines are the best! My Father had a 1994 Chevy Blazer with the 4.3L and its still running for the person who bought it with over 230,00 miles on it! 4 Wheel system on this truck is strong, no loud clicks when enabled, smooth operations all the way around!

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Review Date: 14th September, 2007

20th Jan 2008, 19:41

I am the person whom began this paragraph above. I still own the gmc till this date. 1/20/2008 and still a strong runner 80,137 miles to date and just had the Fuel Pump Relay replaced due to a Malfunction, $400.00 Tab. In almost 20,000 miles only spent $600.00 in regulatory maintance besides brake pads! From the other posts on this truck, must have got one of the Good GMC'S.

1999 GMC Sierra SLT 350 Vortec from North America


It's a nice looking truck - Black with Gray Leather


At 81,510 miles the distributor fried. When it went in for that repair, I was already aware of a very small coolant leak. Intake manifold gasket.

They replaced the intake gasket at the same time. $1300.00 for both jobs. Up until then the truck was trouble free. At 88,461 miles the oil cooler lines started to leak. That was a $495.00 tab.

This '99 is the old style K2500. When GM came out with the new style in '99 it only applied to the 1/2 ton.

General Comments:

When I purchased this truck I was looking for a GMC SLT or Chevrolet LT standard cab long box. This thing has to be rare. Take a look at the pickups from that era and see how many standard cab LT's or SLT's are out there. I've only seen one other GMC SLT standard cab and have never seen a Chevrolet LT standard cab and I'm always checking them out on the road.

I did upgrade the wheels to the new style aluminum slotted factory wheel that I think came out in '02 (I could be wrong about the year).

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2007